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Bitter ‘Cantor Clingers’ Working to Undermine Conservatives and the Will of the People

CantorClingerIt is disheartening to see the bitter Cantor Clingers working to undermine not only the will of the voters in this year’s primary and general elections, but those elected as well. It seems that everywhere I turn, in emails, on Facebook, in blog comments or in person these Cantor Clingers are taking every opportunity to undermine Dave Brat, the newly elected 7th District Congressman, Fred Gruber, the new 7th District Republican Chairman and every Conservative and grassroots worker that helped elect the new people to office.
It was bad enough that in the lead up to the 7th District Convention and the June Primary that Eric Cantor and his henchman consultant Ray Allen went around the state working to disenfranchise Republican Delegates by slating them with Cantor’s hand picked stooges as these same Clingers were eagerly cheering on this reprehensible action.
The fallout in the 7th District in Virginia in the convention and the primary was an early predictor for the anti-Obama and anti-Incumbent General Election in November. The voters and the nation are in a foul mood and the politicians seen as part of the “Business as usual” insiders bore the brunt of voter ire. Cantor’s tough talk to voters over the years about balancing the budget, reducing the size of government and holding the Conservative line was very popular here in Virginia, but voters had finally reached the point that they expected results. And all Cantor delivered was rhetoric. Back in Washington, after we gave them the majority in the House in 2010, Cantor showed the backbone of a jellyfish when it came to using the power of the purse as the only weapon they had. Cantor was firing blanks. The Compromising Republicans were seen as just as big a problem as the Democrats and Obama. Cantor approved $14 trillion of the debt while he was in office. Voters had had enough.
But that doesn’t include those who were and still are blind to the ineptitude of Cantor and were fooled into thinking the Progressive Cantor was a Conservative.
And these people are still clinging to the Grand Illusion that was Eric Cantor.
Linda Bartlett, the President of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women showed her complete lack of support for Republican Primary winner Dave Brat with this email sent just after the primary:
 Linda Bartlett [mailto:[email protected]?
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 11:51 AM
Subject: Re:

your friend  Dale now threatening the VFRW and the NFRW 
she has facilitated the election of a democrat to rep the 7th district-and done a huge favor for Obama
you’d think she’d be happy enough with that accomplishment

when asked in his first interview his opinion of the minimum wage-the econ professor whined that he didn’t expect that question and apparently has no opinion on the subject
unless Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham come up with the 4 million for the guy they promoted he will be staying home in humiliation
good grief

Linda Bartlett, VFRW President
[email protected]

One team, one fight.
One team, one fight???
Bartlett is not referring to the Dave Brat Republican Team as you can see by this email. Apparently the only “team” she is interested in is the bitter clinger’s club. And how foolish she must feel now with the results of the election showing a landslide for Brat. And contrary to Bartlett’s opinion, the grassroots efforts proved that money is not the only path to winning. The fact that Eric Cantor spent more at a posh DC Steak Restaurant than Brat did on his entire campaign speaks volumes about the fiscal prowess of the two candidates.
And since the General Election in November where Dave Brat won in a landslide Republicans and even elected Republican officials are questioning the final tally that showed Brat receiving more votes than Senatorial Candidate Ed Gillespie:
And Delegate Peace was not alone in this “observation” that Ed Gillespie received less votes than Brat. But the fact is, Hanover and the 7th District votes were a major factor in making the race as close as it was – less than a 1% margin of victory for Mark Warner. And despite Gillespie receiving less votes than Brat, it may be more of a function of Brat personally meeting and greeting people and Ed Gillespie was mostly an apparition in the 7th district. And the Enron Ed commercials tying Ed Gillespie to his big money lobbyist work were probably more of a factor in the vote discrepancy.
And in spite of the fact that I published a post Why I am Voting for Ed Gillespie – Top 10 Reasons and urged my Conservative readers to vote for Gillespie even if they have to hold their nose, people like Todd Vander Pol the former Corresponding Secretary and Magisterial District Chairman for the Hanover Republican Committee somehow blames me for 6 more years of Mark Warner:
So a landslide victory for Dave Brat in the Primary and the General election, which I supported, somehow leads to a victory for Mark Warner. And despite my urging Conservatives to vote for Gillespie.
The Cantor Clingers got what they wanted in the State Convention. Lobbyist “Enron” Ed Gillispie beat out the Conservative Republican Shak Hill.
I supported Hill. Most of the Conservatives did. I would submit two items for you to consider. First, the devastating Enron commercial probably cost Ed numerous votes from the portion of the voters that met Dave Brat, liked him and showed up to vote for him. These were not the grassroots activists and Co0nservatives. We all voted for Brat and Gillespie. Any loss of votes were most likely non-activist voters who don’t engage in the process except to vote.
And second, given the November Republican landslide nationwide where the GOP has picked up 9 seats that may be 10 after the Louisiana election in December, I believe that Shak Hill would have beaten Mark Warner had he been the nominee. Absent Gillespie’s baggage any Republican could have won this seat this year.
But the Republican subterfuge from the bitter Cantor Clingers does not stop there. At the first meeting of the 7th District, new Chairman Fred Gruber saw the Cantor Clingers, who hold a majority of the voting seats on the Committee, with Cantor consultant and henchman Ray Allen being given a proxy vote, they voted to move nearly all of the funds in the 7th District coffers away from the 7th District and into places only consultants could reach.
So Fred Gruber was unable to institute his “get out the vote” plans. And ironically, the Cantor Clingers probably cut off their collective noses to spite their face in the General election in November. Gruber’s plan would have mined more votes for both Brat and Gillespie and given the slim margin of victory, these Gruber instigated votes may have been enough to pull Gillespie over the finish line. There is a 100% certainty that had Gruber not been torpedoed by the Cantor Clingers Ed Gillespie would have had more votes, potentially enough to win.
So where is the Vice Chairman of the Hanover Republican Committee John Hardy Wilson on all this? Well, a conversation yesterday with him on Facebook saw Wilson drag out what I consider opposition research on Dave Brat and he is already doing his best to undermine the Congressman because Boehner is still Speaker and McCarthy is Majority Leader.
And of course criticism for Dave Brat’s choice of Senior Advisor.
And the chairman of the Hanover Republican Committee Nancy Russell is also part of this subterfuge movement. After voting to bankrupt the 7th District to make things as difficult as possible on Fred Gruber at the 7th District Committee meeting which directly and negatively impacted the votes for Ed Gillespie, Nancy Russel failed to show up for a strategy session called by Gruber to begin working on the next election. Gruber has wasted no time in his efforts to elect Republicans with the ink barely dry on the election. But Russell, Chesterfield GOP Chairman Donald Williams and Henrico GOP Chairman Don Boswell were absent.
One attendee reported

Politicians (Hanover and elsewhere) attended or were represented by their LA.   Former Governor Jim Gilmore and his wife Roxane.  Shak Hill sat in the audience.

Political pundits like Chris Doss on the program but other presenters included local leaders like Ken Peterson, Goochland supervisor, explaining the essence of open, transparent government and Mark Daniels describing the New Kent GOP’s transformation.  Zach Worrell (Dave Brat fame), a young man from the Fredericksburg Young Republicans, Nick Freitas from Culpeper, etc.   The energy in the room was obvious.


In a year that saw Senate seats move to the GOP in historic numbers, at least a dozen House Seats move to the GOP and Republican Governors and State Representatives had massive gains in formerly Blue states, Virginia fell short. Gruber is doing his part to correct this, but the 3 largest Committees are content to sit back and hope for failure.
All of these people seem to think those of us who support the new Congressman Dave Brat, who opposed Eric Cantor and former 7th District Chairman Linwood Cobb in a quest to fix this country are to blame. That Conservatives are the problem. Virginia and America wants change. the Hope and Change has not worked out so well and Republicans were given another chance to show America what they could do.
Conservatives won the day in the Nation and Virginia.
The bitter Cantor Clingers need to do what they told us to do when John McCain and Mitt Romney were running. Get in line and shut up.
How about you guys put away the bitterness, put the knives aimed at Conservative’s backs back in the drawer and take your own advice. Look in the mirror if you need to blame someone for Gillespie’s loss. You have spent years blaming Conservatives for losses without an ounce of logic in the process. The corruption of the McDonnell – Bolling Administration poisoned the well in 2013 along with the Republican Tax Hike.
And we have bitter Cantor Clinger Ray Allen perpetuating the “War on Women” mantra. When told that Virginia Speaker Howell was going to be challenged by former Lt. Governor Candidate Susan Stimpson Allen was quoted as sayingHowell will beat Stimpson like a rented mule,” said Ray Allen, a Republican consultant and Cantor loyalist who has tangled with the conservative coalition“.
An example of the attitude that is so prevalent in the Clinger Class of Republican.
And no one exhibits more hubris than former Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who was quoted in the same article as saying:
“In today’s political world, especially in the Republican Party, you can’t take anything for granted,” said former lieutenant governor Bill Bolling (R). “If you have someone running against you, you have to take that seriously. Unfortunately, it’s just the nature of where the party is right now. I suspect a lot of incumbent Republicans will face challenges in 2015.”
Unfortunately???? Hello, Bill. This is a Democracy!
Bolling would prefer that incumbents never see a challenger. And now “you have to take [a challenger] seriously“.
Just wow. An astonishing sense of entitlement.
The Republican Party of Virginia is not going to heal until the Cantor Clingers accept the verdict of the voters. Even as the Conservatives move on and try to grow the party, those clinging to the way things were are like an anchor holding us back in some sad belief that they can “put the band back together”.
Eric Cantor is making millions. He is going to be just fine.
Ray Allen is a cancer and as long as politicians keep paying him millions, he will continue to divide Republicans wherever he goes.
Read and heed the creed. This is where we all should be aiming.


That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fibre of the Nation.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

14 Responses to “Bitter ‘Cantor Clingers’ Working to Undermine Conservatives and the Will of the People”

  1. Janine Woods


  2. Steven Tucker

    Nailed it!

  3. Robert Shannon

    Edgar Doleman, past President of the 99th District TEA Party raised an interesting point last night when he observed the low turnout ( some 4 million lower ) in the 2012 Presidential contest, specifically the reduced number of republican voters who decided to just stay home. Why did they do that ? Where they just lazy, or wanting to see Obama get another term ? Surely not.

    Reading the above and taking Dolemans comments into account it just might warrant some discussion why those 4 million who voted in 2008 didn’t show up in 2012 ? Two primary reasons were obvious, or at least should be. Forget the discussion for the moment of Warner remaining in the U.S Senate another 6 years and whose fault it was/is. How about a little truth, the kind of truth that often makes these republican party apologists uncomfortable when it is raised.

    The lack of any RESULTS, the broken promise of 30 billion in FY 2011 spending CUTS that republicans promised in the campaigns of 2010, let’s start there.

    Why would any rational person (note rational ) once again believe anything these folks PROMISE when they failed to deliver RESULTS after an historic number of seats were given them , no sooner than we , being of course the Patriot movement, delivered on our end, only to be left at the altar once more. Fool me once….

    You can move on to Virginia for the other example of broken promises and ask as I have with no one apparently willing or able to answer…….

    Why with republicans running the whole show for 4 years did we not see any progress on Medicaid reform, Immigration reform, education reform, or tax reform, the 4 big issues ? What was the McDonnell administrations biggest legislative accomplishment ? What made him considered a Presidential contender when he left no mark on Virginia, unless of course one wants to consider new taxes a solid conservative legacy.

    The truth is this: most conservatives ( and those that pretend or delude themselves) simply want to “win baby win” often confusing winning with RESULTS. Those that sat on their hands in 2012 did so for a very simple easy to understand reason—–they

    A. Don’t like being lied to anymore and won’t play the game each election cycle marching like obedient lemmings into a voting booth and pulling a lever with someone that just happens to have an R next to their name.

    B. Those that understand that within 5 years entitlements , interest on the debt and defense will consume the entire Federal budget can not get excited about John McCain, Bob Dole or Mitt Romney–PERIOD.

    We need fighters, reformers, men and women who will tell the truth, not nuanced, platitudes and slogans meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The opinions of the “hanger oner’s” those folks who like to talk about their access to legislators and how much time they spend “talking” to them——ignore these people, they are republican party apologists, they cling to their vaunted and ballyhooed access as if it was some keen insight into the great minds of the likes of Eric Cantor.

    Personally I don’t give a whit about breaking bread with these EMPLOYEES, they work for me, I don’t care about what they ARE THINKING either. I care about results–PERIOD.

    If rhetoric and listening to these folks who like all of us to think they “have access” is your cup of tea, well go at it. It has worked so very well hasn’t it ?

    Bob Shannon

    • Dale says:


      I agree with you whole heartedly, but when we do as you so aptly put it ” Don’t like being lied to anymore and won’t play the game each election cycle marching like obedient lemmings into a voting booth and pulling a lever with someone that just happens to have an R next to their name.” We get attacked and crucified by the republican party, they don’t care about “We the People” having representation.

  4. Rivahmitch says:

    A good article but a bit too soft on “Rockefeller Repugs”. Since they fail to believe in and/or support the “Republican Creed”,they’re as much the enemy as the Demorats.

    I’ll stand with Bob S. Semper Fi!

  5. Green Jeans says:

    Bitter Cantor Clinger Hanover GOP Chairwoman Nancy S. Russell has enlisted McGuire Woods Consultant Mike Reynolds for the all important position of Vice Chairman of the Hanover Republican Committee. He comes up for a vote Thursday night at 7:00 at Bass Pro Shop despite not attending a single meeting of the Hanover Republican Committe this year. She sure pulled him out of Chris Peace’s bag of tricks to keep control of the Hanover Republican Committee.
    There’s no room for the Bitter Cantor Clingers in the new energized GOP.

    Tell Chairwoman Russell- NO! She is violating the Party Plan.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A few observations here from an in the trenches campaigner:

    1. I made 1000’s of phone call surveys for Brat and question 2 on the survey was to ask who the person intended to vote for the VA Senate. I’d say over 25% respondents who said they were going to vote for Brat said they were either undecided or going to vote for Warner. Maybe that had something to do with the discrepancy Peace refers to?

    2. Peace was an ardent Cantor supporter. He and Sean Davis held a fund raiser for Cantor just days before the primary and Cantor being rejected. And then less than a couple weeks later Peace had no problem climbing up in the back of the pick up truck specifically designed to carry Brat in the parade. Think Peace was trying to siphon some votes off the back of Brat and his momentum?

    3. Let the record show that A. Kelly-Wick refused to place a BRAT sign in her yard. And yes, she did have a GILLESPIE one (and a Cantor One until he was ousted).

    • Jessica says:

      Dear Anonymous

      1. Campaign 101, anytime you make voter contact calls for a ticket, you always mention the names of ALL candidates in order to INCREASE name recognition of ALL on the ticket. Example: Hi my name is Sallie Sue and I am calling to talk to you about the upcoming November elections. Can we count on your vote for Republican Dave Brat for Congress? Great. Can we count on your vote for Republican Ed Gillespie for US Senate? That’s great. Thanks you for your time and have a blessed day.

      2. That’s how it’s done and that is how I did it when I knocked over 1500 doors, carrying literature, yard signs, bumper stickers (for the ENTIRE ticket) and absentee ballot applications in my car, in my County for the RPV VICTORY operations this year.

      3. There was no fundraiser just before the primary. There was a FREE meet and greet on June 8, which anyone that knows how to plan an even, political or non-profit, knows that forming a host committee is important. The host committee also included many business leaders from Hanover and elected officials such as Buddy Fowler, Robyn and Ryan McDougle.

      4. The parade you mention was in September at the New Kent County fair and the float was not paid for or organized by the Brat campaign. It was organized and paid for by the New Kent GOP, which means that the float should be representative of current GOP elected officials and ALL candidates on the ballot.

      5. Interesting food for thought: Congressman Brat used a quote from Peace in his campaign mailers. I think I mail may still have it lying around in the mail recycle box in my garage. I can scan it and post if you would like.

      6. I have no first hand knowledge of who had yards signs and who didn’t. I was way tooooooooo busy working to elect our TICKET. I didn’t have time to drive around the county and stalk people’s front yards. That’s sort of creepy anyway.

  7. Robert Shannon

    I read the other day that the newly elected Senator from Colorado made the following statement on Morning Joe

    ” we can’t do anything that could damage the party”

    Senator Elect Corey Gardner referring to the threat of a government shutdown.

    Note what he said, read it again . He never mentioned damaging the Country—it was damaging the party ?????? Are you an American or a republican/democrat ? It isn’t a trick question.

    The republican party doesn’t deserve any loyalty, and I for one understand the depth of ignorance that exists out there among the apologists and the folks who continue to confuse winning…… with progress.

    Outside of campaigns the two parties have very little difference in how they actually govern. That was the point I attempted to make this morning.

    Maybe it’s time we do some “attacking and crucifying ” of our own. Maybe some of the folks running and falling all over themselves last January defending Chris Peace start there, asking him about his vote on that Transportation bill this week ? I called Peace out early and often. Now I have to read the writings of how he backed Cantor to the end, and attempted to ride Brat’s coattails to benefit himself after Brat won .

    The men who made the decision to separate from England showed courage and boldness. We disgrace them with the cowardice we display worrying a whit about what the republican party thinks of us. They despise us, they hate what we represent, they laugh at us behind our backs, they use us for volunteer manpower . This goes well beyond one sacrificing their last vestiges of dignity.

    The strategy of attempting to get along with republican party leadership was and continues to be a major mistake. It may keep you on their BBQ invite list or on friendly terms, but is that what our priority should be, to be their pals ?

    Clint Eastwood warned us in 2012–they are employees, they work for us. Sadly too many out there are still stuck in this unholy allegiance to individuals who are thugs in silk suits.

    Bob Shannon

  8. Rivahmitch says:

    Good Article. Unless the Republican candidates stand behind the Republican creed, they’re not worth supporting. “Rockefeller Republicans (aka RINOs)are those who wear a party label but have no convictions beyond “going along to get along” as long as they have their spot at the public trough. Personally, I’m a Constitutional conservative by conviction and a Republican by choice. So, I’ll stand with Bob S.

  9. Gene Lefty says:

    Tom, is that email edited? If so, in my opinion it is worthless. Has it been confirmed? Was that email obtained legally? If you do not like these people, there is a political process to replace them. Besides your “bitter Cantor Clinger”, there appears to be a gang called the “bitter in minority mud slingers”????

    Regarding the glorious defeat of Cantor by the Democrats in the 7th District, yes Tom, the Democrats, it seems that they are taking their victory over Cantor quietly , with class. No “end zone” celebration.

    Apparently, post election reports indicate possibly that 11,000 out of the 65,000 that voted in the Cantor /Brat primary last June also voted in the Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary that Obama /Hillary were running in 2008. Reports online also indicate that the number of Democrats who voted exceeded the margin of the Brat victory. Did the Democrats in the 7th get the chance to “eject” Cantor and take full advantage of it? With Cantor having an overwhelming lead in the polls, why would the Democrats even show up if they were not going to vote for Brat? Cantor did not appear to need help, but Brat appeared to need all he could get. So doesn’t it look like the Dems showed up in force last June to vote for the Candidate that looked to need help? Do they at the very least deserve a strong assist?

    So were the Democrats the real Locomotive pulling the train that derailed Cantor? You see the problem? Brat wins by 7193 votes, with possibly 11,000 likely Dems voting? Areas of the 7th that Obama carried in his Presidential wins also having a high turnout in the Brat/Cantor primary. It certainly appears that it was the Democrats who played a larger role in the Brat victory than the Tea Party or grass roots did in the 7th District. I feel certain that if possible, these same Democrats will help “unelect” Congressman Brat in his sure to come primary in 2016. Provided that he does what a handful of Limbaughlistic, deceived, irresponsible radicals want him to do now that he is in DC. It also appears that Congressman Brad has loaded his staff with lobbyists, another sign that LOYALTY is a word that may be absent from his vocabulary.

    Now, regarding the Brat landslide win in the general election that you mentioned. Why are you so supportive of a Brat landslide win but yet do not support Congressman Wittman who won by an even larger percentage than Brat? Why do you appear to support a “phone booth” sized gang filled with misled “Limbaughlistic” disciples in trying to discredit a sitting congressman who wins by over a 3 to 1 margin in his primary, and almost 2 to 1 margin in the general election? A congressman who won by an even larger landslide in his victory in the 1st District than Brat in the 7th? Why do you not support Congressman Whitman? I realize he is not in your district, but VA. right is.

    As I mentioned, Congressman Rob Wittman won his election by an even larger winning percentage than Congressman Brat did. So what is the problem? Congressman Wittman also has proven that he is not only a leader, but a courageous leader who voted NO to HR 1424, the Bush 43′ bailouts. That was a YES vote to Capitalism. A NO vote to Wall St.. Congressman Wittman also cares about ALL of his constituents, rather than just the rich, just the poor, just the young, or just the old, or just the radicals. He wants everyone to write or call so he will have everyones views.

    There are certainly alot of questions to be answered here. The Republican’s cannot win without unity. You are not uniting anything that will not fit inside a “phone booth”, at least in King William county. Virginia is now Blue for statewide elections. The courts will dismantle gerrymandering in the years to come. What then? What are you doing to change the color of Virginia politics?

    Tom, didn’t you by your own admission work hard to help put into office former governor Bob McDonnell, who is now headed to prison after giving us the largest tax increase in Virginia history, HB 2313? Please take responsibility for doing your part in giving Virginia the largest tax increase in Va. history. Didn’t Bob Shannon and the Tea Party also support Gov. McDonnell? Would we now have the largest tax increase in Virginia history if it were not for Tom White, Bob Shannon, Va. Right, and the Tea Party helping McDonnell get elected? Would we have the soon to come 5 cents per gallon gasoline tax if it were not for Bob Shannon, Tom White, and the Tea Party helping McDonnell? Tom by your own admission, you worked hard for McDonnell. Isn’t this the same logic that you used above regarding Gillespie? Step up now and take some of the responsibility for your mistakes, Bob, Tom, Tea Party.

    Why should people listen to you now? To get higher taxes, and higher priced gasoline? Why?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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