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Blizzard Warning in Hell? Sandy the Nazarene Endorses Whisky Distiller Denver Riggleman!

I am reading good stuff about distiller Denver Riggleman:

From Breitbart:

Virginia distillery owner Denver Riggleman, who is running to replace the outgoing Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA), told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Friday why, if elected to Congress, he would want to join the House Freedom Caucus, saying that the caucus is “focused on transparency, liberty, and fighting for the middle class.”

Riggleman said, “The House Freedom Caucus is all about transparency, individual liberties, and you know what it’s really all about? It’s about people keeping more of their money. You have a caucus that’s focused on transparency, liberty, and fighting for the middle class. When you saw what Tom Garrett did, what Jim Jordan does, what the Freedom Caucus does, it would be a very exciting caucus to join. You’re going to go war for everybody that’s trying to make a living.”

I think the Freedom Caucus is a national treasure.  Need more members in the House.  Good for Denver.

And from the Virginian-Pilot:

Riggleman said his overarching concern is minimizing government intrusion into people’s lives. His stances on social issues including gay marriage and abortion have placed him at odds with elements of the GOP. Riggleman said he has no qualms about gay marriage and that he believes abortions should be permitted in cases of rape, incest and when a mother’s health is in danger.

(BTW, my position on abortion is actually to Riggleman’s left:  I favor abortion rights even if there is a serious deformity of the fetus as well as rape, incest and of course the life or serious health concerns of the mother.)  I like the liberty positions.  Almost ready to endorse in the US senate race – look tomorrow perhaps for that endorsement right here at Virginia Right!

Perhaps.  But today I say:  Yes, vote for the Republican in the Fifth District:  Denver Riggleman.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

13 Responses to “Blizzard Warning in Hell? Sandy the Nazarene Endorses Whisky Distiller Denver Riggleman!”

  1. Joshua M. says:

    Denver Riggleman is not a Republican. Riggleman is a Libertarian. If he wanted to run for office he should have run on the LIbertarian Party ticket. Until two years ago when he showed up at a Convention as a delegate for Tom Garrett for Congress, he was never a member of the Republican Party and he duped 19 Republicans into voting for him Saturday at Nelson County High School over a list of qualified Republican candidates who deserved to win.

    When Riggleman gets to Washington, Virginians will see he does not support Trump’s America First Agenda. He opposes Trump’s Tariff Policy just for starters because Riggleman is a Globalist. He is a self serving politician who initially ran for Governor in 2017 on a platform to reform liquor laws in Virginia for his own profit margins at Silverback Distillery in Nelson County. When he lost his bid for Governor the Rigglemans put their Still up for Sale along with his Afton home in January of this year to move to Pennsylvania and the Republicans are sending him to Congress from Virginia?

    Denver is going to be the poster child for why you don’t elect someone YOU don’t know and send them to Washington without a voting record.

    The “Republicans” from the 5th District made a huge mistake Saturday and now they have to live with it.

  2. A Danville Tea Party Patriot says:

    Denver Riggleman was recruited as a #NEVER TRUMPER by a rogue group of Libertarian #NEVER TRUMPERS to run for Governor as a dark horse candidate to defeat Corey Stewart for Governor in 2017.

    How did that work out for the Republican ticket in 2017?

    You need to get out of Republican politics Sandy Sanders. You have proven on this blog you are a Libertarian and as such should not be allowed to ever serve as a delegate to any Republican convention in the Commonwealth of Virginia ever again.

    It is high time all these Libertarians destroying the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party be forced to declare themselves as Libertarians, and run their own Libertarian candidates on the Libertarian ticket. NOT THE REPUBLICAN TICKET.

    Beginning with Republican Faker Nick Freitas who is also a Libertarian.

    • THE SIGNERS says:

      LIBERAL-TARIANS are Not what the founders had in mind for this Republic. It was about republicanism, faith in GOD and American Sovereignty ! The Signers were about Republicanism ~ Not Liberaltarianism.

    • THE SIGNERS says:

      Article comment by ” A Danville Tea Party Patriot ” is spot on !

      THE REPUBLIC ~ is about republicanism, God, principles, values and American sovereignty.

      Not socialistic/liberal/libertarianism

  3. Patty W. says:

    The 5th District Republicans have lost their collective minds nominating a Libertarian candidate John Fredericks refers to as a “Social Liberal.”

  4. Sandy Sanders

    First thanks to all for coming by – Joshua M., Danville Tea Party Patriot, and Patty W – and saying hello.

    But I must ask: What is wrong with being a Libertarian – or even a libertarian? I am not a member of ANY political party to retain my political independence. I think my ban from the GOP is up to 2025 between Sarvis, Will Hammer and Laura Ebke. But I will vote in any primary I choose.

    I do agree this is not an optimum situation but it seems to me Riggleman was the best choice when Sen. Stanley dropped out. I like Cynthia Dunbar and appreciate her work on the Texas Board of Ed to right many historical wrongs in textbooks but I think she should not run for Congress in two different districts in the same election cycle.

    And what is the choice? The Dem is anti-Israel.

    Liberty is a winning idea in every generation but not every generation appreciates it.

    Thanks again for coming by.


  5. Galen C. says:

    When is Congressman Tom Garrett entering REHAB for his alcoholism?

    Asking for a friend?

  6. THE SIGNERS says:

    The RPV is being transformed into Liberaltarians right before their eyes. The establishment conservatives, the republican in name only’s (or rinos), the progressive conservatives and the never trumper republicans are letting the transformation occur. The RPV remains in sad disarray more and more every single day. And the grassroot genuine constitutional conservatives ask, What is going on ?? Wake up and recognize the truth !! Save the RPV ! Stop selling out to liberaltarian progressive conservatives ! Support candidates who support President Trump !!

  7. Greene County Patriot says:

    Russ Moulton brought all of these Libertarians into the Republican Party and then he flushed himself down a toilet into some sewer somewhere never to be heard from again.

    The most desirable outcome for the 5th District in November is to DEFEAT the Libertarian Denver Riggleman who believes Transgendered MEN should use the little girls’ bathroom and to allow the Democrat to win, then run a Conservative Republican in two years with Trump on the ticket and take the seat back. To elect Denver Riggleman is the mistake of a LIFETIME for the Conservative 5th District.

    19 idiots showed up Saturday and lost their minds nominating Riggleman and his Whiskey Rebellion as their Republican candidate over a field of qualified Republican candidates.

    They couldn’t see it was Garrett’s same campaign team and staff that took out Garrett to pave the way for Riggleman long before Saturday? Staffers with DUIs and admissions of alcohol abuse themselves?
    Staffers on the record for the legalization of marijuana?

    • THE SIGNERS says:

      I gotta say ~ This does make sense. The distortion of a candidate such as riiglemann might be harder to extract, than the liberal menace.

      It is a significant patriotic move to stand with founding father principles.
      I am impressed with the above outline and strategy.

  8. Sandy Sanders

    Let me respond to THE SIGNERS and Greene County Patriot:

    Thanks for coming by (and you too Galen C – don’t know that answer) and I am concerned. i agree with what THE SIGNERS say:

    “THE REPUBLIC ~ is about republicanism, God, principles, values and American sovereignty.”

    I hardly think I have to prove myself on these issues. The blog posts speak for themselves. I believe in the republican form of government, certainly have glorified and led people to Jesus as Savior and Lord, I think I am principled and have values and certainly believe in US sovereignty.

    Show me if I am in error!

    Yes they condemn me for being a libertarian. None of that is inconsistent with libertarianism. Now I agree there are radical libertarians such as Lew Rockwell, Walter Block and Murray Rothbard. I respect their viewpoints (I read Lew Rockwell every day) they make solid points but I think they go too far sometimes.

    But liberty and sovereignty are critical. So is the PRESENT Constitution – let’s not risk it in an Article V COS!

    SO, let’s have that discussion on liberty vs. republicanism. I’ll give you fair, equal time. I believe liberty IS republicanism.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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