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BLOG ENDORSEMENT: Three HOD races: Bob Marshall (13th), McGuire (56), and Whitlock (72)

I have authority to give these three HOD candidates the Official Virginia Right Blog Endorsement:

  • Bob Marshall in the 13th
  • John McGuire in the 56th
  • Eddie Whitlock in the 72th

That does not mean there will not be others but Tom and I have to discuss those names if any.


Bob Marshall does sometimes comes up with bills and comments I (Sandy) would not be comfortable with BUT he has integrity and seems like the swamp does not overcome him.  He will fight his own party, he sued effectively a legislature and governor of his own party (over the regional transportation taxes to be enacted by an unelected board) and he won!  The state supreme court agreed with Marshall.

As long as Bob Marshall is on a ballot, he has my support and I am glad the blog agrees.

John McGuire is a distinguished veteran, he has come back from terrible hardship, I know his brother Rusty well and they both seem solid conservatives, and he will not let the swamp get to him.  I am glad the blog endorsed him in the primary and will do so again in the general.

Eddie Whitlock could be the kryptonite for the swamp in Richmond:

Yes, The Whitlock Test is BAAACK!

Implementing “The Whitlock Test” to Control Spending

As your next Delegate, Eddie Whitlock will apply what he calls “The Whitlock Test” to every penny of state spending. The Whitlock Test is a series of three questions that any spending proposal must pass before Eddie will support it. If the proposal fails even one question, Eddie will oppose the proposal. The three questions are:

  1. Is the spending for a core function of government like public safety, education or roads?
  2. Is the spending for something that government does more efficiently than the private sector?
  3. Is the spending at the lowest appropriate level with all waste and redundancy removed?

From his website in fact.  Let’s see if he’ll do it like he says.  I think he’ll be voting NO a lot.  But that is okay.  We need some NOs to bad ideas.  I’m still stealing Whitlock test if I ran for delegate or whatever.

So there you have it straight from the blog.  Look for more stuff to come.



From Tom:

Bob Marshall has done more work for the Conservative cause than anyone I can name in Virginia. We are very fortunate he wants to continue to work for the good of Virginia. Marshall has always been the moral compass that has pushed the Commonwealth in the right direction, even if his legislation is not passed, it still serves as a reminder to stop the leftward drift and loss of morals we all face.

John McGuire is a fellow Navy Veteran, but he was also a SEAL, which puts him head and shoulders above the crowd. He has overcome personal adversity and has always come out on top. This is the kind of tenacity we need in the House of Delegates. I first met John 8 or 9 years ago and have been very proud of this young man. He will make a great Delegate.

Eddie Whitlock is the hardest working volunteer I know. For years he has given his time and effort to so many causes, I wonder how he has time to work! But I came to know Eddie because of his work, so I know he does an amazing job by day. He will serve the people proudly.




About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

9 Responses to “BLOG ENDORSEMENT: Three HOD races: Bob Marshall (13th), McGuire (56), and Whitlock (72)”

  1. Big Jerry says:

    Eddie Whitlock is a collections lawyer- the worst kind of attorney.

    Don’t be fooled by this blog endorsement. Eddie Whitlock’s law partner is married to BIGLY Democrat Laura Lafayette who wrote op eds and led the campaign endorsing the Henrico Meals Tax which passed. She is a flaming liberal advocate for affordable housing as a lobbyist for the Richmond Realtors Association. Isn’t it ironic the Henrico Tea Party fought that meals tax but supports Eddie Whitlock. Cowards!

    • Anybody but Peace says:

      Hilarious that Virginia Right did not endorse their own candidate for re-election RINO and Closet Liberal Chris Peace.

      Here is a guy who graduated from one of the worst ranked law schools in America who can only practice Family Law, who appoints judges who then reward Peace with guardian ad litem work for the courts. This con game is similar to the one Senators Tommy Norment and Ryan McDougle benefit from. They appoint the judges who then give them the lucrative six figure Commissioner of Accounts positions for their respective counties. If voters only knew- Well now they know.

      Peace is a guy who voted for tax credits for the Wine Industry and then took advantage of them and planted a vineyard at his home in Hanover County to take advantage of the tax credits he voted for – Hanover County where GRAPES produce fine wine in the 100 degree heat and humidity that produces Hanover Tomatoes? Yeah right.

      Read this article about the many committees Peace has purchased with donations in the GA- raising money for the Pay to Play operation Bill Howell operated in the General Assembly and that Kirk Cox will continue running: Then look up Chris Peace’s voting record- has he EVER done a day’s work of heavy lifting to pass any meaningful legislation in his tenure? NO- NOT ONE PIECE OF LEGITIMATE LEGISLATION. He passes bills like “The Day of the Girl” to pander to LIBERAL women voters.

      He has this pipe dream that Julie Coggsdale his LIBERAL big mouthed assistant polly parrots “Chris will be Governor one day.”

      Now that you have read this… always be cognizant that every single vote Chris Peace casts is for his future run for Governor… the Air B and B Bill he carried last session for his rich buddies/donors in Mechanicsville who all owned rental properties was the icing on the cake.

      God help the Republican Party when a Nothing Burger like Christopher Killian Peace is their Farm Team for the future.

      • Sandy Sanders

        I do not think Del. Peace wants to run for Governor. More likely a state cabinet job if Gillespie wins. But maybe he studied the wine business in his determination of the need for the tax break (which I’d probably voted no without a good reason) so he decided to try it. That is not corrupt. Wait until 2019 and see if there is a primary opponent for Del. Chris Peace. Thanks for coming by Anybody but Peace. But don’t vote for Peace’s liberal opponent.


  2. Sandy Sanders

    Thanks Big Jerry for coming by. I think the businesses who work hard for their money and then get stiffed on a bill (and get their money through the legal process) might disagree with you. Collections are highly regulated by the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and by bar requirements of honesty and integrity.

    I think this thing about the wife of the law partner being a BIGLY Democrat or liberal is close to McCarthyism. Guilt by association. Show me where Eddie is a secret liberal.

    Thanks again for taking time to comment.


  3. Billy says:

    Mr. Sanders:

    The Corrupt GOP Gig is up. Your pandering to them is despicable. YOUR very own State Senator is a Traffic Lawyer which is worse than a “Collections Lawyer” cited above and Said Senator has time and time again attempted to passed legislation that would require many traffic violators to hire a Traffic Lawyer to fix a ticket and get out of a reckless. There have been Tea Party signs to expose HIM for his selfish actions.

    The same Republican Senator supported Mark Peake over Goochland County Supervisor Rock Star Republican senate candidate Ken Peterson from Goochland last year because GOD forbid an honest expert on the smoke and mirrors operation at the General Assembly with the Rainy Day fund and the budget should be exposed. Said Senator wanted to elect someone who could assist him and Norment in keeping all the lies they tell on the balanced budget on the down low.

    The Republicans are corrupt in Richmond. The Tea Party is exposing it and when they all FALL Down
    it will be YUGE for the common man.

    Where was your buddy with his big mouth and his “Whitlock Test” when his law partners’ wife was cramming illegal meals taxes down our throats in Henrico as the CEO of the Richmond Realtors Association? That illegal tax has been exposed by Ron Melacon on FB for the fraud that it is. A cup of coffee or a smoothie is not a meal yet is taxed….

    Where is your buddy Eddie on that?

  4. Gayle & Mike says:

    Implementing “The Whitlock Test” to Control Spending

    infers nothing about how Whitlock will vote to RAISE TAXES….

  5. Sandy Sanders

    Billy and Gayle & Mike:

    First, we need good lawyers to help people and traffic and collection of valid debts (a lawyer who collects a debt must take some steps to make sure it is legitimate of they violate the FDCPA – Fair Debt Collections Practices Act – and that brings serious liability.

    But where do you get the idea Eddie Whitlock will raise taxes? He cannot be responsible for his partner’s wife’s politics. Let’s give him a chance.



  1. […] he’s Rusty McGuire’s brother. Yes I supported John before (and Rusty, too!) and the general rule is: Yes I’ll help Rusty McGuire and his brother […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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