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Bob McDonnell Richmond Headquarters Visit

Stopped by the Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling Campaign Headquarters this afternoon for a quick look at the Richmond command center. The same office complex also holds the Victory Center for Bob McDonnell, Republican nominee for Governor, Bill Bolling, current Lt. Governor running for reelection and State Senator Ken Cuccinelli, Republican nominee for Attorney General.

I spoke with Tucker Martin, Director of Communications for the Bob

Bob McDonnell's Headquarters

Bob McDonnell's Headquarters

McDonnell campaign. He is very excited at how things are progressing with the campaign. Tucker keeps some long hours and seems to be the type that would work around the clock if he could. It is a lot easier to put in the long hours when you really believe in the team you are working for. Although the day was winding down for most Richmonders, the staff was busy with a number of tasks. This is definitely not a 9 to 5 job, as the campaign is at full battle stations in preparation for the November 3 election. All of the staff were busy answering emails, preparing documents and correspondence and dealing with the daily tasks to keep the campaign running smooth.
Volunteers Begin Making Calls

Volunteers Begin Making Calls

You would think it was mid October and not July by the activity.

I walked down the hall to the Victory Center. This is a shared office set up to support all of the candidates. The volunteers were arriving to make calls for all of the candidates and talk to the voters on behalf of the ticket. Some of the callers had questions that required a staffer to assist with a more in depth response. The buzz in the room as the volunteers spoke to the voters left no doubt that Virginians are ready for Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli to take the helm and begin to fix the problems Tim Kaine and his Democratic predecessors have caused. Having a Governor again that actually plans to be in Virginia more than just on payday is long overdue.

One thing that strikes you as you see the staff and volunteers is the

Volunteers Arrive and Start Calling For Bob!

Volunteers Arrive and Start Calling For Bob!

youth and enthusiasm that has been missing from recent election years. College students, recent graduates and young folks from all over the area are worried about the future the Democrats have in store for the country. This is a true grass roots campaign full of energy and excitement, something the “more of the same failed policies” Democrats are struggling with.

'Ole Blue deciding who to see next

'Ole Blue deciding who to see next

One of the more energetic staffers was ‘ole Blue. He bounces from office to office trying to “fetch” voters for Bob. He seemed like a kid at Christmas charged with the electricity of the campaign. It’s easy to feel at home here.

And speaking of energy, it would be impossible to escape from the building without seeing Julie Coggsdale hard at work. Setting up the volunteers, working the spreadsheets and making sure the jobs get done, no matter how tedious. And Julie spreads her hard work around for any and all Republicans. She is one of those “behind the scenes” people that is always hard at work. Everyone knows and loves Julie and she does the work of ten ordinary people.

If you are ready to help out, there are tons of things you can do. Of course your money in the form of a contribution is always welcome, but your time is needed just as much. There are jobs to do, doors to knock, or a nice comfy chair and an awesome phone system that makes calling a breeze. Meet new people, make new friends and help put the strongest Unified Republican Ticket in the history of Virginia in charge. These are people we can trust to make sure Virginia does not go the path of liberal states like New York and California.

Click here to contact Bob McDonnell today and start making a difference. You will be glad you did!

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