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Exciting news from Breitbart:  Sandy’s right!  There are Farage Laboutites!  Well that’s not how they put it.  But there is a major Labour defection to report and it is to UKIP.  That’s right – UKIP.

Labour Party donor and and stalwart of the Labour’s ‘Finance and Industry Group’ (LFIG) Ian Wallace has today announced that he is joining UKIP after becoming disillusioned by the direction the Labour Party has taken. Mr Wallace has called on Labour members to join UKIP alongside him, to vote for them in tomorrow’s European and local elections, and indeed give them support in the 2015 general election.

WOW!  That’s exciting.  I want to do a victory lap!  Maybe Farage held this gem out until just before the voting (Is it May 22 yet?  YES IT IS in the UK!) if so it is a brilliant move.  Wallace almost sounds Reaganesque here in why he left the Labour Party:

He told Breitbart London: “I have been a member and supporter of the Labour Party since 1979 however, in recent years, I have become increasingly disillusioned by the direction the Labour Party has taken and find myself increasingly at odds with the party’s policies across a wide range of issues and in particular the vital issues of immigration and Britain’s relationship with the EU.

“Therefore more in sorrow than in anger, I have resigned from the Labour Party. However, I have recently discovered a new political party more aligned with my concerns and have signed up to UKIP, also joining their Policy Scrutiny Committee.

Wallace is saying:  I didn’t leave Labour, Labour left me!  And he encourages his fellows to join him at the polls for UKIP:

“I would also like to take the opportunity to encourage other disillusioned Labour Party members and supporters to join UKIP and vote for them on Thursday, and perhaps more importantly, vote for them in next year’s General Election as well”.

Welcome to the truth!  Perhaps millions will discover the same thing – or have discovered it – and will leave Labour for the one party who puts Britain first:  The United Kingdom Independence Party.

Let me give more free advice to UKIP:  Find a spot for this guy to run as MP.  Maybe a Labour leading district, or riding as they call it in the UK, and Wallace might win a seat in Parliament.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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