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Campus Ministry Drops ‘Christ’ From Name

When a ministry is too embarrassed to use the name ‘Christ’ and feel it ‘gets in the way’ then it is clear they are neither a Ministry nor Christian.

This is a really sad turn of events. Satan is working overtime at Campus Crusade for Christ (and I don’t really care if they are offended at my using the Name Christ.)

I would hope (and pray) that their donors refuse to give them one dime until they return Christ to His Ministry. And Jesus Wept.

From Fox News:

One of the nation’s most prominent Christian ministries has decided to take Christ out of its name – a move that has generated cries of political correctness from within the evangelical community.

Campus Crusade for Christ International announced this week that it will change the name of its U.S. Operations to “Cru” in early 2012.

 “We felt like our name was getting in the way of accomplishing our mission,” said Steve Sellers, the vice president for Campus Crusade, noting that the ministry will still be committed to “proclaiming Christ around the world.”

Sellers said researchers found that 9 percent of Christians and 20 percent of non-Christians were alienated by the name Campus Crusade for Christ

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5 Responses to “Campus Ministry Drops ‘Christ’ From Name”

  1. non issue says:

    I'm a student leader with Campus Crusade for Christ at a university in North Carolina and the name change changes nothing. I will still regardless of the name of the organization go on campus in the fall and proclaim the name of Jesus. Most to all of the students at my university use the name Cru when they talk about Campus Crusade for Christ anyway, so to the students who are the reached and also doing the reaching the name change is nothing new. I went on a mission trip last summer with Campus Crusade for Christ and did ministry in New York City and I had the chance to speak with many people and you could always tell if someone was going to be responsive to the message of the gospel by the way they received our name. We do not deny Christ but if changing our name allows us to sit down and have a conversation about the gospel with more people and from firsthand experience it will then I am all for it. When we talk to other students the first thing out of our mouth is that "We are an interdenominational Christian ministry" so while the name has changed, the mission has not. On my campus this year, next year, and the many that come afterwards we WILL reach students for Christ no matter what the name of our organization is because the only name that really matters is Christ and when we speak to students who are non-believers our name will be Cru but our message which has not changed one bit will be now and forever about our savior Jesus Christ. Im sorry to hear that some people would stop supporting Cru because of our name the only people it will affect is the lost students who don’t yet know Christ and that is a shame.
    My recent post Cru Is Coming 2012

    • Tom White says:

      I have no doubt that there are a number of dedicated and good Christians working for the organization formerly called Campus Crusade for Christ. And it is much needed work. But most of us see the purge of Christianity from America (and the world) as AD and BC are changed to CE and BCE to purge Christ, and the Holy Roman Empire is no longer called Holy (not that the Romans WERE Holy, but the name is ‘offensive’ to secularists), and speaking the name of Christ is looked down upon in public as a bad thing. And when a campus ministry willingly purges the name Christ from their identity, it is a symbolic victory to those who fight against Christians. It is seen as an admission that you are ashamed of the name Christ and you agree with those who would forbid His name to be spoken.

      You can try to justify this name change and rationalize it all you want. But by dropping Christ from your name, you are dropping Christ from your ministry. Perhaps not in your own minds, but to those to whom you would witness, you approach them with an attitude that you are ashamed of the name of Christ. And that the secularists are right in their own crusade against Christ.

      Appearances are everything.

      I would urge Christians to take a stance and turn their backs financially on your group until you bring the name of Christ back. You are no longer doing your work in the name of Christ, and Christians should not support you.

      If you are going to deny Christ, perhaps you should call yourselves the Secular Ministry of Peter.

      I don’t mean to criticize what is in your heart. But the perception you give with this name change sets Christians back. Your actions give credence to those that believe ‘separation of Church and state’ somehow means religion must be hidden in the shadows and never spoken in public.

      I will pray that this is a temporary setback for you and that those who lead your group will return to their senses and put Christ back in your name and proudly proclaim Him.

      • Matt says:

        I must respectfully disagree Mr. White. Appearance is not everything. It is much more important that Jesus is known, by any means possible. The leadership of Campus Crusade has spent a lot of time in thought and prayer in this and gone to the Lord and they believe this is the direction God is leading them. I trust them. I believe that God is going to use this to bring even more people to Himself.

        Steve Sellers, the US vice president for CCCI, said, "If Cru gets hammered in the process & Jesus is lifted up & the cause of Christ is advanced, I can deal with that." I hope this would be the heart of any church or Christian organization.

        • Tom White says:

          Stealth Christians. What a concept.

          I have a suggestion. Since you are embarrassed about the Name Christ, why not call it Campus Crusades for What's His Name?

          That way you won't have to mention the Name that you are ashamed of.

          I am going to pray for your misguided actions. And I will proudly use the name of Jesus Christ.
          This really saddens me.

          • Matt says:

            Honestly sir, I am really hurt and saddened by your response. But can I ask one thing, can you please not pray for our actions, but rather for us. Because if you truly feel this conviction from the Lord that we are in the wrong, please prayer that God would convict our leadership in this as well.

            Just one question, what do you mean by 'stealth Christians'? In no way, are we embarrassed of Christ. We want Him to be lifted up in all we do. Before our 1st century brothers and sisters were known as Christians, they were members of 'the Way'. No one can claim they were ashamed of Christ. They showed that by the way then lived there life (hence, being called Christians in Antioch). But the name of their 'movement' was not important, but rather how they lived their lives for Him.

            Please judge us in the same way. Judge us on how we represent Christ in word and deed. Not on what our name is.


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