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The exciting campaign of the Libertarian Robert Sarvis continues to criss-cross the Commonwealth!

Monday at 735AM, Sarvis will be on the Jimmy Barrett show on WRVA.  If you are outside the Richmond area you can listen on-line here.

Also a leading Tea Party activist (not me by the way!) has endorsed the Libertarian:  Bob Shannon says this about his support for Sarvis:

Bob Shannon a long time leader in the TEA Party today announced his endorsement of Rob Sarvis, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor. “ Sarvis has clearly demonstrated his intellect and integrity with his stated adherence to Constitutional principles. Neither of the two mainstream political parties have the will or courage to address the major problems facing Virginia, Shannon said. He added “ Republicans have had almost total control of the State for 4 years, and what besides massive tax increases and increased spending do we have to show for it” ?

“Conservatives have blindly given their loyalty every election cycle to the Republican party and short of platitudes and campaign slogans we have little progress to show for that allegiance,” he stated.

“ Unless and until the crony capitalist ties that both political parties are beholden to are broken nothing will change, we saw that very clearly in this administration of McDonnell’s. Sarvis is not a part of that dysfunctional system, he can clearly enunciate specifically just what remedies he would pursue, something that neither of the other two candidates seem inclined to do” Shannon added . “ The mudfest this campaign has become should be an embarrassment to all Virginians”. Conservatives need to be honest with themselves and ask just one question…..when do you walk away from the “less of two evils” mentality ? For me that time has come”.

Sarvis also draws some love from a blogger at the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin:

As to his views, he says, “I am the moderate in the race. We’ve run a very mainstream campaign.” His theme is “Open-minded and open for business.” As he puts it, he’s for “gun rights and gay rights.” That, he contends, is a popular message with voters. The message is intended to resonate with voters who are wary of Ken Cuccinelli II’s social views and tone and of Terry McAuliffe’s crony capitalism and anti-free market ideas. He makes the case that “this race is different” in that both candidates are so widely distrusted that a candidate like himself can actually be unifying. “I think if I were to win, we’d adopt policies Democrats and Republicans say they are for but don’t have the will to support.” He lists as examples school choice and regulatory and tax reform, which neither party has produced.


Voters throughout the state have complained that both McAuliffe (who has GreenTech issues) and Cuccinelli (who has gift issues) are ethically flawed. With bluntness Sarvis says, “A gift ban is a fine idea. It seems from recent events we should also extend it to family members and [closely-held] businesses.” He also makes the conservative argument that if government didn’t do as much then the incentive for gift-giving would diminish. A huge regulatory state “creates an incentive for gift giving,” he explain. “It’s a corrupting influence. If government isn’t able to give anything [to big givers] it will be reduced.”

Sarvis sums up with an attractively simple argument: “When you get into the voting booth on Nov. 5 you want to vote for someone you can be proud of.” Put differently, he’s offering an alternative to voters who can’t abide either candidate and feel bad about not voting.  Judging from my conversations around the state, there are a whole lot of those voters.

Is this 1998 Minnesota?  We’ll find out…




About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Gene says:

    In a front page article in today’s TD, Cuccinelli is called the “tea party darling”. In my opinion, that would seem to spell endorsement., the real Tea Party endorsement? Is the Tea Party planning to endorse all three, or just two candidates? Is each branch free to endorse a different candidate?

    Who was really behind the rule change to let Cuccinnelli run in the first place?

    An endorsement, or vote, for anyone other than the Democrat, is nothing more than an endorsement of four more years of the massive Republican lead tax increases and the big spending that Bob mentions.

    Also, you are sending the Republicans a clear message that you want MORE of the same! Why?

    You cannot change the Republican Party by leaving them in office for what they have done the last four years. But do you really want to?

    Both Candidates in my opinion are misfits. In this case it is about the party, not the candidate. Besides, what can McAuliffe do as long as one branch is still Republican? Isn’t Government better run when neither party controls all three branches? Look at the Pres.Regan and Clinton economies. Wasn’t Virginia better off with Kaine than McDonnell? When have things been economically good when one Party was in charge?

    Politics in the USA are mostly about compromise and tolerance. At least they were until the Republicans put hate radio and TV in charge of their party.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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