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I am taking a break tonight from UKIP to talk about something totally different:  Clarence’s Millions.

Clarence is a children’s program on Cartoon Network.  The thesis behind it is that Clarence and his friends, Sumo and Jeff, who tend to be on the perimeters of childhood society, deal with various vignettes in a clever and witty manner.

Now normally I do not voluntarily watch kids’ shows.  But I have kids!  So I have to tolerate certain children’s shows.  And a good number of them I do not like (edgy, not quite age appropriate, silly and frankly sometimes stupid plot lines, a fair amount of liberal propaganda, usually of the green variety and witchcraft/occult are way, way too prevalent in children’s shows and the Cartoon Network is among the repeat offenders) and will not watch.

But one day I was blogging and I heard this plot line where the hero Clarence is making his own money – Clarence dollars.  I heard something like, “Let’s flood the school with Clarence Dollars!”  I was immediately piqued; “What’s that about?”, I asked the kids.

Clarence’s Millions is the title of a show that aired on CN on April 28, 2014.  Here is the official site for it but I think they only show snippets of it.  I can get it on demand through my cable provider.  You probably can too, for a short time.

The thesis of Clarence’s Millions is:

The teachers are giving out stars for good behavior and taking them away for bad behavior.  It is a currency of sorts based on merit.  Clarence and his friend Sumo are envious of how the good kids get most of the stars. He has one star and Sumo has minus 5!  (I think his other friend, Jeff, a square (literally a square headed child and quite square in the 60s sense, has many stars and gets good grades!)

Clarence decides what the school needs is a different form of encouragement and reward not based on merit but based on equality and comes up with Clarence Dollars (CD$).  He gives out CD$ to kids for being good, for being bad, for getting A’s and for flunking, too.  Even the bully gets a Clarence Dollar – after he let’s the victim go!  The teacher’s attempt to protest is ignored – everybody ought to be happy!

It starts out well and the CD$ end up a medium of exchange.  This soon turns into a situation where the kids start to fight over the CD$ and even the teacher has to use a chair to fight off a kid over a Clarence Dollar.  Clarence has to kill his idea.  But how?  Jeff the square says, flood the school with CD$ and no one will want them!

Clarence and friends “borrow” the school copier and flood the school with CD$ until no one wants them anymore.  One girl laments that now she has a whole bunch of CD$ – but so does everybody else!  Some want to return to merit stars and another uses something like a trading card from California for a new medium of exchange. The bully tries to make his own money and is rejected.

Finally the school is back to “normal” but it has been severely disrupted.

The fifteen minute episode brilliantly skewers and satirizes socialism (everybody, whether worthy or not gets CD$), the use of envy to combat merit-based systems of rewards, redistribution of wealth (The goal is for all to be happy as if they had the old medium of exchange – merit stars – whether they deserved it or not), The Federal Reserve (the school is flooded with CD$ to debase the kids’ economy), and runaway inflation (When there are too many CD$, no one wants them anymore!).  The kids finally ask for the return of the merit system!  Clarence and his two best friends walk out of the school hall littered with Clarence Dollars.  Of course the disruption caused by the socialistic experiment is grave on the social structure and economy of the school.

Is Sandy off his nut?  Some of my readers might have thought so for a long time!  🙂  But I think children’s humor can be a great vehicle for satire and political lessons.  The best lessons can be the one you do not realize until later.  Clarence’s Millions may or may not have been intended to be political satire (I suspect a Ron Paul libertarian was in on the script!) but it is fabulous.  Go run out and watch Clarence’s Millions and comment below – agree with my thesis or is Sandy off his nut?

I am sure it’ll be back to UKIP tomorrow.  My advice to my UKIP readers:  No complacency; pretend you are behind.  Fight for every vote!  Is it May 22 yet?



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