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Here’s what is probably the last selection from Clarence the Farage Labourite.  He adds his points on the UKIP is a racist party:

But when like myself, am submerged into the real modern online world through twitter, Facebook and so on……..I come across a large diverse base of support for UKIP. Not only will you find your predominant White middle aged politically engaged supporter, but to my surprise, I am discovering a large base  of under 25s voicing support for UKIP, an age bracket that the older parties often consider the lost age because of their lack of interest in politics. That is a great sign for the future. Also, UKIP has a huge immigrant membership and support base. Mostly at first it was the more settled Afro Caribbean population, but in the past 1 year there has been a surge from the Indian Hindu community with numerous members now standing in local council and European elections. a growing number from Islamic community and a rapidly massive movement from recently settled Polish community who within their beliefs see the same threats to democracy as we native Britons do. The UK has had a large Polish community from after WW2 and when Polish citizens where allowed to travel freely throughout the EU. Over 1 million came to the UK. Britain is very popular with the Polish Youth. A now settled integrated community, they share a lot of British customs and beliefs. The Governments attempted scare tactics stating that UKIP would expel all non UK citizens is itself failing because A large section of the recently arrived EU citizens just don’t believe it.
Within my local branch of UKIP, fellow members include 3 Muslims, 4 Indians, 4 Polish, 2 Orthodox Jews and numerous from Afro ancestry.

I can say that I am not initially impressed with the claim:  Hey we have this group or that group in our organization.  It can be tokenism.  But I can be impressed with Clarence’s testimony.  I intend to test this supposition through social media involving UKIP.  A tweet will go out tonight in re:  Testimonies on the genuine diversity of UKIP.

UPDATE:  I did send the tweet!  And someone asked:  Why do you write about UKIP?  I will answer that in tonight’s post!

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. polish slug says:

    I heard on my own ears ugly, racist slurs, peddled by Farage day in and day out in the media and during his public rallies. The New UKiP is purely antiSlav. The only function of this New UKiP is to degrade Polish community in the eyes of the public thus prevent us from social and economic advancement. It’s not only an issue of Slavic race, although race does rank very high on the list of priorities of this party, regarded by many as funded on Nazi ideology.
    This anti Polish campaign in the UK instigated by New UKiP is also a vital component of the economic warfare against my race. That’s why Farage is branding us as eager to ‘work for a lot less than anybody else’ which becomes self fulfilling prophecy. Since the add run, employers swamped me with job offers, but for a third of my usual rate – because that’s what they heard on TV. And what’s with vilification of “Polski Sklep”, which are in fact nowhere to be seen? Could it have something to do with Tesco’s Polish product range? Or the dirty competition tactics from Asian corner shops?
    The latest dirty competition tactic is to shame the public who give jobs to Poles.
    With UkiP promoted in every media outlets on earth, what chance do we have for decent employment, and eventually, for any employment at all?

    • Sandy Sanders

      Thanks for coming by and offering input. I think UKIP has erred in a few minor ways on this issue that were inappropriate (the anti-Eastern Europe humor at the spring conference); however, I disagree that UKIP or its leaders hate Eastern Europeans or Poles specifically. I would need evidence of some of your charges to even consider them. UKIP has worked hard to be a non-racist party but that is the only issue left to smear them with.

      Thanks for your comments and please come again.


  2. Henry Francis says:

    The Guardian newspaper recently exposed a three party campaign to actively brand UKIP as being racist.

    They each have racist skeletons in their own cupboards which simply are surpressed by the media here.

    Some people are taken in by this deliberate campaign but most see through it for what it is the establishments deliberate smears against us to deny us votes.

    They have no credible arguments against our policies on EU membership or actually having a need based immigration policy instead of an uncontrollable free for all plus having the right to negotiate our own unfettered trade deals with any nation we choose and our traders and businesses being unshackled from a stifling and ever more intrusive EU bloated bureaucracy currently throttling the life out of them.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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