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If you had said I would agree with Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari in the next year or maybe ever, I’d say sure – when a six mile asteroid (sufficient to kill the dinosaurs) hits the Earth!

You better look up.  The sky is falling.

Coach Calipari wants to have the leading 64 or 72 schools to leave the NCAA and form superconferences to have their own championships and to be free to offer stipends to players and support intramural and minor sports programs (yes I said intramural) at colleges.

Here’s the proposal and some highlights from Kentucky Sports Radio:

1) Create Four New “Super Conferences” – Because of a a disparity between programs at the top of the financial food chain and those schools that are, as Calipari put it, “barely Division 1″, there would have to be a significant change made to create a more solid financial structure.  Under Calipari’s plan, four new “Super Conferences” would have to be created.  He proposed a Western Conference, a Northern Conference (comprised of Big 10 schools and others), a Southern Conference (the SEC and others) and an Eastern Conference (ACC-type schools).  Each conference would be made up of 16-18 schools featuring both Division 1 basketball and football programs, giving 64-72 total members.

He would have each division winner play a four team playoff for football.  The NCAA tournament will be all the new Division I teams.

Paul Woody of the Richmond Times-Dispatch is fierce in his criticism of the program.  And he’s right.  Woody says that this concept would rob the mid-majors of the right to try for the national championship (They would remain in the NCAA) and the major conferences would get all the money.  It would destroy the NCAA tournament.

Woody’s right.  Calipari’s idea is thoroughly bad.  But for ONE thing:  It’ll destroy the politically correct, unfair and hyper-controlling NCAA once and for all.  No more irrelevant banning Indian symbols (unless you are Florida State!)!  No more unfair rulings that Mississippi and South Carolina cannot host events due to irrelevant Confederate flag issues.  No more weighing home games in tournaments in part on the size of your gym or stadium! Don’t believe me?  Read this NCAA Bylaw: Criteria for Site Determination. The following criteria are to be used in the evaluation of
sites for all competition in NCAA championships:
(a) Quality and availability of the facility and other necessary accommodations;
(b) Revenue potential (e.g., a financial guarantee or guideline that ensures fiscal responsibility and is appropriate
for the particular event, as recommended by the governing sports committee and approved
by the Championships/Sports Management Cabinet); (Revised: 11/1/07 effective 8/1/08)
(c) Attendance history and potential;
(d) Geographical location; and
(e) Championships operating costs. (Revised: 11/1/01)

I don’t see – team with best record as a criterion.  But I do see revenue potential and attendance history!

I won’t even discuss the BCS!

Finally, no more funny rules like what was shown vividly to Baylor University when the eligibility ruling on a key player just before its conference tournament (but Auburn’s QB got to play in its championship game).  Or how about what happened to Radford’s coach according to John Feinstein?  How about the Alabama FB scandal involving (gasp) books bought by the athletes improperly – for others or unnecessary books (sounds like could be embezzlement to me but still not a NCAA issue).

No, the NCAA must go.  It must be replaced with a more libertarian solution.  If Calipari’s idea will do that, I say go ahead.  I can live without Butler or Wright State in the tournament.  But I can no longer abide the NCAA.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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