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Cong. Dave Brat Supports Sovereignty for Puerto Rico!

From the press office of Cong. Brat (my comments are in bold and are mine not Dr. Brat’s!):

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Dave Brat issued the following statement on passage of H.R. 5278, the Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA):

Reminder about Sandy’s Rule of Catchy Names for Bills:  They are a lie!  And it is a promise of Federal meddling in the Puerto Rico government.

Yesterday members of Congress voted in favor of PROMESA, a bill that imposes a control board on Puerto Rico. I opposed this bill, and in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner, I explained why.

“The PROMESA Act creates an unelected, unaccountable ‘control board’ imposed by Congress to manage Puerto Rico’s spending and tax policies for at least five years. Control boards and five-year plans, channeling Stalin: what could go wrong.

“PROMESA deprives the Puerto Rican people of their right to self-governance and establishes a seven-person board that can overrule the Commonwealth’s elected leaders on almost any law. Members of the control board will be personally chosen by President Obama to manage the territory’s spending and tax policies.

What we need is a control board to control Congress!  And what will this board realistically do?

“….members of the House of Representatives [voted] to impose a system for ‘bankruptcy’ without a referendum asking the people of Puerto Rico whether they want this. Their right to democracy [was] not only infringed by this bill, it [was] entirely usurped.

“This makes the bill truly Orwellian — it remove[d] the consent of the Puerto Rican people and creates a fiefdom for unelected officials chosen by President Obama.

That is right.  The board members could be big donors or friends of the President.  It would be better to just allow Puerto Rico to file for bankruptcy like a state can.  I agree about the referendum but the people of Puerto Rico have a choice and they ought to take it:  Sovereign Free Association.  SFA makes the people of Puerto Rico independent to seek out a relationship with the United States as a separate people group equal in status and respect.  And the United States Supreme Court just held that Puerto Rico is under the plenary control of Congress.  Really just a territory with some self-government. 

Note this language from the SCOTUS decision:

Because the ultimate source of Puerto Rico’s prosecutorial power is the Federal Government—because when we trace that authority all the way back, we arrive at the doorstep of the U. S. Capitol—the Commonwealth and the United States are not separate sovereigns.  Slip Opinion in Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle, p. 17-18 (decided 6/9/16)

“As economist Thomas Sowell said, ‘The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves.’ Congress can’t even get its own fiscal house in order, but [passed] a bill to solve Puerto Rico’s problems.

AMEN!  Preach it Cong. Brat! 

“This bill should [have been] subject to ratification by the Puerto Rican legislature or a vote from the Puerto Rican people. As it stands, I [opposed] PROMESA because it turns free citizens into subjects.”

Cong. Brat has taken a visionary attitude on this issue that respects the sovereignty and independence of the Puerto Rican people without the problems that statehood would cause (language and culture are two major ones).  And free people make terrible subjects, especially with the imperialism behind the acquisition of Puerto Rico (although the people have been granted several plebiscites on status and are generally [until now] treated well.).

Send Cong Brat a note if you live in his district and let him know – you agree with his respect for the people of Puerto Rico.  And people say the Republican Party is against Hispanics! 



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One Response to “Cong. Dave Brat Supports Sovereignty for Puerto Rico!”

  1. Dave Brat continues to be the best we have in congress. In fact he is the best that I have seen in the many years I have followed politics. I will send him a note also. Why can’t we have more Brat type politicians?
    Good article.
    David J


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