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Congress Should Pass a ‘Crippling’ Sanctions Bill On Iran

Last Week, Virginia Right! spoke with Senator John Thune (R-SD) on a media conference call. That post may be viewed here.

While that conversation was specific to the Health Care Reconciliation Bill facing the Senate at the time, Senator Thune is also the Chairman of the US Senate Republican Policy Committee.

The following communication from Senator Thune addresses the failures of the Obama Administration to fulfill it’s stated actions on Iran and their nuclear capabilities.

After a Year of Engagement, Iran is One Year Closer to a Bomb

Executive Summary
• The United Nations Security Council has been demanding for years that Iran cease its uranium enrichment program. Barack Obama made clear when he was a candidate for President that diplomacy without precondition was his preferred policy to address Iran’s nuclear program.
• As President he implemented that policy, saying he would give it until the end of 2009 to see “serious movement on the part of the Iranians.” Secretary of State Clinton agreed that “crippling sanctions” should be the consequence if diplomatic offers to Iran “are either rejected or the process is inconclusive or unsuccessful.”
• The process has certainly been unsuccessful. There is little more to show for the year of engagement than an additional year’s worth of enriched uranium and functioning centrifuges. A publicly revealed covert uranium enrichment facility is just the most recent evidence Iran has no intention of halting its nuclear program.
• Tough sanctions are intended to prevent Iran from continuing its nuclear program in defiance of international demands. If the U.S. does not impose them after insisting it would, both allies and enemies will question our credibility.
• Candidate Obama said such sanctions would include banning the export of refined petroleum to Iran. Both Houses have overwhelmingly passed bills accomplishing this, and a final bill should be sent to the President now.
• These bills should not be weakened in conference committee to provide additional waiver authority for “cooperating countries.” If the Administration wishes to exempt companies engaged in economic activity supporting the Iranian regime, the bills currently contain all the waiver authority necessary. In any event, China and Russia should not qualify as cooperating countries.
• It does not upset President Obama’s policy to implement sanctions concurrently with diplomatic engagement, as sanctions can provide leverage in negotiations. Additional sanctions should remain in place until Iran verifiably and comprehensively complies with all international demands on its nuclear program.

Download the entire document here.

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