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Corey Stewart Can Defeat Tim Kaine in November. Here’s Why.

Health Update

First, let me say I know I have been uncharacteristically quiet the past few months, especially for me. I have been battling several health issues including surgery that turned out to be two types of skin cancer in one. I was fortunate that it had not spread in spite of my procrastination in getting it resolved. That won’t happen again and the surgery got it all, so no other treatment was needed except a visit to my dermatologist every six months.

But on top of that, they were reluctant to operate because my blood pressure was sky high in spite of many pills. So I am still working on that and doing better now, but politics, believe it or not, is probably the biggest single reason for behind my BP. But I have my second grandchild due in December and I really want to have time with with the new addition. So my self-imposed silence is a necessary evil (or not) to get myself healthy. So I don’t plan to hang up my keyboard, just taking better care of myself so I can stick around as long as possible.

Thanks for the cards and well wishes, but I am making progress climbing out of the hole I have allowed myself to dig.

Stewart can win in November

While I didn’t endorse anyone in the primary, pretty much everyone knew I support Corey Stewart. He is the only candidate that has a chance to defeat Tim Kaine in November. I am truly sad that the former Cruz supporters who became #NeverTrump have adopted Corey as a proxy for their hatred for President Trump. I had truly hoped and prayed that this dynamic of hate would fade away after Trump won the election, but it looks like it is going to continue for the foreseeable future. And like the over the top hyperbole that blankets Trump, the same type of tar and feathers have been used to cover Corey Stewart. Lies and distortions, half truths and spin are all tossed into a cauldron and stirred. And the results are liberally spread around the Commonwealth as truth. The #NeverTrump and #NeverCorey crowd have become as adroit as Progressives in spinning smears and using Alinsky tactics like repeating a lie often enough it becomes the new truth.

Why Stewart Has the Best Chance of Defeating Kaine

NoVa. Northern Virginia. This bastion of liberal D.C. bedrooms has become so blue that any statewide elections are determined by this Democrat-rich cesspool of Socialism. A relatively tiny portion of the state dictates the politics of the entire state. Fair or not, it is our reality.

Now Nick Freitas may be a great guy and a splendid Conservative, but he cannot pull out a lot of votes in NoVa. And the fact that the pro amnesty Koch brothers supported him is something I consider a bad sign. And when you add in Siobhan Dunnavant and Bill Bolling supported Nick, well, that tells me all I need to know. Freitas had some good endorsements too, and I’m not knocking him, but I have learned to follow the money.

But if you go to VPAP or the State Board of Elections and look at the places that Corey won as opposed to Nick, one thing stands out. NoVa.

We know that in November, Tim Kaine will win the inner cities. He will also win in most of NoVa. And Corey Stewart will win in most of the rural areas where Republicans always win. But the victory will be in how many votes the Republican can pull out of NoVa. And I don’t think anyone can make a case for any of the other Primary candidates garnering more votes out of NoVa than Corey Stewart will. Any Republican candidate will get the votes they are going to get in the Red areas of the state. But NoVa will decide the winner. The more votes the Republican can pull out of there the better the chance of retiring Timmy Kaine.

How Republicans Can Lose in November

The Republican Party of Virginia has become great at losing. Under the feckless leadership at the RPV and in the in-fighting in the SCC and among the grassroots and activists who move from supporting a losing candidate to trying to destroy the nominee who wasn’t their choice, Virginia Republicans are never going to win another statewide office. If things don’t change. Already people like Bill Bolling are pledging not to vote for Stewart just like he did for Trump. And a lot of folks stayed home and did not vote for Ed Gillespie.

I get it. We keep having to vote for the lesser of two evils. And that is not a choice we like to have. But sadly, it is often reality.

But we saw Trump lose in Virginia because of the #NeverTrump folks doing everything they could to tear down the nominee, knowing Hillary would be the results of their actions and failure to vote. And she won Virginia. And we watched Ken Cuccinelli lose to Terry McAuliffe in 2013 because the Bill Bolling RINO’s and Establishment Uniparty folks refused to vote for him. And Conservatives couldn’t vote for Ed Gillespie, as establishment as they get.

Isn’t it Time to Break the Cycle?

I have voted for the Republican Candidate in every statewide election since I was old enough to vote. I have held my nose far more times than I have cast an enthusiastic vote for the GOP. Some have surprised. Many have disappointed. Especially Bob McDonnell. I was an enthusiastic Trump voter and despite the constant barrage of negative coverage, he has done more good in a short time than most presidents do their entire tenure. And still the #NeverTrump people go after him.

Tim Kaine is one of the most Progressive (regressive) politicians alive. November means 6 more years of Kaine if Republicans that supported Freitas continue to be #NeverCorey.

Six more years of Kaine. That will teach Virginians to dare nominate someone that wasn’t your first choice!


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

8 Responses to “Corey Stewart Can Defeat Tim Kaine in November. Here’s Why.”

  1. Lawrence Wood says:

    As usual you have summed up both the current reality of Virginia Republican politics and the operational style of its adherents to perfection. Many (I’m perhaps unfortunately not one) believe that this constant self defeating behavior will at some point work itself out and some new and more rational political equilibrium will be established. I don’t discourage others from holding out for such an event but I see little to no portents that this is on the horizon or even considered a necessary topic of discussion by either the state party or it’s associated state Republican political factions. I believe it is completely fair to claim that if this party disconnect were truly learning curve based the lesson after years of continuing loss at the polls would have been well internalized by now. No, this has departed the realm of simple electoral political opposition and entered the space of personalization, social and class identity and cultural ethnocentrism. The one glimmer of hope is that this infection has embedded itself in only a small and singularly self isolated political fringe of Virginians but alas that group currently comprises much of the core of the state party and its rules infrastructure. The Virginia voting base appears to be still healthy and engaged went actually offered choice minus drama. Today the traditional state Republican voting base has largely disconnected itself from the state party apparatus. You may lament this but to deny it is to be blind to the facts. So what is the solution? Discard the states voting base or the party infrastructure and leadership (formal and informal) that this base has summarily rejected? Everyone (besides the state’s political users and manipulators and there are far too many of each) know the answer to this question already. So until actions are taken to set the party back on a realistic course we will see simply more of the same politically from “Republicanism” here in Virginia. And to many that state of affairs is just fine.

  2. Jacob V. says:

    Virginia’s grassroots Republican voters sick of losing with Establishment EnRon Ed Gillespie shoved down their throats by crooked conventions and then by primary finally showed up to the polls in enough numbers and voted for Trump’s guy- the non Establishment non-RPV candidate who ran for US Senate – Corey Stewart.

    And the RINO GOP establishment- Steve Albertson, Shaun Kenney, Rollin Risenger, et al have lost their minds calling the Corey Voters “Red Necks” and “Low Information voters” on the other blogs edited by “Never Trumpers” and the SCC Convention zealots.

    Thanks Mr. White and Mr. Wood for positive encouragement after a long night of insanity over Corey’s nomination from the Party Leaders ( tongue in cheek).

    US Senator Tim Kaine and VA Secretary of Education Anne Holton raised their son Woody to be a Domestic Terrorist AND they are proud of him and his Antifa ties and arrest.

    If The Republican Party of Virginia can’t rally to defeat THAT then there is no hope for any candidate to run for state wide for federal office as a Republican again.

  3. Benny Sandoz says:

    Kudos Mr. White and Godspeed for your recovery and road to good health.
    Readers of VA Right have missed you tremendously.

    I found it interesting that 7th District Chairman Ben Slone endorsed candidate Nick Freitas through his Goochland Tea Party email hijack ( like Slone who backed Cantor’s goon Linwood Cobb in 2014 for 7th District Chairman is a Tea Party Patriot right? ) and his State Central Committee member Susan Lascolette ( The Alcoholic Congressman Tom Garrett’s former Leglislative Aid) posted on TBE blog she was “flipping Corey voters to Freitas all day long at the polls” yesterday. Allow me to suggest to the “Rednecks” and “low information voters” when Slone and Lascollette come up for election again, PURGE these RINOs from the Party- their place is not picking and choosing the winners and losers but to ELECT Republicans once nominated.

    How does Ms. Lascollete intend to UNSMEAR all the Voters she “Flipped” at the polls yesterday for Freitas back to Corey Stewart voters in November?
    Yeah I thought so. She won’t be lifting a finger for the Republican nominee. Will attend a Goochland Tea Party meeting for Dave Brat and call it a “BIG EFFORT” on her part.

    Serving as a “Keyboard warrior” over at the other blog isn’t a winning Republican campaign strategy.

    Just ask Nick Freitas.

  4. THE SIGNERS says:

    Yes, Tom, Spot on ~ It feels great being on the right side of history with the success of Corey Stewart. I supported Corey because he is the real deal grassroots conservative, he is a Trump era patriot and if your with Trump ~ Your with the Signers and the Founders….and me. God Bless our great President and God bless Corey Alan Stewart. Now, lets kick the scoundrel progressive republicans/libertarians aside and bring in a victory over Kaine.
    Go Corey !!

  5. Byron Cates says:

    AFP and the NRSC won’t support or donate to Republican nominee Corey Stewart who just proved that the REPUBLICANS can WIN in Virginia by running with Trump and his Make America Great Again Agenda ( as opposed to Nick Freitas who ran with the Globalist Koch Brothers’ AFP and LOST)

    So let the ground swell of grassroots voters PROVE THEM ALL wrong like Dave Brat did in 2014 with NO MONEY and a volunteer army- David took down Goliath and WON.

  6. Diana Owens says:

    What happened? Stewart ran a primary campaign on the promise that he could win in blue northern Virginia and he did.

    The NRCC refuses to back Stewart. This is your Republican Party.

  7. Pete B. says:

    Hello Tom I hope youre doing well, let’s see if Corey Houdini can pull a rabbit out of his MAGA hat in November! 🙂

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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