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Corona Virus from the Commonwealth

“Its a numbers game but, shit don’t add up somehow”

Mathematics Mos Def (Mos Definitely)

Black On Both SidesProduced by DJ Premier Released 1999.

The Corona Virus Pandemic, ground zero Commonwealth of Virginia. Well, I am an essential Armed Government Security Officer at a Commonwealth of Virginia office building. My people are on the front lines at work.
Mandy is working from home from a makeshift office in the middle of our living room. Both of us thankful to be working.

According to the Virginia Department of Health as of April 12, 2010:
39,985 Virginians have been tested.

5,274 Total Cases in Virginia.

872 Hospitalizations in Virginia.

141 Deaths in Virginia.
According to a report by WTVR-TV the CBS affiliate in Richmond, Virginia over 306,000 people filed for unemployment insurance benefits in the last three weeks.

But the big shock is according to Statista 8.54 million people lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2019. Let all of that sink in for a moment…….

8.54 Million people live in Virginia.

972 Hospitalizations for Corona Virus on Virginia.141 Deaths in Virginia.

A Government mandated shutdown by the Governor of Virginia. 

The needs of the many clearly outweigh the needs of the few per Spock in Star Trek the Wrath of Khan. We are doing all this for 141 deaths? Mos Def is correct,  with his above referenced lyrics. So, everything on mandatory shut down. How much longer are we going to go through this? We are not New York or California. The Corona Virus is clearly not impacting us like it is in other parts of the United States.

And let us look at this Stimulus Package. I was talking to my good friend Bob Shannon of the King William Tea Party. He bravely said we are breaking our grandchildren’s and great grandchildren’s piggy banks on this. We need to get back to normal on this Virginia. Our leadership clearly is making poor choices. Limiting the freedom and free movement of its citizens. Closing down businesses and determining what is essential and non essential.

This is a bad time in our Commonwealth. It is time for all Virginians who can to go back to work. We cannot place life on hold for the rest of us for only “the few”.

About Corey Fauconier

Corey “Sage” Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in Political Science (1994) and a Paralegal Studies Certificate (1996). Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate (2017). First Black Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party (2016), Lobby Day Leader for the Virginia Citizens Defense League, second amendment supporter, volunteer with Generation Hip Hop VA and host of independent podcast Talks Over Drinks in Richmond, Virginia.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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