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Clarence, my source and a Farage Labourite, told me about a week ago something astounding.  So astounding that I did not believe it and I asked for more evidence – people to speak with about this.  Here is what Clarence originally told me (slightly edited and with emphasis added):

Yep there is a lot of Labourites stating that will vote for UKIP. As I say. Almost 25% of membership surge has come from disillusioned Labour voters. There are numerous stories of Union reps approaching UKIP members and stating their support and that their unions are in discussions as to whether to distance themselves from Labour and approach UKIP .

If this is true, it would be a tsunami in UK politics.  It would be like SEIU endorsing Rand Paul.  So I found this report in the New Republic, a moderately liberal opinion journal similar to Bill Buckley’s National Review (right up there with the Bible first and then the Constitution and maybe the periodic table for me as authority as a teenager!) that says this about the Farage Labourite phenomenon:

Ukip has a credible claim to have supplanted the Tories as the main challenger to Labour in parts of the north. So far in this parliament, the party has come second to Labour in by-elections in South Shields, Middlesbrough, Rotherham, Barnsley and, in February this year, Wythenshawe and Sale East. Reporting on that most recent contest, I met people who would reel off a list of complaints that tally exactly with the issues on which Labour campaignsjob insecurity, zero-hours contracts, soaring energy bills, the “bedroom tax”, cuts to public services. They would then declare an intention not to vote at all, or to support Ukip. When people did say they planned to back Labour, the reason was most often ancestral loyalty. (“We’re all Labour round here.” “Always Labour.”)

Ed Miliband held the seat thanks to a strong local candidate with a ground operation that knew where Labour supporters lived and made sure they voted. The potential for a better-organised Ukip machine to win over areas that were once dominated by the traditional left is beyond doubt.

“If you look at the Labour Ukippers, some of them are the kind of people who might once have been shop stewards,” says John Denham MP, the former Labour cabinet minister who served as an adviser to Ed Miliband. “For them, trade unionism was a defensive thing economically, and a defensive thing in terms of ‘our people against the bosses’. Those people feel they’ve lost that power to fight against unwelcome change and defend their interests.”

I added the emphasis.  If there are shop steward types joining UKIP, maybe real union leaders might be seeing how this thing goes on May 22 and deciding:  Do we ditch Labour and go to UKIP?  If you see that event, first Sandy will be reporting it right after his victory lap at his home and then you’ll see the real political earthquake.  For then UKIP can win.  And provide real hope for those hard-working men and women who had thought Labour had their back.

But instead Labour has the EU’s back.  Ronald Reagan once said:  I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me!  Maybe millions of British voters might say the same thing.  Labour’s not even for cheap beer anyone!  The UKIP victory on May 22 and if they can win the 2015 General Election might be what people called the start of the American Revolution:  The shot heard ’round the world.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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