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This morning, before the commencement of the 7th District’s Convention, Dr. Dave Brat and Shak Hill led a rally of hundreds of supporters. Now, because Eric Cantor refuses to do town halls and because he refuses to engage in debates (which tells me that he has nothing but CONTEMPT for his constituents) Dave Brat held his own town hall meeting. Now, if you have never had the opportunity to listen to Dave Brat or Shak Hill speak, and you find yourself wavering on who to support, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to attend one of their events. These are true conservatives and constitutionalists. They are the real deal.

Unfortunately, Dr. Dave Brat did have to address the inevitable consequences of the George Soros / Eric Cantor smear campaign that has been vomited through the media over the last two weeks. There were a couple questions concerning whether or not Dr. Brat was a “liberal college professor”. He pointed out that he is a professor of economics (a subject Eric Cantor seems to know absolutely nothing about), but that there is nothing liberal about him. He is a life long Republican, who like many of us, is extremely disappointed in the current Republican Leadership in Congress, led by Eric Cantor.

Dr. Brat also pointed out the one issue that should decide the outcome of this Republican Primary. What Eric Cantor did to the Stock Act in 2012, is about as dirty and corrupt a move as has ever been done. Eric Cantor attempted to rival the political brinkmanship of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, by back-dooring an amendment to the Stock Act (which prevented insider trading amongst elected officials) that would exclude spouses of elected officials. Now, you know as well as I that if any one of us were to engage in Insider Trading, we would be thrown in jail; and not a nice jail like Martha Stewart was awarded. Eric Cantor decided that while he could support banning his own involvement with insider trading, that his wife Diana should be able to engage in all the insider trading she wants.

That isn’t just dirty politics. That’s illegal! It’s unconstitutional! How can a single Republican vote for this man in the primary? You don’t actually think you are going to benefit from Diana Cantor’s insider trading do you? They aren’t going to redistribute their wealth. They are going to redistribute yours.

Now, Shak Hill is a fiery speaker. This morning was my first opportunity to meet Mr. Hill and to hear him speak on the issues of the day. Here is another example of a primary race that should be no contest. Ed Gillespie has absolutely no record to run on, unless being intimately tied to Establishment Republicans like Bush, Dole, and Kasich is a record. But that certainly isn’t a record Virginia Republicans could possibly be interested in. Now, the Republicans I talk to who support Ed Gillespie, do so because they’ve seen him on TV and “they think he can win”. Ladies and Gentlemen, Karl Rove and his stupid white board practically live on television. I believe he has his own hotel room within Fox News communications. I wouldn’t vote for him, would you? Just because he’s on television all the time and everyone knows who he is? Gillespie, like Karl Rove, is a Big Government Establishment Republican that has absolutely ZERO interest in representing Virginians in Washington DC. Gillespie is campaigning to join John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell in the Senate, in order to give aid and comfort to the Chamber of Commerce and the corporatists on K-Street.

So here is the question: why are Republicans refusing to¬† investigate Ed Gillespie’s record? And don’t you think Mark Warner, should a candidate like Gillespie face off with our current Senator, will address Gillespie’s record? Don’t you think Mark Warner is going to draw very vocal and loud ties between Ed Gillespie and President George W. Bush? Don’t you think Mark Warner is going to remind constituents that Gillespie was a senior advisor to Mitt Romney? And speaking of Mr. Romney, how’d that campaign turn out?

Ed Gillespie helped run a campaign for a man that couldn’t beat the most dangerous and Marxist President in American history! How is he going to defeat Mark Warner? No, if we nominate Ed Gillespie, Mark Warner stays in the Senate and Harry Reid continues to run the show. If Republicans want to take back the Senate, we have to oust Mark Warner and Gillespie doesn’t stand a chance.

Shak Hill, however, absolutely does. Shak Hill served our country in uniform in the United States Air Force, “as a flight commander in the Presidential Wing, Andrews AFB, MD and a decorated combat pilot” (source). Shak Hill is a business owner and a job creator. Shak hill will defend our Second Amendment Rights and serve to protect the rest of our Constitutional Liberties.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dave Brat and Shak Hill are what we’ve all been waiting for. (preposition) For years we’ve held our noses and voted for Republicans we couldn’t stand and didn’t trust. Are we going to let the K-Street funded establishment republicans like Cantor and Gillespie deprive us of the opportunity to, on election day, place our votes with pride! If we do not nominate these men, how will we encourage future conservatives to run for office? How will we encourage the younger generations to join the freedom movement if the Republican voters continue to send Big Government Establishment types to Washington?

Now is the time! These are our candidates! It is up to us to send them to Washington DC. They can’t fight for our liberties or for a responsible government in Washington if we don’t support them today.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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