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Deeds In Favor Of Higher Taxes And Against Gays

I was unable to find time to watch the Times Dispatch online interview with Democratic candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds until today. It was an interesting interview that I believe showed an ill prepared Deeds stumbling through most of the difficult questions. Deeds seemed to stutter a lot on questions that put him on the spot, which were almost all of them.

Many of the Blue Blogs have demonized Republican candidate for Governor Bob McDonnell for his position on the Marriage Act, which defines marriage in the Commonwealth as between a man and a woman. McDonnell has been called homophobic, anti-gay, and has even been accused of discrimination against gays because of his views. So I must assume the Gay community and their supporters would feel the same about Deeds, despite the (D) after his name. To do otherwise would be hypocritical, right?

Deeds stuttered quite a bit when asked about “Card Check” and other anti-worker laws favoring Unions. Deeds copped out and refused to answer, saying that would never cross his desk.

He also stammered through his lack of a Transportation plan, incorrectly accusing McDonnell of taking money from education for roads. He used the word “essentially taking money” to indicate he was aware that he was not being truthful. I just wonder if Deeds realizes that without roads, it will be pretty hard to get to our schools.

The one place he did not stutter or stammer was when he said he would raise taxes to pay for roads. Pretty much any taxes.

Deeds squirmed like a schoolboy in need of a bathroom when asked about Obama. He pointed out there were areas where he disagreed with Obama, but failed to mention any. One can only assume his disagreement was with Obama’s plummeting poll numbers.

McDonnell came out with a comprehensive Transportation plan that included no tax increases to pay for Virginia roads. Deeds says he will wait a year or so and get some people together to look at what to do about transportation after he is elected. Good plan!

Deeds ever changing position on ABC privatization was back to “it’s dead on arrival”, yet according to a Washington Post story on July 22, 2009:

The Deeds campaign said the Democrat is not necessarily opposed to privatizing ABC, saying it could be a piece of the puzzle to raise revenue. “It’s an option that should be on the table,” Deeds campaign spokesman Jared Leopold said.

It gets a little hard to following the ever changing position of Creigh Deeds. At the end of the interview, Deeds said he wants to carry on the “pragmatic” leadership of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. By definition, pragmatism is “a practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems”. I suppose what Deeds means is that the Warner – Kaine $6.5 billion budget shortfall is easily solved by Jody Wagner’s overly optimistic and pragmatic projections of growth. We all see where that got us. I think a realistic approach using true and realistic projections is what we need. Not more budgetary hocus-pocus.

We would have to call Mr. Deeds the “anti-gay, pro-tax, me too, hocus-pocus pragmatist” candidate without a plan.

No wonder he squirms so much.

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