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Del. Chris Peace: End the Charade and Join the Democratic Party

True Conservatives are at their core traditionalists, for a very  straightforward reason. They understand human nature and all of the temptations that corrupt it, money, power ( or the retention of power) , the desire to be liked. Conservatives naturally then are drawn to the rule of law because behavior is kept in check by that clear rule. There is less chance of the corrupting influence of money and power taking hold when one sets these aside and strictly abides by the law .

In the latest edition of the Peace Progress, an e-mail communication Del. Peace sends out he touts a HB1333 ( which he proudly states he is the Chief Co-Patron)   that will expand the Welfare state in Virginia. It creates the Kinship Guardianship Assistance program ( KinGap)  Essentially this new program will provide kinship guardianship assistance payments on behalf of children to grandparents.

This is a conservative, who thinks further subsidies to a population that has literally exploded since the inception of the Great Society is a good idea . It might also be noted that this problem ( teenage out of wedlock births) is a source for much of the horrendous societal  problem’s visited upon America by the out of control illegitimate birth rates, numbering some 40% of all births today across the country, and 72% among African Americans. The old axiom that immediately comes to mind….”if you want more of something—subsidize it”.  Peace would struggle explaining how this advocacy gels with a conservative political philosophy to begin with.

Peace wants to take your tax payer dollars and pay Grandparent’s  to care for their grandchildren. One may argue it is a better situation for the grandchildren if they are in the care of their grandparents but several question seems to be left out of the discussion , ones that warrant being asked. What makes Peace think that these Grandparents will do any better job at raising these Grandkids than they did their own children ? The other is “why are responsible members of society always expected to monetarily be held responsible for those that exhibit little personal responsibility themselves” ? It’s a fair question.

One might ask Del. Peace to explain the explosion in this population and wouldn’t a better long term remedy be to return to a time when human beings suffered the consequences of their own actions ? If citizens knew they were going to have to raise these children themselves and at their own expense, do you think parents then might start paying a bit more attention to where their ( often teenage children ) are , and with whom—doing what ?

One final observation taken from the first page of the Peace Progress.  I have observed over the last two decades how politicians of both political parties have honed an election strategy that defies any suggestion that today there is any substantive difference between democrats and republicans

Peace states on page 1 referencing the G.A session currently underway….….”we will look to build from our past actions in the important areas of public education, higher education, law enforcement, health care, transportation and economic development  “ ,   translated means —-MORE MONEY IS ON THE WAY.  The public sector has become so big, both in budgets and in the numbers employed, any politician today understands the key to election ( or retention of office) requires an almost slavish devotion to pandering to these groups.

It’s no longer even debatable that Education at every level is wasting tremendous amounts of  tax dollars ( but they vote), that law enforcement agencies have become bloated well beyond what is needed , ( and they vote)  that economic development is nothing more than allocating scarce resources to political patron developers, and so long as you abide by this new political paradigm you can not only win elective office, but stay there so long as you feed these beasts.

I find it offensive each time I hear this guy refer to himself as a conservative.   As they say down here in King William ….”sayin its so, doesn’t make it so”.

Bob Shannon – Founder  King  William T.E.A Party


7 Responses to “Del. Chris Peace: End the Charade and Join the Democratic Party”

  1. Sam T. says:

    Mr. Shannon

    Chris and Ashley Peace plan to live in the Governor’s Mansion one day with the help of the women democratic voters Peace has pandered to with his deplorable record in the General Assembly. I offer you Day of the Girl legislation as evidence.

    Hateful Julie Coggsdale telegraphs to all the LA’s down here at the General Assembly that Peace will be Governor one day ( and brags she will be hanging on his morning coat tails at his inauguration)

    All one has to do is look up Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney’s campaign finance records to see that Delegate Chris Peace (R- Hanover New Kent) donated to Levar Stoney’s campaign. Same mayor who wants to take down statues on Monument Ave and now wants a meals tax FOR THE CHILDREN while restaurants close down weekly. Again money down a rat hole that is the Richmond public school system.

    Mayor Levar Stoney worked for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Green Tech scam in Mississippi. This was a Visa for Sale scheme that never produced a single car or Job in Mississippi. In return for his being a good soldier, McAuliffe appointed Stoney Secretary of the Commonwealth a job he then parlayed into Mayor of Richmond. McAuliffe cleared the deck for FIBBER agent Andy McCabe’s wife to run for state senate in northern va too. Gave them over $650,000 in dirty Clinton money for her campaign in return for Fibber Agent McCabe to make sure Clinton was exonerated by the Fibbers for her email scandal.

    When the FISA memo comes out and the world finally understands that McAuliffe was up to his eyes in the biggest politcal weaponization of the FBI in US HISTORY Chris Peace might come to regret his donation to Levar Stoney. Levar Stoney is going nowhere in politics when the MEMO is realeased.

    But McAuliffe and the Clintons and Andy McCabe, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are going to prison.

  2. Todd says:

    The old timers from Hanover County remember Peace’s mama Judge Nina Peace a raving liberal democrat screamer who was disbarred in a horrible judicial scandal she committed while as a juvenile judge.

    Look it up…… Chris Peace ain’t no republican raised by that woman. She was a very dangerous judge.
    and he is a dangerous guardian ad litem attorney for children. Peace is racking up the enemies. He will never be Governor. Too many bodies left in the courtroom who hate his guts.

  3. Freddy Boisseau says:

    You have two articles denouncing this bill, so I am posting my comments on both.

    I do not know Del. Pence or his voting record. I just want to comment on this bill because I believe that people’s understandable knee-jerk reaction to extending the welfare state has gotten in the way of them thinking deeply about what I believe is the true issue here.

    See my wife and I were someone that could have benefitted from this type of bill when we took in her niece and nephew at the ages of 5 and 3. Not that I wanted help from the government, and was not happy having to take what little help we did. Mainly using Medicaid as a supplemental insurance to mainly cover the counseling that they needed after years of abuse and neglect. I even pushed back against the money my wife’s father, the kid’s grandfather gave us to help take care of the children.

    We took on that responsibility and thus we should have been the primary caregivers and funding. We with the help of family made it work, and I totally agree that is the way it should be. But I also believe that if the family can not do it or are not available to do it, more of us that can, should step up and take care of these children in need and bare the cost without government help. Personally, I like not having to deal with the government and them putting their noses into everything.

    The problem is there are a lot of families that would love to take in their family members, but for many reasons, one of them being lack of funds are unable to do so. Yet if these children go into foster care the state will send money to those that take them in. And while the great majority are people that truly care about the children, there are many disadvantages to the foster system.

    The most obvious in this case is that while they try to keep siblings together, that is always not possible. Even when they do, these kids will most likely lose contact with those family members that still love them, unlike if they were placed with those same family members. I know that because we took in my wife’s niece and nephew they were able to maintain contacts with their grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and in the long run that helped them.

    So instead of looking at it as expanding a program, that we all agree should not be the business of government, but in today’s world, it unfortunately is. Ask yourself this question, would you rather pay to place these kids with a loving family member willing to take on the burden and that will keep the extended family together, or would you rather pay to place them with a stranger, and leave them without the stabilizing influence an loving extended family could provide.

    Because really when you get right down to it, in most cases you are going to pay to place these kids with someone. I would prefer that they are placed with their family, if at all possible, instead of strangers. And to me, this bill is trying to make it more likely that they will be placed with their family, by giving the family the some of the same support that we would give the stranger.

  4. Bob Shannon

    I have the compassion in the right place, and it is for the overwhelmed taxpayer.

    Subsidize anything and you get more of it. The nation as a matter of public policy has been subsidizing irresponsible behavior for at least the last 50 years and we see the end result, lots more children put in this position, many more that perhaps might not have been born if parents would have done their jobs to begin with.
    Human behavior throughout recorded history is never without examples of very poor decision making and conduct. If as was the case in America 50 -60 years back individuals were forced to have to endure the consequences of their own actions we would see a significant reduction in the number of these tragic cases.
    Peace’s measure would only further the very behavior , much like fathers abandoned their children after welfare became the new ‘ Daddy” If one looks at the numbers back in the 1930’, 1940’s we had much more stable families, at least in terms of both parents intact and raising their kids together before all of this ” gov’t assistance” came along

    Gov’t assistance should be more properly called governments destruction of the traditional nuclear family, because the end results are as clear as could be.
    Bob Shannon

    • Freddy Boisseau says:

      I agree if there was a bill that eliminated our current system that traps people in poverty, which I do not believe is compassionate in any manner what so ever, I would stand with you. Especially if what replaces what we have and promotes using the resources of the society and not the government to help people become productive citizens.

      You and others have mentioned that when you subsidize something you get more of it. I agree, but the question I have here what are we subsidizing with this program that we are not currently subsidizing. Out of wedlock pregnancy, that cannot be it because we already are doing that for those that are involved. Drug abuse, again that cannot be it because that is already being done. What is that additional thing that this program will subsidize that is not currently being subsidized in the current system? I must be missing it because I can not see it.

      What I do see that will be subsidized is having family members step up when the parent(s) of a child loses or gives up their parental rights. To me, that is a better thing in most cases then what we are currently subsidizing, putting those children with strangers and cutting them off from all the family and history that they know.

      So the question really comes down to this. You have a child that parents can not or will not take care of. The state is willing to spend let’s say $500 a month, most likely more, to place that child with a family. Now would you rather the state place that child and the $500 dollars with a stranger or with a family member, with the given, that the family member is not a threat to the child? Personally, I would say the family member.

      I believe it was Sandy that suggested that the family member become part of the foster care system. My experiences show why that might not be a viable situation.

      The first time my wife got the children under a temporary custody, it was the Friday before Easter. She called me sometime that afternoon and told me that the children’s mother had signed them over to her temporarily and they were going to be at my house that night. We were not even married at that point, our wedding and honeymoon were scheduled for the next Month. We had no beds for them or anything. I spent time after work getting two of those soft chairs that folded out into beds and Easter Baskets. There was no time to get qualified in the foster care system to take care of them.

      We turned them back over to her shortly before our wedding and honeymoon, I do not know what we would have done if she had not gotten stable enough for that short period of time. But they were back in our custody shortly after that. Then school was to start, and their mom pushed to get the kids back. We had no documented evidence that we felt we could use to challenger her, so we let them go back to start school.

      It was shortly after that, that their mom gave us all we needed to keep custody, and that was the only time social services got involved in the case. The rest was just family court as she kept trying to get back custody until she shot enough holes in her feet that even her own lawyer was against her.

      There just was not the time to go through all the paperwork and bureaucracy to become foster parents to take those 2 kids in. Even if there had been, I would not have put up with it. We would, we could, and we did do it on our own with family help, and that is the way it should be. But in the destructive way our society is structured, that is hard to do.

      So if the state is going to take my money, give it to someone to take care of a child whose parents are not capable of taking care of them. And I have a choice of that child going with a family member, or a stranger. I will pick the family member.

  5. Alison Caliendo says:

    KinGap is a fantastic program that allows children who cannot be safely with their parents to STAY OUT of the foster care system with strangers and ensures that relatives providing care have the support to ensure children thrive. Kinship care saves taxpayers billions each year (Generations United, 2017). Ensuring vulnerable children stay with the family, out of the system, and have some support is a win win win-both in the short term and long term.

  6. Chris Peace says:

    Bob, again you are wrong just like you would rather have Northern Virginia run the state with your direct referendum proposals. Using Sandy’s syntax, I have very grave concerns about that scenario. Maybe one day you will decide to actually run for office and see whether you can get a majority of people to support your agenda.

    Regarding HB1333 which is carried by Republican Emily Brewer, it is important in any legislative action that we weigh the needs for change against continuing the status quo. I take very seriously my responsibility to support change only when change is absolutely necessary. In the case of protecting children I find that regardless of our political party we must take immediate steps now to help our young people placed in foster care to exit this system into families that can support their recovery and developmental needs. These children are depending on us to do the right thing…no matter what our political or community position. I am writing to offer some explanation about the program that may not be apparent on the face of the legislative summary. This legislative initiative is grounded in sound research that helps large systems move children out of foster care and into families while also retaining some of the supports the may children need to heal from the effects of abuse and neglect.

    The Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program (KinGap) is vital to the health and development of children and families in Virginia. If I did not believe that this was an important child protective service, then I would not have worked to ensure the legislation was written in such a way that protects not only the children and their right to live within their families of origin; but, also safeguards the valuable and limited resources of our taxpayers. For example, when Illinois implemented this program they saved taxpayers $2,294 per child even though the relatives received support for meeting the health and developmental needs of the children. With the facts about taxpayer savings and improved outcomes for children that came out of the national pilots, President Bush signed the bipartisan legislation that permitted states the flexibility to utilize KinGap as a means for decreasing the number of children growing up in foster care.

    It is important to note that KinGap applies ONLY to children who are currently in the foster care system. Research across the country documents that our nation’s children in foster care have higher levels of behavioral and emotional challenges; are at higher risk of academic failure; have higher overall health conditions; and are at greater risk of developmental and neurological impairment as a result of their abuse or neglect, especially stemming from parental drug use. KinGap is necessary in order for relatives to have the vital resources they need to bring the child back to full emotional and developmental health. The legislative ensures that there is an assessment process prior to moving forward with any KinGap arrangement for a child that the financial and service supports of government are absolutely necessary. In some cases, the children may need the financial support that comes from foster care, but more often than not they are in need of the mental and physical health services related to healing from the trauma of abuse or neglect.

    In 2017, our General Assembly passed a resolution that we would work tirelessly to support government efforts to build trauma-informed communities. KinGap is one means for building a trauma-informed approach to helping children exit foster care while retaining healthy relationships with their family of origin. KinGap does this with the same or less amount of funding as we offer non-family members who step up to adopt children from foster care.

    The KinGap legislative initiative is written with the full intent of reducing the demands on government for serving as the forever parent of children who have been abused or neglected. I think we can all agree that government does not have the capacity to raise children. The children of our communities need to be raised by families. They need to be raised by families that are equipped to help them recover from the trauma that has impacted their physical, emotional, and developmental health.KinGap, quite simply, gives the foster care workers another tool in their toolkit for helping children exit foster care in a healthy and productive manner.

    KinGap offers hope to our work of protecting children. KinGap offers a vision of a family-focused system of care for children in foster care. KinGap offers a family-oriented means for children to forever leave the foster care system in the arms of their own family.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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