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Democrats Response To McDonnell Transportation Plan Exposed As Dishonest Out Of Context Statement

The Democrats response to the well laid out plan, that includes funding of Virginia’s transportation needs was rapidly met with a pack of Democratic distortions and out of context quotes. If they spent half the time they did working on the response on a plan of their own, they would be far better off.

Using a quote from March 26, 2008, the DPVA stated:

“‘I don’t have a particular plan or vision,’ said McDonnell when queried yesterday in a conference call with reporters on how he would fix the 2007 transportation plan gutted last month by the Virginia Supreme Court.” (Richmond Times Dispatch, 3/26/08)

Many would fail to see the date of the quote, picking up only on the word yesterday.

But the real deception comes from the parts they left out, like the headline: McDonnell defers to legislators and the rest of the quote:

McDonnell, who as the state’s top lawyer defended the package against a legal challenge initiated by a fellow Republican, Del. Robert G. Marshall of Prince William, said it is up to the General Assembly to repair the plan.

Also omitted was the following:

The state Supreme Court threw out as illegal a provision of the transportation plan – modified by Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine with the consent of the then-GOP controlled legislature – that would allow an unelected regional authority in Northern Virginia to impose taxes to finance bonds for highways and mass transit.
“I was not consulted on those amendments,” McDonnell said of the governor’s revisions.

And when asked in March, 2008, over a year away from the Republican Convention if he had a transportation plan, McDonnell replied “Do I have my own transportation plan right now? No, I don’t.” And it would have been obsoleted by the current economic conditions if he did have one.

The rest of the response by the Democrats makes one wonder if they bothered to read Bob McDonnell’s plan. He proposes using savings from privatizing the Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Looking at other states’ experience in privatizing the distribution and retail aspect of alcohol sales and ABC’s annual profits, we estimate that Virginia could receive at least $500 million in the near term. A study conducted by the Reason Foundation for divesting Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board found that privatizing could result in approximately $1.7 billion dollars from the initial divestiture proceeds.

The Democrats somehow see this as taking money away from school children. Only in the convoluted sense that money not spent on schools, and used for other budgetary items, is taking money from schools. The other absurd bullet points the Democratic responce included used the same ridiculous logic.

Their final point was beyond bizarre. It claims McDonnell plans to sell the “Port of Virginia” and use the proceeds to fund roads instead of schools. How they get that out of the plan’s text is beyond me.

The concept of reinvesting 30% of the future state tax revenues generated by the port directly into transportation improvements in Hampton Roads will provide jobs for the local economy, allow the port to reach its full potential, provide economic benefits to the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, and finally, will not burden our citizens with additional taxes for transportation. As Governor Bob McDonnell will submit legislation to capture revenue growth for economic activity around Virginia’s port and invest it to transportation. This revenue will be specifically used for Hampton Roads projects and deposited into a regional account.

The Democrat’s plan seems to be to do nothing, but try to find ways to make it look like Bob McDonnell is taking money from schools.

I think the one big thing the Democrat “plan” misses is that the transportation plan Bob McDonnell has proposed also benefits the schools. You need good, safe roads and bridges to get to and from school, correct? Perhaps the only school children that will not benefit from the transportation plan are home schoolers. But I assume these are not the school children the Democrats are talking about.

A word of advice to the Democratic Party of Virginia. How about you come up with your own plan as comprehensive, all encompassing and actually fiscally sound and we can compare and contrast your plan with Bob’s plan.

Until then, you really don’t have a lot of credibility on the matter, do you?

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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