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DID PM CAMERON split the EU? UKIP’s the ultimate answer (including Feltham & Heston the next by-election)!

I am well aware that several days ago, UK PM David Cameron vetoed the increase in power/loss of sovereignty fiscal provisions proposed for the EU. This proposal was nothing short of turning the sovereign nations of the EU into states.  It proves my “Tweedledee/Tweedledum” theory of most of the major European political parties.

I have been severe in my criticism of PM Cameron.  But I applaud him this time.  He did try to repatriate some powers, was rebuffed, and then vetoed the fiscal treaty plans.  European libertarians should be grateful.  The Prime Minister may have split the EU and that’s a good thing.

BUT, pressure will be placed on Cameron to go along.  He is still not trustworthy.  But the people of the UK have a choice:  UKIP!

PS:  There is a by election December 15 (Isn’t that what’s great about politics!  There’s always an election somewhere!) in the district of Feltham & Heston and UKIP has a candidate:  Andrew Charalambous.  Here’s more and more on this election!  The UKIP might have a small chance:

UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate Andrew Charalambous is currently riding high as the bookies’ third favourite to win the Labour seat of Feltham & Heston.

The Guardian sees a small upset in that UKIP might beat LibDems for third place.  But read this:

If there is going to be any kind of upset it might happen if David Cameron gets into serious negotiating trouble at this weekend’s crisis EU summit in Brussels. Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel may not be thinking much about the Feltham and Heston byelection. But the candidates will all be watching them.

I would say Cameron got into serious trouble in Brussels.  We’ll see if the Guardian might be right next Thursday!  UKIP’s a great vote, protest or otherwise!  Here’s Charalambous’s website!  He’s a barrister (I like him already!) and an entrepreneur.  Here’s a quote I like too:

“More importantly, the only party which is willing to liberate the British people from the chains of the European Union. It is a great honour to be standing for UKIP and I will use every bit of I energy I possess to campaign tirelessly to give UKIP its first MP in Westminster.
“I have stood for parliament before and I know the effort required. Previously, I stood as a Conservative, but that party has let everybody down which is why I am now standing for UKIP. The Tories are now completely detached from the British people. They failed to give us the referendum that they promised on our EU membership which is now costing us in excess of £50million everyday.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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