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This comment in the Guardian by Leo McKinstry basically says that there are millions of disaffected voters from both the Tories and Labour and they can go to UKIP.  In fact UKIP votes are more firm than a voter for one of the three major parties (if you can call the LibDems a major party, when they poll in the single digits!) and this is not going away:

For voters now have a real alternative to the fashionable, destructive orthodoxy of the three main parties. The phenomenal rise in support for Ukip shows the strength of the public’s disillusion with a failing establishment. The latest poll, published at the weekend, shows Ukip on 21 per cent, far ahead of the Liberal Democrats on just six per cent, and just five points behind the Tories.


Ukip’s surge is a disaster for the Conservatives. Cameron once described Farage’s party as a gang of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” but his offensive insult has backfired, with Ukip now almost on level terms with the Tories. In its sneering condescension, Cameron’s language encapsulated the arrogance of the progressive metropolitan elite. But it is precisely that patronising attitude which has done so much damage not only to the fabric of our country but also to the standing of the Tory party.


Yet Labour shouldn’t be complacent about Ukip’s growth. It was telling that in the county council elections Ukip performed most strongly in traditional Labour areas. It’s hardly a surprise, given that it’s the working class, once backbone of the Labour movement, that has suffered most from mass immigration, the elite being insulated by their wealth.

These abandoned voters are hardly going to be won back by Miliband, who clings to the elitist progressive agenda.

This is a radical political realignment.  It is as if the mythical US political party, the Tea Party, was taking voters from both the Democrats and the GOP in forming a new political movement.  The last time this happened in Great Britain was the rise of the Labour Party in the 1920s.  (The modern Conservative Party also dates from about 1922.)  The last time in the USA was before the so-called Civil War (actually unconstitutional war of northern aggression) with the rise of the Republican Party.  It’s like a supernova in our galaxy.  It almost never happens.  The Guardian writer admits as such!

Whatever the outcome in 2015, Ukip has already transformed politics. The old parties can no longer suppress debates about immigration and the EU.

That’s right.  All UKIP needs now is a platform to show that people will be happier and more prosperous without the EU and an ad campaign worthy of the NO side in Chile.  This defeat to the globalists and the superempire will be massive.  Let’s pray that happens.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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