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Don’t Pay It Forward, Mr. Hazzard; Pay It Back

Letter to the Editor:

Don’t Pay It Forward, Mr. Hazzard; Pay It Back
In a recent article, South Anna District Supervisor Wayne Hazzard explained that he was running for elected office because he wants to “pay it to forward”.  Actually, many taxpayers in Hanover don’t want Mr. Hazzard to pay it forward. We want him to pay it back….pay back the $52 million in developers’ fees (proffers) that the county has lost because Mr. Hazzard and his cronies on the Board of Supervisors (Mr. Peterson and Mr. Via) eliminated  them without creating another revenue source in their place. In the year since that vote, the county has already rezoned away (taken off the books) more than $31 million of that $52 million in “pre-existing proffers”. According to county administration figures, Mr. Hazzard himself owns land with more than $400,000 in pre-existing proffers.
So, please, Mr. Hazzard, don’t pay it forward. Pay it back. Otherwise, it will be the taxpayers who get stuck paying for new schools, libraries, parks and other facilities needed to support the explosion of new development in Hanover County.

Toni Radler

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

37 Responses to “Don’t Pay It Forward, Mr. Hazzard; Pay It Back”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Yet another example of why vetting these candidates is so vitally important. I was in attendance at a number of Mr. Hazzards appearances during the campaign prior to his election. Among the promises of spending cuts and getting Hanover County government “lean and mean” I don’t recall Mr. Hazzard ever mentioning Proffer reductions even once.

    It should be a lesson for those in the TEA Party that wet all over themselves with this guy not to make assumptions that any candidate coming into their meetings making promises can be expected to keep them once elected.

    Vetting candidates starts with an honest assessment over the candidates qualifications and background. If I have learned anything over the last 6 years we must stop electing to local government two specific types of people. The first is those connected to the development/building/contractor/real estate trades. If it wasn’t obvious in the past if should be now that these types of almost incestuous relationships never serve the public good.

    The other type we must avoid is those who have been civil servants or lifetime employees of government. They have spent their entire working lifetimes insulated by a bubble , ensuring them annual pay raises, Cadillac benefit pension and healthcare plans , and as such have no reservations at doling out annual salary increases to school and public sector employees as if taxpayers pockets are bottomless. I have watched it over and over, regardless of current economic circumstances they act as if the public sector is somehow immune from reality.

    Lastly it should be instructive to the “hero worshippers” in the TEA Party to stop this nonsense of elevating any politician to some sort of celebrity status, often times no sooner that them being sworn in. Mr. Hazzard has not kept the promises he made in 2010-11 and as such is unworthy of keeping his seat on the BOS, let alone elevation to the G.A where he could do immense harm.
    Bob Shannon

  2. Kim Singhas says:

    Mr. Shannon is absolutely correct- Not once did I ever hear Mr. Hazzard say he planned to eliminate Proffers Taxes for the developers in Hanover County during his many campaign stump speeches throughout 2011. What a Bait and Switch Candidate. The $19,500 Proffers served as a passive resistance to high density housing in Hanover County. Nor did Mr. Hazzard campaign on changing the Comprehensive Plan to 15 unit per acre housing in South Anna in the form of Mixed Use Zoning. Did anyone know he was going to appoint his long time business partner Larry Leadbetter to the Hanover County Planning Commission to achieve rezoning South Anna?

    The tax hawks in Hanover County were completely snookered by this candidate. The Hanover County Board of Supervisors have lobbied the Virginia House of Delegates for the past two years for local taxing authority to raise taxes in Hanover County such as a meals tax without a referendum.

    “Taxation without Representation” and Mr. Hazzard is no Tea Party candidate.

    What he did run on was the fact that Elton Wade earned $30,000 a year as a school crossing guard while earning $25,500 as a Supervisor- in effect being his own boss because the Board appoints the school board and they in turn appoint the Superintendent.

    Once Elected to the Board of Supervisors- Mr. Hazzard told me personally when I questioned him on his campaign pledge: ” I can’t do anything about Elton, he is a Republican and I need his vote.”

    Now that Mr. Hazzard is the chairman of the Hanover Board of Supervisors and his best buddy Larry Leadbetter is his Planning Commissioner, and his Hometown Realty Real Estate Agent Hank Lowry is slated to be the next Chairman of the Hanover County School Board, I understand Perfectly that the voters of Hanover County have been DUPED.

    The voters of Hanover County probably never counted on this much ” Coziness” running Hanover County.

  3. E. Marshall Buckles says: My understanding is that Toni Radler worked for years for what was previously named the “Christian Children’s Fund”. Over the years questions have been raised about that organization, their financial accountability and so forth. I have to wonder why she would have been associated with such an organization for so long. Also, from what I have read about Toni Radler, she seems to me to be an Obama lover liberal. She ran for Delegate and lost, thankfully, here in conservative leaning Hanover County. I would think that should have been a message to her that she would be more suitable for the City of Richmond or one of the liberal northern Virginia areas, or maybe even for Chicago, than she is for Hanover County. Personally, if such positions were elected here, I would not vote for Radler for dog catcher or for sewage sludge shoveler. I know County Supervisor Hazzard to be a good, upstanding person who has been serving Hanover County well. He apparently now plans to run for reelection to the Board of Supervisors. He has my vote, my wife and daughter tell me that they want to vote for him too. Meanwhile, I suggest that Ms. Radler move to the City of Richmond, to the City of Alexandria or to the City of Chicago, IL or perhaps to apply for a job with the White House where she will be more at home among her ilk.

    • Tom White says:

      I am not sure what Ms. Radler’s political leanings or her past associations have to do with this issue. Hazzard’s vote cost us all money regardless of politics.

      • E. Marshall Buckles says:

        What I am wondering about, in regard to Ms. Radler, is if she is hoping to seem a bit more conservative, as well as attempting to discredit a Republican, in hopes of a second political run for office and/or in hopes of paving the way for one of her more liberal cronies to get into office. If the liberals manage to find a way to get into Hanover County offices and General Assembly seats, etc., it is going to cost us all one heck of a lot more money than anything Mr. Hazzard has done will cost us. You seem to me to be a good man, Mr. White, yet please think things through a bit more carefully and try to not be an unwitting tool for the liberals. And when walking through the grass, in Hanover County, be careful and watch out for rattlers, er, uh, Radlers. ;>

    • John Dixon says:

      Mr. Buckles employees a fallacious attack on Mrs. Radler- associating her political party as means to undermine her credibility. Mr. Buckles was ejected from Hanover Residents Group Facebook for employing the same Alinsky strategy against the Tea Party using the disgusting epithet “Teabaggers”.

      • E. Marshall Buckles says:

        John, you are supposed to be a churchman. Quit being, IMHO, a JERK. You have more to do with people like Alinsky than I do although I don’t think that either of us could realistically be associated with that jerk. Also, you did NOT eject me from the Hanover Residents Group Facebook page, I LEFT it because YOU were acting like Der Dictator. Last I heard, the First Amendment, which provides for freedom of speech, is in effect. Also, since when did you become good buddies with Toni Radler? Have you become a liberal? Of course, I doubt that yet why are you defending her? Interesting that you would use the name Alinsky. As for the proffers, mentioned above, some people do argue that they are not constitutional and interfere with property rights. I’ll leave that to the lawyers to argue yet it has been suggested.

        • John Dixon says:

          You were ejected for using the word “Teabagger”. A expletive you use regularly on Facebook and other Social Media- You are outed here as being a Bitter Clinging Cantorite that sees nothing outside of R or D as if we still lived in a time where that would pass.
          You were wrong on the Tea Party, you were wrong on Dave Brat and you are wrong for shilling here.

          I do not know Radler and the only one here attempting to make an issue of free speech is you.

          • E. Marshall Buckles says:

            NO, John, you did NOT eject me, I LEFT YOUR FORUM. And, so it seems to me, you DO seem to have a problem with free speech.

  4. Jim Ellis says:

    As an independent (from the left) candidate for supervisor in 2011, I can tell you that when the Richmond realty PAC interviewed me they asked if I would be open to a discussion about proffer reform. I assume the PAC asked this question of all candidates before it made its endorsements. I told them that the problem with proffers, in my opinion, was that they were a one-time shot of money for costs to taxpayers that go on indefinitely, but I was not aware of a better solution. However, I said, I would be open to a discussion. A DISCUSSION — not (as it turned out) a stacked committee proposing a taxpayer bailout to themselves and their cronies. Here is the most interesting thing I see: I also ran independent in 2007 in protest of the Comp Plan update content and process, where a couple of developers literally wrote the substance of the update and as far as I can tell, stood to gain financially by it. The letters and emails I see now coming from the right are identical to the letters and emails that were coming from the left in 2006 and 2007. If you hid the names on the letters and emails, you could not tell the difference. There are things on this site from time to time that I disagree with quite strongly. But it would be interesting to see what common cause could be made here, if any.

    • Tom White says:

      Jim, I think we have a bipartisan issue here and I would like to see some candidates run on reinstating the proffers. This county is now being run by developers and their cronies at great cost to the rest of us. I think there is support and momentum for a “Restore the Proffers” campaign.
      Tom White recently posted…Our Weasel Of The Week NomineesMy Profile

  5. Kim Singhas says:

    Mr. Buckles- You give Republicans in Hanover a bad name. Many of us are fiscal conservatives and want to enjoy the rural character of South Anna. Larry Leadbetter, Hazzard’s long time business partner at Express Electric and now Pro Con, Inc. and Va Specialty Doors told me
    ” Developers have the right to build anything they want on their property.” WE DIDN’T’ ELECT LEADBETTER- voters certainly didn’t know that we would be getting Chesterfielded when Hazzard was elected and appointed his BFF to the planning Commission. Of 10,000 voters in South Anna, Hazzard couldn’t appoint anyone but Leadbetter?

    Mr. Leadbetter shouldn’t have been appointed to the planning commission because clearly he didn’t understand the concept of “ZONING” when he was appointed. He was going to allow apartments to be built at Lake Ridge overshadowing the homes on Old Telegraph Road neighborhoods and high density housing on Holly Hill Road – What a disaster. We filled Elmont Elementary School 3 times to oppose them and the only reason they were defeated is because Supervisor Kelly Wiecek and Elton Wade change their votes and voted against them so she could pass Charleston Ridge Apts in her District a few months later for HER DEVELOPER DONORS.

    Mr. Hazzard owed $400,000 in proffers and voted to eliminate them without disclosing he owed them. He and Peterson appointed a member to the proffers committee from their team of campaign advisors ( I was at the meeting) from the HABCC who owed almost $400,000 in proffers on property in South Anna. This was an agenda for those two- only the voters weren’t in on it. It wasn’t until Ms. Radler revealed it to the County Attorney after the fact that the public became aware of the appearance of a conflict of interest by many members “appointed to the Proffers Committee” who owed proffers. One member of the committee owed $2 million. Guess how he voted Mr. Buckles?

    Having his real estate agent on the school board and his BFF Larry Leadbetter on the Planning Commission to manage a $392 million dollar budget and MILLIONS IN BONDS like the $44 million dollar courthouse whose board he appointed his campaign treasurer to is too Cozy for most people. One look at the 44 boards and commissions Hazzard appointed people to tells you he doesn’t represent all the citizens of South Anna- only those who will keep him in office and who worked to elect him.

    The citizens of Hanover County owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Mrs. Radler’s desire for transparency in Hanover County government where there has been none previously. Your personal assault on her career and membership in the democratic committee is outrageous. She was acting on behalf of all taxpayers in the county bringing into the open the facts of the situation- Hazzard voted to eliminate Proffers when he owed them without disclosing it Hidden in the LLC Diamond Group- Throwing away $52 million dollars and then raising taxes through property assessments affects ALL CITIZENS.

    You go right ahead and vote for Mr. Hazzard. You may be the only votes he gets in South Anna.

    And if you live in South Anna- please run for Supervisor and Defeat Wayne Hazzard in November.

    9998 people will vote for you.

  6. John Dixon says:

    Amazing that Mr. Buckles employes the red herring of Radler’s political party and her “trying to be more conservative” when he regularly bashes Conservatives as Teabagger’s on Facebook.
    A died in the wool ‘Bitter Cantorite” that could care less about principle and only about branding.

  7. Kim Singhas says:

    Mr. Buckles- since you are “Senior citizen” let me refresh your memory- let’s take a walk down memory lane…….

    Former Republican Hanover County Delegate for the 55th Frank Hargrove Sr. was a Democrat before he was thrown out of the Democratic Party- according to his daughter- then he became a Republican and so did a lot of other politicians when it became expedient to do so for the purposes of getting elected.

    Ms. Emma Lee Davenport ( a member of the Hanover Republican Committee in 2014 and a delegate to the 7th District convention – I was there and saw her) ran as a Democrat against Republican- later Independent candidate Supervisor Buckey Stanley in 1991 for Beaverdam Supervisor.

    Let me remind you that Hanover Supervisor Buckey Stanley – a Republican turned Independent turned back to Republican – was sentenced to jail in 1991 for failure to file quarterly employee tax returns and pay withheld funds to the IRS to whom he owed $16,450. He was also sentenced to probation for one year and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service by US Magistrate David G. Lowe. He was allowed to continue to serve as supervisor because a miracle was performed – according to Tom Harris HP News Editor 5-15-91, Stanley “faces up to nine years in Jail and a $900,000 fine if convicted of charges brought against him Monday by the US Attorney’s office.”

    He ran for supervisor and was re-elected and many of the Good Old Boy Republicans in Hanover County like Bill Bolling supported him. So your insults to Ms. Radler for being a democrat are laughable. Your own party in Hanover County is made up of Old Democrats and Jailbirds.

    It is your Republican Committee in Hanover County that you should examine with a microscope.

    Research it at Herald Progress 5-15-91, July 3, 1991 9-4 1991, 9-5-1991 ( Richmond Times Dispatch)

    Tom Harris, HP News Editor 9-11- 1991 wrote in his article –
    Quote: “Stanley is a thief because he stole his employees money and a liar because he lied to me and other Republicans on numerous times” – attributed to Former County GOP Chairman- John Eanes

  8. Kim Singhas says:

    Interpretation of conflict of interest and ethics law is very subjective:

    Look at Former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen’s convictions.

    They, along with their army of lawyers, never thought their Rolex Watch and ride in a Ferrari would ever be misconstrued as “unethical.”

  9. E. Marshall Buckles says:

    “Mr. Buckles- since you are “Senior citizen” let me refresh your memory- let’s take a walk down memory lane…….” OH, so now it’s age discrimination is it?! Well, to borrow a line from Reagan, “If you don’t hold my age and experience against me I won’t hold your youth and inexperience against you.” As for your comments: “Former Republican Hanover County Delegate for the 55th Frank Hargrove Sr. was a Democrat before he was thrown out of the Democratic Party” – well, that’s a GOOD thing! He should be very PROUD of that! I was raised in a (very conservative) Democrat household but I LEFT the Democrats (much like I left John’s Facebook group) because they seemed to me to have become increasingly whacky. The Democrats, nowadays, seem to me to be more of an amoral advanced socialistic party (you can ask your, I assume, good buddy Ms. Radler to explain that to you if you don’t understand). Also, I moved to Hanover in March of 1997 having previously lived in Henrico County from August of 1979 to March of 1997. What you have told me about Mr. Stanley is the first time I have heard of any of that and I did a lot of research about Hanover before I moved here. Evidently, I missed that item. Even so, Mr. Stanley seems to have managed to remain in office despite that situation (seems like I heard that he defeated John in a primary as well). As for anything which has been going on in Hanover County, although born in Bristol, VA, I was raised in Bristol, Tennessee and lived there until May 1978 when I was married in Bristol, VA and moved to Virginia to live with my wife. Tennessee, at that time, was in the clutches of Democrat Ray Blanton and his ilk (see the book “Marie” by Peter Maas and the movie “Marie”, starring Sissy Spacek and Fred Thompson if you want more information about that time). My wife and I had, for employment purposes – although if we’d known what was going on there, we’d never have moved there, lived in a southwestern Virginia county, run by the Democrats, from 1978 to 1979. The corruption in that county left anything which has gone on in Hanover, from what you are telling me, “in the dust”. Hanover comes out pretty good when compared to that garbage the Democrats in that southwestern Virginia county were doing back then. Due to reports about it (I won’t, for security reasons, mention from whom those came ;>), the Feds later, during the Reagan administration, did an extensive investigation of that county and it was kind of like turning on the lights and seeing the rats and roaches scurrying. A bunch of arrests and trials happened and some of those responsible went to Federal prison as did Tennessee’s Blanton although he later managed to wangle his release. Also, if Stanley managed to continue to serve as a County Supervisor and subsequently got probation and community service, sounds kind of like “par for the course” for a lot of politicians. I am not happy when politicians get involved in situations like that, however, there is a lot of debate about the pros and cons of the IRS and our tax code, about the pros and cons of proffers and about governmental ethics. These are all complicated issues, still in debate, and one needs to be careful about over simplifying. Also, apparently there is a lot of leeway for whom one appoints to boards and commissions, etc. when one has that power. There is debate about what should be and what should not be proper in regard to all that as well. As for my political situation, I am not currently a member of any party and I darn sure would not run for office at this point in time. Right now, being in elective political office seems to me to be like, if I may use the old saying, “being between a rock and a hard place” and being between the devil and the deep blue sea (the latter being inhabited by sharks, LOL). Allow me to say that if I ever did run for office (not likely) or was appointed to office, I would uphold the very highest ethical and legal standards. Lastly, and in conclusion, it does seem to me rather odd that you all would be upholding Ms. Radler as a paragon of virtue and being good buddies with her. So, are you all closet, liberal Democrats? As I respectfully suggested to Mr. White, you want to be careful that you don’t pave the way for the opposition to win as their unwitting tool. When you walk in the grass of Hanover County, be sure to watch out for the Radlers, uh, that is, rattlers! LOL! ;>

    • John Dixon says:

      What a bunch of poppycock. Buckles ridicules Conservatives all over FB and has the temerity to pretend to be one here. He is guilty of his own innuendo.

      • E. Marshall Buckles says:

        John, I do make a lot of political comments on the Internet, in various forums. I debate with liberals and if they saw your remarks above, they would be rolling in the floor, laughing about you trying to say that I am not a conservative. And I am not the one supporting Toni Radler who is a Democrat at least, last I heard when she ran as one and I voted against her.

        • John Dixon says:

          Toni Radler is not running for anything Marshall- or did we all miss something? Your position on Brat and the Tea Party states your position well enough. You supported Cantor- the guy who lost his seat for being Left of his district and who is raising big money for Jeb Bush who has stated he is going to channel LBJ as President.
          That’s your idea of ‘conservative” ?
          Your fallacious attempt to conflate truth with party affiliation escapes no one reading this thread.

          • E. Marshall Buckles says:

            I was just clearing out some old emails when I found one linking to this “discussion”. Here we are in mid-April. Two months later and, well, looks like Toni Radler IS running for the House of Delegates again. If anybody sees this, and if you don’t like the idea of high taxes and other liberal goals, I’d suggest voting for the Honorable Hyland “Buddy” Fowler for delegate this fall. Just sayin’, as they say nowadays. It also looks like Hillary is running for President. While I truly hope that somebody more conservative than JEB Bush becomes the Republican candidate, if it turns out that he is the GOP candidate, You’d better vote for him too unless you want four more years of an Obama style Presidency with Bill Clinton as “First Gentleman”. I don’t like the idea of someone “channeling” LBJ, I don’t want liberals in office for any position, yet, on the other hand, I don’t want to do things which seem to me to set up the possibility, the risk, of liberals, that is, an “uber liberal” like Hillary, winning after all.

  10. Kim Singhas says:

    Mr. Buckles- Your comments are all over the internet- this is clearly a serious hobby for you- attacking people for folly is a full time job?

    We researched you at you are listed as a political consultant/advisor and received payment from Frank Hargrove for those services – yet you didn’t know he was formerly a Democrat? You researched a citizen from Hanover County and attacked her for being a democrat? You are so busted as a hypocrit.

    Do you remember Eric Cantor? He called Dave Brat a “LIberal College Professor” and was defeated for it and then became one. In case you didn’t know, Eric now teaches at Harvard University- a Liberal College. We are still laughing- You told me Brat had no chance of ever defeating Cantor yet the day after he won the primary- you emailed me and asked for a Brat Yard Sign so everyone would think you supported him. You are an establishment operative.

    Stick to your Liberal blogs where you are a prolific commentator- you are out of your league at VA Right.

    • John Dixon says:


      • E. Marshall Buckles says:

        Bingo is a game, John, kind of like the ones you play, so it seems to me. ;> I have to wonder if you are playing a game with all this.

    • E. Marshall Buckles says:

      Yep, I did email you and ask for a Brat sign, the day after the primary, because Brat won the primary and was going to be the Republican candidate hence I was going to support the Republican, against the Democrat, and did in fact vote for Brat. You never sent a sign to me although you promised that you would. I seem to recall asking you a second time but, nope, no sign. So were you trying to “punish” me for not supporting Brat in the primary? You have a lot to learn about politics, so it seems to me. If someone turns from being against you and is then for you, you don’t (figuratively speaking) slit their throat unless, of course, you are a communist or Nazi or a member of ISIS, then, maybe you would. As for being a political consultant/advisor, as I explained to you in response to your private email, if sending out postcards one time makes me a political consultant, well, there are those who would differ with that but I don’t think that qualifies as being a political consultant. Also, regarding Cantor teaching at Harvard, yeah, a lot of people do that. A lot of newly appointed or elected office holders go there for this seminar about government they teach. And as I also explained to your inquiry, I am not now a political party member and have not been for at least two or three years now (might be longer). And if I should comment on a liberal blog, it is because I am arguing with liberals. Unlike you folks who make me feel like the Lone Ranger.

  11. John Dixon says:

    Payments from Hargrove for Delegate – Frank to Buckles, Marshall

    All Years 1 payments totalling $250:

    Amount Date Description
    $250 3/28/2005 Staff/Political Consultants

    So a paid political operative is presuming to employ the fallacy that one’s membership in a party precludes them from stating truth.

    • E. Marshall Buckles says:

      Yep, “busted”! LOL! Mr. Hargrove was running for reelection. I was briefly acquainted with him at the time. He seemed then and still seems to me to be a fine gentleman who served Hanover County well. He and his staff were busy with other matters. He asked me if I would mind to send out some “thank you” email cards to those who had signed his reelection petition. I did not have the money to do that so he gave me a check for $250 to buy supplies and wanted me to keep $50 for my time. I bought the postage and labels and so forth that I needed to do the job. MAN, there were a LOT of cards to send out! Anyway, I got ’em all done and mailed. I needed some medicine at the time so I used the $50 bucks (co-pay for a diabetes medicine I was taking at the time) to buy that. Mr. Hargrove had to report the money to the proper places so I show up as a political consultant/adviser. Back in the early 1970s, I did help a Bristol, Tennessee City Council Member go door to door for her reelection campaign, just handing out literature, but between that and Mr. Hargrove’s post card mailing I had not done any sort of political campaign activity and have not done any since then. Also, I don’t appreciate being called a liar, John, when I have not lied. Here again, you are supposed to be a churchman, a servant of Jesus Christ.

  12. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    This is an email from E. Marshall Buckles to a campaign volunteer for Dave Brat- his name came from a previous Hanover Republican Committee membership roster. Clearly he’s not a conservative-
    LOL as Mr Buckles would say.

    “Ma’am, I don’t know how I got on your email list but I would not vote for Dave Brat for dog catcher much less Congressman. My wife, daughter and I intend to vote for Eric Cantor. So should YOU. Sincerely, E. Marshall Buckles”

    • E. Marshall Buckles says:

      Well, hi there, “Mr. Green Jeans”. And best regards to Captain Kangaroo since I seem to be in a “kangaroo court” here. ;> And, yes, yes, I CONFESS! I DID say exactly that to Kim Singhas who kept sending emails to me demanding that I vote for Brat. She (I assume that Kim is a she, never have talked with that person or seen them in person) sent several emails. She/he said that she/he got my address from a Hanover Republican Committee email roster. I was, at one time, a nominal member. I think that I attended meetings four or five times or thereabouts. I have some medical problems so I ended up letting my membership lapse since I was largely house bound for a long time. I am, of course, not ashamed of having been a Hanover Republican member. Back after 2000, for a short while, I had a national (nominal) membership, a Virginia State Republican (nominal) membership and a Hanover (nominal) membership at the same time. CORRECTION to a statement made above – back in 2001, I did go down to the Mark Earley for Governor Headquarters and made some calls for Mark Earley’s campaign but that is the only time I have done that and it was on my own, not in connection with anybody else or anybody else’s campaign. And I did get an earful of hate when I reached Democrat households! And despite my reply to Ms/Mr Singhas’s emails, when Brat won the primary, I voted for Brat in the General Election and did offer to post a yard sign and bumper stickers on my cars but, alas, never received any despite promises that they would be provided. Tsk! As for those who have been posting here, I surely do wonder if you all are conservatives since you seem to like Toni Radler so much. I’ll bet you all have Obama posters on your walls at home do you not? LOL! ;>

  13. J. Hewlett says:

    I’ve read down through all the tit for tat and have yet to see Mr. Buckles actually state something factual here with regard to the claims in the post. All he has done is engage in ad hominem from one end to the other.

    Since when are ethics the property of either Republicans or Democrats?

    Was Jesus a Republican? Would he have approved of shifting taxes (proffers) from the working class to the wealthy? Did he not say “render unto Caesar”?

    If Mr. Buckles represents the defense he has sorely missed the target.

    • E. Marshall Buckles says:

      Well, if I have missed my target, so have the rest of the people here. Frankly, so far I have not seen anything which would give me the impression that the lot of you may be a bunch of closet liberal whackos or, if you are conservative, a bunch of extreme wingnuts who probably need to go back to school and take American Government 101. It seems to me that with friends like the lot of you, the Republicans don’t need enemies.

    • J. Hewlett says:

      The burden of the proffers now lays squarely on the residential base. As I recall it was claimed the elimination would bring down the cost of housing yet the County states the costs has risen 13%. Eliminating the proffers puts the tax burden squarely on residents. If the developers claimed the costs would go down but didn’t lower the price of their housing by $19.500.00 and pocketed it that’s a lot of motivation to transfer the burden to others.

  14. J. Hewlett says:

    More ad hominem from one who asks others if they are “churchman”!

  15. Scott says:

    Hanover County is fast becoming another Chesterfield due to the “leadership” of our county BOS, who have opened up Hanover to unbridled development by their campaign contributors. Mr. Hazzard is one of the leaders of this effort and, oh, by the way, it doesn’t hurt that it saves him $400,000 in fees. He also, along with the other supervisors Angela kelly and Canova Peterson, have asked the assembly for the ability to implement additional local taxes. This is not conservative, by any means. They said they were “conservative” repubs when running for election, but have turned out to be anything but.

  16. Robert Shannon

    Scott hit the head of the nail about as close as anyone so far. The comprehensive plan is a farce, a public joke and a bad one. If the Hanover BOS ( A.K.A the Developer Forum) has all of their folks in the right places, planning department, planning commission, the joke of the ” proffers board” ,made up itself of numerous folks who had a stake in the outcome , then the Comprehensive Plan becomes whatever they decide it is.

    Read my earlier comments again on the types of people who must be avoided when electing local office holders. They “played conservative” in order to dupe unsuspecting people in Hanover in order to falsely convey they intended to actually cut spending or shrink the ever bloating government that is now Hanover Counties single largest employer—that say’s all that needs said.

    The rest is simply silly.
    Bob Shannon


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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