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Drifty Boys at RINO Blog Bearing Drift Making Stuff Up About Dave Brat Again

Well, there they go again. The left wing Peanut Gallery slime balling Drifty Boys at Bearing Drift are once again trying to spread their left handed spin attempting to make people believe Dave Brat is a Liberal College Professor again.

Supposedly, their internal RINO class spy machine is “hearing” echos that Dave Brat is secretly a closet Liberal RINO like the Drifty Boys in the mold of their fallen hero Eric Cantor.

Well, unlike that RINO Blog, when we here at Virginia Right! want to know what is happening in the Dave Brat camp, we don’t put glasses to our ear on the bathroom doors, we simply reach out with a rather new invention called email. (I am pretty sure the Sand Box that the Drifty Boys play in is equipped with at least a Blackberry.)

Here is a news flash. Unlike Eric Cantor, Dave Brat actually responds to questions. You don’t have to rely on the rumor mill. If you want to know if Congressman Brat is supporting Paul Ryan in some super secret hush hush plot to back-stab his supporters, all you have to do is ask.

And I will be honest. I was almost embarrassed to have to ask such a silly question because Dave has answered it numerous times. Like this article for instance.

But I asked. And here is Dave’s response:

“The only way my vote changes is if Ryan signs my 10 commitments. I’m voting for Webster in conference and on the floor.”


And just so the Drifty Boys will know the 10 commitments Brat is referring to:


1. Facilitate a budget that balances within 10 years and seek to enforce it through the authorizing and appropriations process.

2. Encourage committees to advance market-driven health care reforms to replace the Affordable Care Act.

3. Support policies that secure the border and enable interior enforcement while opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

4. Urge all committees to advance agendas based on limited government, economic opportunity, and fiscal responsibility.

5. Enforce the rule of law and separation of powers against executive (presidential) overreach.


6. Seek reforms of the Republican Conference Rules so leadership committees better represent the American people.

7. Adhere to the majority-of-the-majority principle for bringing legislation to the floor.

8. Support changes to the budget process to promote fiscal responsibility, particularly regarding mandatory programs (70% of current spending).

9. Empower committee members to choose chairs and craft reform legislation without fear of retaliation.

10. Broaden opportunities to offer amendments and legislation on the House floor with full debate.

And I have to say to the Drift Boys, your boy Eric Cantor sure knows how to make himself look like a complete idiot. I got a big laugh reading his whining to the European’s about how 23,000 Democrats crossed over to vote for him.

First and foremost, that is complete rubbish. Cantor lost the grassroots who are tired of a Congressman who was all talk and no action. And when we did get action, it was the opposite of his talk.
But really! After untruthfully calling Dave Brat a Liberal College Professor you don’t get to blame your loss on liberals that voted for the guy you said was a liberal.
You guys at BD need to read “How to Bag a RINO”. Available here.
And how about you actually check with the source before you spread bad information. Dave Brat is not Eric Cantor. He will actually respond.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

38 Responses to “Drifty Boys at RINO Blog Bearing Drift Making Stuff Up About Dave Brat Again”

  1. Daryl Carr says:

    I do not read that blog at all. They have no credibility, and resort to saying ” we hear” as gospel.

  2. Paula Smith says:

    Everybody knows BD us ALL BS!

  3. Susan Lascolette

    Good job Tom. If anybody wants to know what Dave is doing, all they have to do is attend one of his numerous town halls and they can ask him face-to-face.

    We have never had such good representation in the district.

    Thank you for standing up for Dave who is standing up for us.

  4. Looks like Dave was lying directly to at least two members of Comgress about his support for Paul Ryan, then. Because that was our source. Not surprising, given Brat’s lack of integrity.

    Glad to know we are still living rent free in your head, Tom. That means there’s something in there besides racism and bad song lyrics.
    Brian Schoeneman recently posted…CBO scores Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015My Profile

    • Tom White says:

      Brian – You need to stop lying. Everyone knows you are a 3 time loser. Or is it 4? Your ineptitude cost the Republicans the AG office and you have absolutely no credibility. We are all laughing at you silly bitter Cantor clingers.

      You blocked me for trying to tell you idiots the truth that Brat was not a liberal college professor. And I call you out once again because you prefer to slime people with a pack of lies to checking your sources.
      The truth is strikingly absent from your pay for play blog.

      Pick up the phone or send Dave an email. Journalism 101. But of course there is no journalism from you Drifty Boys. Just shillism.

      Crawl back under your rock. Nobody likes you anyway.
      Tom White recently posted…PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Brat Votes to Protect Access To Affordable Retirement Investment AdviceMy Profile

      • You got blocked because you accused us of trading favorable coverage for money – it was easier to block you than sue you, which is what I wanted to do, but the rest of the Board didn’t think you had any money, so it was worthless.

        You’re still saying that though, so maybe I can get them to change their minds. Only a truly pathetic man would attack anybody for running for office. But we all knew that.

        Do me a favor – when you come to my house to burn a cross with the rest of your buddies, can you do it in the backyard? We just laid new sod in the front.

        Brian Schoeneman recently posted…CBO scores Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015My Profile

        • Tom White says:

          Nope. You were the one that said that on your blog. You told me how Bearing Drift was a corporation owned by another corporation and you were in business to make money. Were you lying then?

          The truth is, you banned me because I was setting your false narrative straight. And the thing is, I wasn’t talking to you or about you. That thread was Norm.

          And if anyone is going to burn crosses it would be you far left wing liberals. The KKK was and is a Democratic organization. It was Conservatives like me that ended cross burning and racism.

          And thanks for the mental image. A dirt bag like you sodding his yard. that’s funny. But then, you are nothing but a joke. That’s why I like to toy with your mini mind. Lol. Douche.
          Tom White recently posted…PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Brat Votes to Protect Access To Affordable Retirement Investment AdviceMy Profile

          • We never said that, and our “about us” page specifically states: “Bearing Drift does not solicit, accept or otherwise receive any funding from political campaigns or candidates for public office in exchange for favorable coverage, unfavorable coverage of opponents, or silence on issues of the day. All posts on the site reflect the personal opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of Virginia Line Media LLC, its owners or other Bearing Drift contributors. Bearing Drift no longer issues endorsements of candidates for public office, although individual contributors may do so. All Bearing Drift contributors are required to disclose any financial relationships with candidates or campaigns they are affiliated with and failure to do so is grounds for removal from contributor status.”

            That’s been there since before you started with your nonsense.

            You got banned for that claim, and that claim only. We have plenty of Brat fans on the site who love to argue with us, and they do so without defaming the site and our contributors, so they get to stay. If you want to place nice, I’m fine with unbanning you so you can demonstrate how little you know over there. Just let me know.

            It’s a shame that Terrence is gone and you’re still here.

          • Tom White says:

            WE didn’t say it. YOU said it. You deleted the comments, but I have the emails. And if you changed you policies or makeup, I am glad you saw the error of your ways. Now try to be honest about Dave Brat. He was the winner. But you are still a loser.

            But your death threat just got you banned. Congratulations on being the first to be banned from Va Right. But I will not tolerate death threats.
            Tom White recently posted…PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Brat Votes to Protect Access To Affordable Retirement Investment AdviceMy Profile

  5. Curt Diemer says:

    Best comment thread I\’ve read all year. I would have banned Brian Skoneface long ago.

  6. Joe Cacciotti says:

    Brian Schoeneman,

    Where or who is the source for this misinformation (lies) about Dave Brat? From Eric Cantor? Lin wood Cobb? Boyd Marcus? Yourself?

  7. Holy shit, Tom White ended racism? Good to know!

  8. I am appalled that Brian Schoeneman would use Terrence’s name in such a manner. It’s horrible and certainly not something that Terrence would ever have approved of. It hurts my heart to see his name used like this. The dear man hasn’t even been buried and his name is used in this terrible way. SHAME on Brian! SHAME!

    Thank you for continuing to post the truth about our fine Congressman Dave Brat. He makes us proud everyday on Capitol Hill. He needs our support, their are so few like him on The Hill.
    Jeanine Martin recently posted…Gecker on GunsMy Profile

  9. Paula Smith says:

    Something is amiss with this guy Schoeneman.

    He writes an untrue negative blog about Dave Brat using to unknown anonymous sources even though he has a direct line to Dave Brat himself in which he could have gotten Brat to confirm or deny.

    Schoeneman conducts business just like Cantor. Forunately, both are has-beens!

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