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Election Eve Excitement for Indy Candidates!

It is election eve and I (Sandy) can say excitement is building on what may be first, most comprehensive coverage of indy candidates – especially the statewide ones for the three major third parties:  Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties.

It is virtually certain the LP will be the runaway winner of the most votes but will there be enough for ballot access in these eight states (hat tip to Nicholas Sarwark and the LP via an email sent to many others):

Ohio – Travis Irvine – will he get 3 percent in his race for Governor?  If so the state party will save up to $200k in re-petitioning to get ballot access.  This Baldwin Wallace University poll has Irvine at 4.1 percent.

New Hampshire – Jilletta Jarvis for Governor can keep ballot access for the LP in NH if she gets 4 percent.

New York – the LP can get ballot access if their gubernatorial candidate (Larry Sharpe) gets 50,000 votes.  That is a first.  Ballot access could mean the flag of liberty could be unfurled in the 2021 NYC Mayor’s race!

Iowa – Jake Porter is the LP nominee for Governor.  If he gets 2 percent (TWO Stinking percent!); the LP will keep the ballot access that they earned due to Gary Johnson’s Presidential run.  Two articles on Porter here and here.  Check out this Porter summary in the Gazette:

Porter said he would like to see the candidates focus on budget reforms, spending priorities and eliminating “corporate welfare” and leveling the playing field for all businesses. He also supports criminal justice reform, including substance abuse treatment rather than prison time for those who commit “victimless” crimes, and giving Iowans local control of schools and livestock confinements — issues that he believes affect their daily lives more than individual candidates’ tax returns or decisions made at Younkers department stores 30 years ago.

Pleased to see corporate welfare or what I call crony capitalism come up.

Indiana – Mark Rutherford who serves on the state’s Public Defender Commission (He’s okay by me!) is running for Secretary of State and for some obscure reason this is the ballot access race.  Rutherford needs only 2%.  So if you can’t vote Brenton, at least vote Rutherford!  It would be good for 2020 and 2022.

Michigan – The Gelinau/Thomas team is first G/LG team from a third-party to get ballot status.

For a Michigan political party to retain major-party status through 2020, one of its statewide candidates must get at least five percent of the number of votes cast for the winning 2018 Secretary of State candidate.

If this team or any other LP statewide candidate gets (according to the LP) five percent of the vote, they keep ballot access until 2020.

Oklahoma – If either Chris Powell (Governor) or John Yeutter (State Auditor) gets 2.5 percent – the LP gets ballot access in a state otherwise before very difficult to get ballot access for 2020!

Connecticut – Rod Hanscomb is running for Governor and if he gets one percent – the next gubernatorial LP nominee in 2022 will have ballot access!  First time in five election cycles.

Now our handy-dandy LP pre-coverage post got six of the eight correct and I’ll re look at Michigan.  I read this as one percent.  I did not cite the percentage for New Hampshire.  Of course the ballot access info came from the Winger handy-dandy chart!  But we’ll be watching these races.

Let’s not forget:  Matt Waters needs TEN STINKING PERCENT!  (Please notice that these other states are not going to heck in a handbasket with reasonable ballot access laws!)

And the Greens will get ballot access in the Hoosier State also with George Wolfe, their Secretary of State candidate, gets that two percent.

Maryland (Ian Schlakman and Rev. Annie Chambers for G/LG), Massachusetts (Jamie Guerin for State Treasurer) and Michigan – Sherry Wells who is seeking a seat on the Michigan State Board of Education – (as well as the Green AG candidate in Connecticut, Peter Goselin) can get ballot access.  Howie Hawkins only needs the 50,000 votes in NY Governor’s race for the Green Party line.

It’s one percent in MD, three percent in MA and MI is uncertain.  I disagree with the Greens on many issues but they have a voice and it needs to be heard.

The Constitution Party’s nominee for Colorado State Treasurer can win ballot access for the entire party if Amanda Campbell gets 1% of the vote for her office.

Missouri CP is running for State Auditor – two percent will do it.

Utah – CP ought to get the ballot access with Tim Aaiders for US Senate

Ditto for Wisconsin (Terry Larson for AG) and Wyoming (Rex Rammell for G and Daniel Cummings).

We’ll be watching…might be a long night…why did I do this again?  Public service?  Yes.  Root for the underdog?  You bet!  Showing off?  Perhaps more of that!  Unfortunately The Humble Libertarian is taken!

Gideon Oakes (state senate district 30 in SD) reports from the field:

Pretty quiet here on the Western front. Been sign blitzing today with our leftover yard signs. Saving some for sign waving tomorrow. Got GOTV calls going on tonight and tomorrow. Not much else to report. 🙂

Brandon Phinney, NH state representative and LP nominee, had this election eve report:

I did talk to a lady today who had a very excited reaction to hearing that I was a Libertarian and not a Republican (!)

I am excited about tomorrow!

Late Breaking news from Arizona!  LP national chair Nicholas Sarwark, running in the officially non-partisan Mayor’s race just reported very encouraging coverage at the polls that will close 10 PM EST!

#TeamSarwark will be out in force tomorrow at the polls in Phoenix. We will have all of the busiest and about 1/4th of the remaining polling locations staffed with friendly greeters.

If no one gets 50% (I say, just a guess but I stand by it, no one will get 50%) the top two run off in March!  (Why so long?)



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