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Eric Cantor “Let’s Solve Immigration Crisis I Created with ‘Kids Act’ By Caving In to Obama’s Amnesty Plan”

Eric Cantor Made This

Eric Cantor Made This!

Eric Cantor is either incredibly stupid or he believes you are.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The fact is, Eric Cantor is under orders from the US Chamber of Commerce to pass amnesty and throw America’s borders wide open – despite the negatively growing economy – so that big businesses can have a steady pool of cheap labor to exploit.

Well, outright amnesty is not popular among Republicans and is considered an abomination by Conservatives. Especially those of us that remember the promises the Democrats made while Ronald Reagan was president. Let’s close the borders and grant amnesty to everyone who is here illegally. That will forever solve the illegal immigrant problem. Of course we got amnesty. But the borders remained porous. And now, under the Obama Administration, they are begging illegals to flood into the country.

Democrats understand that they need to increase their pool of voters to remain in power and most of the illegals, if given the right to vote, will vote Democrat.

But the financial ties that Eric Cantor has with big business are too strong to even let a little thing like the annihilation of the Republican Party stand in his way to obey the whims of “The Chamber”.

And Cantor has been as sneaky as a child stealing a cookie before dinner and Dave Brat, his opponent in a neck in neck primary in Virginia, has caught Cantor with his hand in the illegal immigrant cookie jar. Repeatedly.

And you have to be careful and really parse what Cantor is saying on amnesty. Now that Cantor has been caught supporting amnesty, he is pretending to be against it. (Yes. Eric Cantor was for amnesty before he was against it. Only he was never against amnesty.)

Cantor is running around desperately as he sees his reelection slipping away from him trying to keep the money flowing in from big business and “The Chamber” who demand amnesty and also trying to appease the voters he desperately needs by lying to them.

“Harry Reid’s Amnesty bill is DOA – Dead on Arrival in the House,” Cantor promises.

Of course it is dead! Eris Cantor already has his own amnesty bill that is far more liberal than the Senate bill. Remember, the Democrats in the Senate are in serious jeopardy of losing their majority. They are treading carefully hoping to hold on to power. But Eric Cantor knows that if he wants to push through Amnesty he must pass it before Republicans take over the Senate or it will not likely happen. Cantor is anticipating a lame duck amnesty bill.

And Cantor has miscalculated the voters and the entire amnesty saga has blown up in his face. Dave Brat has seen to that. Cantor is not used to being exposed for the duplicitous operator he really is. He hides behind Ronald Reagan’s “11th commandment” ‘Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican” and his deception depends on silence from the Republican Party.

I wonder what Reagan would say today if he knew his “commandment” was being used to push the Progressive liberal agenda by people like Eric Cantor?

I could also envision Reagan’s position on another amnesty – “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.”

So Eric Cantor is using the Democrat’s playbook here with amnesty. “It’s for the children!”


It is not for the children, it is for “The Chamber”. Period.

So what has now happened is that Eric Cantor has pushed his “Kid’s Act” billed as a lifeline for the poor children of illegal immigrants who have come here through no fault of their own. Let’s make them all citizens. They are the “victims” here.

Now the fact that Eric Cantor would use the “for the children” argument and play the victim card is all the proof you need to understand that what I have been saying is true. Cantor is a Progressive in complete alignment and agreement with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. He just plays the same stuff to a different audience by pretending to be a Conservative.

And as a result of Cantor’s Kid’s Act, parents are pushing their children and young adults across the US Border by the thousands. And now Eric Cantor wants to solve the problem by caving in to Barack Obama.

So Eric Cantor is in complete agreement with Obama’s old Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Never waste a good crisis.”

And in Cantor’s case, he is using the crisis he created to enact amnesty. And it won’t stop with the children. It never does.

And the borders will not be secured. Eric Cantor doesn’t want that.

America can’t afford more amnesty. And we can’t afford Eric Cantor’s sneaky ways.

Put a stop to this. Visit Dave Brat for Congress and go out tomorrow – Tuesday June 10, 2014 to your regular polling place (if you live in the 7th District!) and vote for Dave Brat and bring honesty and ethics back to Virginia.

And let me add one more thing.

My personal track record on this blog concerning Eric Cantor caving in to Obama is 100% accurate. He has caved every time.

And I have run this video a number of times as well. The Cave Dance. Enjoy and go vote for Dave Brat.


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