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Eric Holder Hospitalized – Critics Respond With Criticism and Glee

How much do people hate Eric Holder?

Apparently a lot judging by the (currently) 4,111 comments left on Yahoo News alone.

And of course Yahoo has one sided coverage saying:

Holder, a trim 63-year-old, is known inside the department for bypassing the elevator and taking the stairs at a brisk pace to reach his 5th-floor office. He also plays basketball.

Strangely, I couldn’t find words that kind for Dick Cheney on Yahoo News.

But the real shock was the comments.

Here’s a sample:

  • Bobby 2 minutes ago

    Holder’s lack of accountability and control over his department has lost him the trust of both Congress and the American people. The president should request his resignation — a small step toward a renewed trust in a broken Washington plagued with scandal, debt and political games.

    Holder was caught lying under oath, and found to be in contempt of Congress. This alone was grounds for impeachment, but the he was saved by Obama’s executive privilege. After Holder exerted his expectation of privacy for the bureaucracy he asserts Americans have no privilege of privacy from the prying eyes of justice, or the NSA – stating they don’t need a warrant to review Americans’ e-mails, Facebook , Twitter, text messages, etc.

    The U.S. follows the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Man…

    go to and search for it…

  • Cp 7 minutes ago


    Holder was also under fire, when the House of Representatives charged him with contempt of Congress over the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running scandal.

    The charges were a reaction to Holder’s refusal to turn over to lawmakers all of the Justice Department documents they demanded on the botched gun-tracking operation.

    Congress questioned how much the Justice Department — and the White House — knew about the operation, which allowed U.S. guns to be moved into Mexico in hopes of tracking them to drug traffickers.

    The operation backfired when at least one of those guns was used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

    The White House lied and denied any involvement in the program.

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  • Brian 23 minutes ago


    Good thing for him he does not have Obama care. He would probably be dead.

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  • terry booth 54 minutes ago


    He is one of the top five most hated Americans. I’ll bet you can come up with the other four and get 100% on this test.

  • TxLibertarian60 40 minutes ago


    He’s just suffering with stage 4 APS, acute Pinocchio syndrome, constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth.

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  • Michael Cannaday 51 minutes ago


    our taxes will pay for his recovery and medical bills… while us citizens will have to pay our own deductibles and medical insurance every month. He gets it for free along with so many more politicans out there

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  • AmericanBlues 9 minutes ago


    In 1970, Eric Holder, along with other Columbia University ARMED militant Black college students that referred to themselves as the ‘Student Afro-American Society (SAAS)’, took over an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters for a 5-day occupation (did you see the word “ARMED” people??). This is the same man who refused to press charges against ARMED Black Panthers in 2008, forced gun shops to sell thousands of guns to Mexican drug Kingpins, defended terrorists at GITMO immediately after 9/11, refused to guard our boarders, appointed and controlled a judge at the Fort Hood trial that banned all evidence of the killer’s Jihadi motives, deliberately stirs up race relations and has had his hand in too many sinister going-on’s to count. Yet he is this President’s right hand man and the TRUE second in command in this country. I wish the entire Obama regime would drop dead!!

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  • Matt 25 minutes ago


    Sounds like a panic attack. He must be worried El Chapo Guzman just arrested in Mexico is going to spill all the beans about the U.S. supplying the Sinaloa cartel with rifles to fight against the Mexican military and rival cartels.

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  • N.T. 1 hour ago


    I see amnesia in his future!

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  • Cp 16 minutes ago


    US Rep. Ted Poe asked Mr. Holder whether or not he read Arizona’s immigration bill that has caused an uproar for several weeks, SB1070. Mr. Holder replied that he had not read the bill as of yet even though he had been on several political talk shows such as ‘Meet The Press’ denouncing the bill. You mean to tell me that this guy is supposed to be the representative for the country on how it executes justice, yet he has not read this bill which affects how justice is executed.

    The bill was only seventeen pages long. Attorney General Holder should have read the bill.


Pretty brutal. Seems the Attorney General is seeing his compassion for others returned in kind.

Read some more at Yahoo (if you care).

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