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With about 40 minutes before the UK results are to begin to come out, there are some interesting signs.

I issue this excited and jubilant view with a serious caveat:  Some (maybe many) of these anti-EU or EU-skeptic parties either have an unsavory past or still have issues.  So this is NOT an endorsement of any of these parties.  BUT they do show serious discontent with the EU empire and this is encouraging.  A EU-wide Liberty and Sovereignty Alliance without racism, antisemitism and Nazi ties would be a benefit for Europe.

I would go to these two places:  Guardian UK and the EU Observer.

Let’s start with the Greek island that adopted the William Lloyd Garrison option:  They boycotted the EU elections altogether!  They did it to protest the EU spending tax dollars to destroy the Syria chemical weapons.

Now on to France:  Exit polls give the anti-EU National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, daughter of the long-time radical right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, with first place with 25%!

Now also in Greece, battered by EU policies and meddling, the euroskeptic and far left party Syriza garnered first place and the anti-EU but also pro-violence and Naziesque Golden Dawn party received nearly TEN percent of the vote.

Here is a Reuters report:

Syriza took 26.7 percent of the vote, ahead of the conservative New Democracy which took 22.8 percent, according to the official projection by the interior ministry. The projection has a margin of error of 1 percentage point.

The co-ruling Socialist PASOK party’s Olive alliance secured 8.1 percent of the vote, while the far-right Golden Dawn placed third with 9.3 percent of the vote.

Ireland:  SF 24% FG 14% GRN 14% FF 12% Childers (independent) 11% LAB 8%  via electionista  SF is the nationalist Sein Fein who is somewhat euroskeptic and tried to position itself as protecting the interests of Ireland.  Of course SF is the political wing of the Irish Republican Army.

Poland (from John Henley at the Guardian):

The Guardian’s Remi Adekoya in Warsaw has just sent provisional exit polls from Poland: the pro-European ruling party Civic Platform looks ot (sic) have won the day with 33% of the vote, while the more euro-critical, conservative Law and Justice party is in second place on 32%. (The fiercely anti-EU New Right, whose leader Janusz Korwin-Mikke has said that if his party won seats in the European parliament they would put the parliament building to better use by turning it” into a “whorehouse”, won 7.2%) JH

That is nearly 40 percent of Poles so far voting against the EU!  But I thought the EU Parliament building already was what we in VA called a “disorderly house”!


A Danmarks Radio exit poll in Denmark indicates the populist, Eurosceptic Danish People’s party is in course to beat prime minister Thorning-Schmidt’s ruling Social Democrat party, winning 23.1% of the vote against the SD’s 20.5%. The Liberal party is third with 17.2%. The Danish People’s party has confirmed talks with the UK conservatives on forming joint a political group in the EP, euobserver reports JH

In Deutschland, the legitimate anti-euro but not anti EU party, the Alternative for Germany, is slated to get about 6.5% of the national vote and some smaller protest and less savory parties might also register votes.  UPDATE:  The Alternative is now at 7 percent!

In Italy, where at the time of this posting (4:52 PM) there is still voting, there is a comment from a voter who took a photo of his vote (apparently illegal in the EU so no picture here!):

“To change this country, the first thing to do is this,” he says, crossing the circle of the M5S and writing the names of his preferred candidates. “This is not a protest vote,” he declares at the end, “but a vote for honesty and legality.”

I could not have said it better myself!  While we have comments, here is from the Guardian, from the Marine Le Pen victory speech:

The people have spoken. Our people demands one type of politics: they want French politics by the French, for the French, with the French. They don’t want to be led any more from outside, to submit to laws. The sovereign people have proclaimed loud and clear…that they want to take back their destiny into their own hands. We must build another Europe, a Europe of free and sovereign nations and freely decided cooperation. Tonight is a massive rejection of the European Union. What is happening in France signals what will happen in all European countries; the return of the nation.

I can only say RAH!

It is now 10:02 in the UK (502 EDT) and there is one hour until the final results finish coming in.  But as I eat French vanilla ice cream (it seemed ironically appropriate) I await more results.  My review of the Guardian is encouraging for UKIP.  They report unofficially about 29 percent for UKIP in Wales.  They might even win a seat in Scotland…I will be back!

UKIP is looking great at 612 pm.  They carried the East region by almost 100k votes over the Tories with Labour about 270k back but lost Northeast to Labour by about 50k.   UKIP won Newark from the Conservatives, Rothenham from Labour and might win the sixth and last Scottish MEP seat.

Even BETTER:  Nick Griffin of the BNP will NOT be going back to Brussels and he is bitter at UKIP, calling it a “mirage”.

I am back:  UKIP is PROJECTED the WINNER in UK by the Guardian (UK) newspaper!

Here is my running total of the popular vote with nine regions reporting:

UKIP – 3,840,384

Tory – 3, 060,429

Labour – 2,865,468

London, Scotland and perhaps Northern Ireland have not reported yet.  However, Scotland has all but one area reported (The outlying islands) and UKIP will actually win ONE MEP in Scotland, in spite of the best efforts of the SNP (The nationalists).

Here is a rough partial for Scotland:  SNP garnered 386,193, Labour 346,377, the Tories an unknown number but third and UKIP a strong fourth:  139,687.  Also, the Guardian and the BBC have declared that UKIP will get one MEP from Scotland.  So these results cannot overturn the British yet – not yet.

BUT the BBC has also said UKIP will carry the popular vote, too:

UKIP is course for an emphatic victory in the European elections in the UK – with leader Nigel Farage promising to use it as a springboard for next year’s general election.


The BBC are predicting that the result in Scotland will be SNP on two seats, Labour on two seats, the Conservatives with one seat and UKIP with one seat – meaning the anti-EU party is expected to win at least one seat in every region of Great Britain.

It’s Christmas in May at the Sanders house!  More later!

I cannot let this go:  Here is one reaction (truthful in a way this EU politician did not intend) on the NF win in France:

Martin Schulz, the former Socialist president of the European Parliament – said of the FN victory: “It’s a bad day for the European Union, when a party with a racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic programme gets 25% of the vote.”

I am not sure I would fully agree with that characterization of the NF but it is a bad day for the EU – the people have serious issues (by the way in very few of the EU nations I am reading did even 50% of the electorate vote so that silent non-vote is also an anti-EU statement, too!) with the superempire!

And in Italy, the ruling party got 40% and the euro-skeptic Five Star garnered 22%.  But the mildly euroskeptic and pro-Italian sovereignty party Forza Italia got over 19%.  So this is a victory for the anti-EU forces.

In Finland the True Finn party got two seats in the EU parliament but their vote was something of a disappointment:

The Finns’ charismatic leader Timo Soini, who has close ties to Nigel Farage of the U.K. Independence Party, was subdued when he appeared at the Finns’ rally after the elections’ result had become apparent.

“These were really tough elections,” Mr. Soini said in his remarks webcast by the public broadcaster YLE.

Maybe Finland needs to be asked to bail out another EU nation to get the point:  The EU is not your friend.

If you are asking:  Could London bring the Labour to first place, the answer appears to be right here:

With around around 40% of London’s votes, it’s looking good for Labour’s bid for second place: the overall count would put them around 10,000 votes ahead [of the Tories for second]. But if the Conservative-leaning outer boroughs are still to be incorporated, there’s still time for everything to change.

UKIP is okay it seems for first place!

UPDATE:  London results are in and UKIP garnered a strong third place:

Labour:  806,959

Tory:  495,639

UKIP: 371,133

The new totals (unofficial and based on Sandy’s pre-Common Core but old new math) are amazing:

UKIP – 4,271,517

Labour – 3,672,427

Tory – 3,556,068

I think we are done for tonight.  I want to thank especially the great coverage at the Guardian – John Henley and Andrew Sparrow.  Hear!  Hear!

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

5 Responses to “UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! CHRISTMAS in MAY! UKIP PROJECTED OVERALL UK WINNER! First time since 1906 that neither TORIES nor LABOUR won a national election! EU ELECTION RESULTS: LIBERTY maybe ON THE MARCH but SO ARE some BAD PARTIES, too!”

  1. Henry Francis says:

    What a fantastic result. The cherry on the top has to be the fate of the leader of the most pro EU party in the UK Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems. Twice he was the only leader brave enough who put money where his mouth is to debate and defended his beloved EU against Nigel and now we have the peoples army verdict on those televised debates.

    Cleggs party was all but wiped out leaving the most fanatical pro EU social engineering project fans with the humiliating total of only one single MEP left to represent them.

    Our deputy prime minister is still so shell shocked by this he is in complete denial over its implications for his future even parroting Millibands bacon sandwich eating episode.

    As futures go POLITICALLY HE HASNT GOT ONE. Lord Oakeshott the bringer of the bad tidings that the rest of the Lib Dems MPs are going to be annihilated at the 2015 elections INCLUDING CLEGG HIMSELF has been unceremoniously forced out of the party but its fate is sealed.



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