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This Reuters article is what I expected on the eve of the Greek elections:  Vote Tweedledee or Tweedledum or ELSE!

European leaders urged Greece to reject radical leftists who threaten to tear up the terms of a bailout deal should they win an election on Sunday, a result that would send shockwaves through global financial markets.


With the election set to go down to the wire, European leaders weighed in on Saturday, urging Greeks to vote with their heads.

The bailout will not be renegotiated, warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country’s wealth is vital to shoring up its weaker partners in the bloc.

“That’s why it’s so important that the Greek elections preferably lead to a result in which those that will form a future government say: ‘yes, we will stick to the agreements’,” Merkel told a party conference of the Christian Democrats.

Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker said there would be serious consequences if SYRIZA secured victory.

“If the radical left wins – which cannot be ruled out – the consequences for the currency union are unforeseeable,” Juncker, head of the group of euro zone finance ministers, told Austrian paper Kurier.

“We will have to speak to any government. I can only warn everyone against leaving the currency union. The internal cohesion of the euro zone would be in danger.”

Here’s the threat:  Don’t vote for the radical left or face the consequences!  These leaders are shameless and outrageous. More examples:

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said he and other European leaders expected a “favourable” outcome.

“I expect, and I have the impression that many European governments expect a vote that is favourable to maintaining a solid relationship between Greece and the rest of Europe, favourable to Greece staying in the euro zone, favourable to the parties that want to stay in,” Monti said in Bologna.

Monti should know about elections!  He was installed by the EU to keep Italy in line.  I do not like the radical left.  I would vote the Greek Pirate Party instead.  But SYRIZA is at least willing to put Greece first.  Let’s hope Greeks, who gave the world democracy, will uphold it here.

Here’s my answer to the EU elites:  Nigel Farage!  View the video here!


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