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European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that it would be nearly impossible for an independent Scotland to join the European Union:

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has said it would be “extremely difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the European Union.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr he said an independent Scotland would have to apply for membership and get the approval of all current member states.

That’s the BEST reason I have heard for Scottish independence!  You can GET OUT of the EU!  Every UKIP member in Scotland ought to consider voting for independence.

Now the liberal government of the SNP probably would seek EU membership and even use of the euro (although there is a contrary view!) and I cannot imagine that too many EU nations would block it for long.  Give it a year or two at most.

But I find it interesting that the EU leaders seem unduly interested in the UK all of a sudden.

Speaking of Scotland being independent, I admit my YES opinion is based on as a young boy identifying with the Bonnie Prince Charlie and his failed attempt to regain Scotland’s independence by force in the 1740s, the young man knowing many older Scots in the Robert Burns club my grandmother was an honorary member of (and I learned Scottish country dancing – alas few girls my age to dance with!) and my belief that people groups ought to freely without violence decide their own destiny.  (Some reader would add my interest in curling – started in Scotland!  You are right!)  So if you asked me:  Yes I would, if a resident of Scotland, vote for independence.  Too bad Lincoln elected to ignore the votes of the Southern people or their elected officials when they sought independence through legitimate means.

But the UK is essentially trying to say to the SNP and their leader Salmond:  You can’t use sterling anymore – at least not in a currency union.  The UK can or cannot enter into a currency union with Scotland.  But it is the least disruptive of all the options:  Scotland uses sterling, Scotland uses the euro or Scotland has their own currency:  Probably a version of sterling.

It’s silly to say Scotland could not unilaterally adopt sterling as their currency:  El Salvador uses the US dollar as its currency and so does Ecuador and Panama – they didn’t ask our permission (we probably mint their coins, too – at the Philadelphia Mint) and the BBC article admits – Scotland could go it alone:

They also raise a further scenario. If Scotland failed to a formal deal on currency, it would be free to unilaterally adopt sterling – a situation under which the Bank of England may simply continue on without taking account of Scottish conditions.

The pounds in England are identical to the same pounds in Scotland – no difference in value.  And little known fact:  Three Scottish banks ALREADY issue their own banknotes (The Bank of Scotland, the Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland) and here they are – check out how strikingly attractive the Clydesdale notes are!  I have an old one pound note from Scotland – I got it in change in London as a teenager.

Now it is probably true that Scottish Sterling would immediately lose value vis-a-vis the UK Pound but that may not be a bad thing – might bring business and tourism into Scotland from the UK.  But the business community is probably cool to Scotland having its own money.

In other news, now in today’s Tory Diary (available at Conservative Home that I recommend for your reading), we have the fear that the very arguments used to maintain the UK with Scotland in it will be used to scare people into staying with the European Union.  Here they are:

If you choose to vote for independence, a grim fate awaits you.

You’ll be a tiny nation isolated in a big world, with no say at the top table.

You’ll suffer economically, losing trade by leaving a big club.

You’ll be swimming against a tide of integration, cutting yourselves off while others work together.

I personally question the one about integration.  Seems to me if the EUocrats have nothing better to do but warn about evil euroskepticism, they must be worried about the potential results.  I suggest that nations are seeking out of integrated agreements – African nations want out of the ICC, Catalonia wants to be independent from Spain altogether, and Scotland has a serious chance at winning her independence bid.

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