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The official website of the European Parliament is reporting that the Union will seek deeper transparency “…aimed at increasing openness in the EU decision making process.”  Good!  I’d start with these items reported Special Report 92 for the Heritage Foundation written by Sally McMamara in the EU budget to attempt to influence our domestic policy:

From 2007 through 2009, the European Union spent $1.23 billion in the United States. A large part of this money funded projects in other foreign nations that were administered by the U.S.-based World Bank and United Nations.[1] However, according to the European Union’s financial records posted online, large amounts of European taxpayer money were spent directly inside the United States and served to give the European Union greater influence, and advance the EU’s favored political causes, in America.

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In some cases, select informational points are either unavailable or deliberately, redacted which the EU claims is for security reasons.[3] In several cases, the EU simply states that the recipient of the grant is a “natural person” or “confidential.” A natural person is an individual, as opposed to a “legal person” which would be a corporation or organization.

I fear the EU did not have that in mind:

The new register brings together the two existing ones from the parliament and commission, making it easier to register and providing the information on lobbyists on one webpage.

The issue of foreign influence in our domestic politics is serious; Rep. Issa’s committee ought to investigate who received the money, why and how the money was used (and whether proper forms and Federal/state/local taxes were paid on the money!).  This sort of line item is outrageous:

“Natural Person.” [108] In 2007, €2.45 million ($3.57 million) was allocated to an unidentified “natural person” by the European Commission’s External Relations department, specifically from the Common Foreign and Security Policy’s Special Representatives fund. This was a project financed 100 percent by the EU and no subject of the grant or contract is given.

The EU needs to come clean on ALL expenses sent to the US!

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