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Christopher Booker writes in the Daily Telegraph about the uselessness of the EU and how the European on the street is getting wise to it.  Booker reports that the average approval rating in EU nations for the multinational pretend empire is a wonderful 19 percent.  (In the UK it is TEN percent!  No wonder the political leaders fear a referendum on the EU in Great Britain!)   The EU is concerned:

What makes this particularly ironic is that in 2001 the EU’s leaders issued their Laeken Declaration, admitting that the EU faced a crisis through its “democratic deficit”. Their remedy was the process designed to give Europe a “constitution”. After eight years of negotiation, obfuscation, lies and referendum-reverses, they got the constitution they wanted (although they had to disguise it as the Lisbon Treaty). The upshot of this tortuous attempt to “bring Europe closer to its peoples” is that those peoples see the EU as less democratic than ever.

When elites impose supergovernment on the people and reject dissenting views (read the first Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty) they will reap a whirlwind of cynicism.  Compare that with the ratification of the Constitution where the representatives of the people were deeply involved and there was extensive debate with the result in some doubt.

Booker complains about new taxes on financial transactions that will affect the UK and London, the loss of power to regulate the national budget, EU labor rules that affect patient care in hospitals, and the effect of the European Arrest Warrant.  Booker reports:

The EU’s response, in effect, is that we agreed to this travesty of justice and we must learn to live with it.

No one has to “live with it”, if the Parliament and people of the UK rise up and demand their rightful sovereignty to be decided by referendum and Parliament!  There should be peaceful demonstrations every day throughout the UK until the referendum is approved.  Or hope a future election is called by PM Cameron to get rid of the LibDems and the UKIP runs on a single issue:  REFERENDUM NOW ON EU!

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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