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EXCELLENT blog entry from the UK refuting Paul Krugman on Europe!

I am not an economist – I hated econ class and the only thing that saved it was the attractive older redhead that liked me sitting next to her.  I was somewhat oblivious to her interest but enjoyed the attention!  I do respect the education and learning of Paul Krugman – he is a Nobel laureate in economics.

But this article by Nile Gardiner in the Telegraph wonderfully refutes Krugman’s thesis that it is not welfare states that caused the eurozone crisis.

I especially found troubling Krugman’s idea that right wingers embraced the EU:

In his piece Mr Krugman also makes the astonishing claim that the doomed European Project was originally “cheered” by American conservatives but “questioned” by US liberals:

Maybe neo-cons did but not libertarians and probably not lots of ordinary conservatives!  I know of no conservatives who supported the EU even though Bush 41, President Clinton and Bush 43 at least gave lip service to European unity.

George Bush Sr. called for “a Europe whole and free,” Bill Clinton for a “peaceful, undivided and democratic Europe”; George W. Bush outlined his vision of “a Europe whole, free and at peace” on June 15, 2001 at a joint press conference in Warsaw with the Polish President.

Gardiner sums up the feelings about Europe in the way I wish I said:

There is only one path Europe can take if it is to avoid economic meltdown: dramatic cuts in public spending, the dismantling of its welfare states, the removal of crippling taxes and business regulations, the downsizing of the public sector, and a return to self-determination for EU member states. It is Europe’s lack of fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, and national sovereignty, that are at the heart of the current economic crisis, and the United States must do all it can to avoid European-style decline.

Exactly right!  That is why I blog on UKIP etc. and the EU.  Their fight for liberty is yours!


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