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I thought this was a great document even though it is a bit dated and I am being a lazy blogger:

Only by leaving the EU can we begin
the process of undoing the damage
caused by the Conservatives, Labour
and Liberal Democrats.
Cutting and Controlling
• Outside the EU, we can manage our
borders and decide who we want to
come and live and work in the UK. EU
rules stop us from doing this.
Reducing Fuel Poverty:
• Outside the EU, we can abolish EU
laws that add hundreds of pounds to
household energy bills. EU rules keep
energy bills high by forcing taxpayers’
money into wasteful wind turbines and
solar arrays.
Lighter Regulation for
Small Businesses
• Only 5% of British companies export
to the EU. Why should 100% of our
businesses be subject to harmful EU
regulation? Only outside the EU can
we have more flexible regulations to
create more jobs.
No Votes for Prisoners
• The European Court of Human Rights
– which the Lisbon Treaty forces all
EU member states to sign up to – still
wants to give prisoners the vote. It
also prevents convicted terrorists from
being deported. UKIP will leave the EU
and the jurisdiction of the European
Court of Human Rights. Parliament
should decide fairer human rights laws.
Reclaiming our waters
• Over the years, Britain’s coastal
communities have lost thousands of
jobs due to the EU’s Common Fisheries
Policy. It has been an environmental
disaster with fish stocks dangerously
low. Outside the EU, we will reclaim our
territorial waters, revive our fishing
towns and ports and end discards.
Saving Taxpayers’ Money
• The EU costs the UK Government £55m
a day. As the EU’s biggest customer, we
are in an incredibly strong position to
negotiate an amicable exit and free trade
deal under existing treaties. The savings
to the taxpayer would be huge.
Local Homes for Local Families
• UKIP will prioritise social housing for
those with parents and grandparents
born locally.
A National, Not International,
Health Service
• It is important that everyone in the
UK has access to free medical care.
Visitors and migrants to the UK must
show proof of health insurance as a
condition of entry to the UK.
Trading Globally
• On leaving the EU, the UK will keep
the trade agreements we entered as an
EU member prior to the Lisbon Treaty.
Outside the EU, we can negotiate our
own trade deals, but be in a stronger
position, as we will be negotiating in
the British interest.
Cheaper Petrol and Diesel
• UKIP will seek to reduce fuel duty and
reduce the disparity in price between
diesel and petrol. Fuel duty is too high
and has held the economy back.

It’s key aspects of the UKIP May 22 EU election manifesto.  I am not familiar with all the local to UK issues but it sounds good to me>


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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