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Former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton was invited to the Freedom Summit in Des Moines, Iowa hosted by Citizens United (a good group contrary to the implication arising from the famous Supreme Court decision of the same name!) and Cong. Steve King from the Hawkeye State.  Here is the event website and at this writing, Senator Joni Ernst is speaking (12:00 noon EST) and Bolton is up about 230PM.  I wish I could have gone but you know what the VA Right Lear Jet is in the shop again!  🙂

There are many going to this event (even former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore – who should not be laughed at – he is knowledgeable about the three Ts – Terrorism, Taxes and Technology.  It is too bad that no one will take Gilmore seriously in 2016 even though he was both a governor and an attorney general but maybe he could be a Cabinet Secretary (Commerce or Energy or maybe Homeland Security) in a Bolton administration.

What I would do if I were Ambassador Bolton (besides hire Sandy for his inner circle since I did not get elected judge!) is I would have a coordinator in as many counties in Iowa as possible and get people to go out there and organize for Bolton.  (Of course Bolton needs to start that process soon.)  I believe Bolton can unite the party – the national security wing (although he may have to fight for this group with Sen. Lindsey Graham for that bloc if Graham runs.  BOO!  It will be Halloween every day for four years if Graham becomes President!) is his natural group and he can then use foreign policy issues to talk about domestic issues like the debt.  Bolton can also satisfy the Establishment in that he did work for Bush 43.  But the Ambassador can also reach out to tea party and sovereignty libertarians as well:  Bolton is a sovereignty guy.  You can trust him.  (Yes I know he’s a member of the CFR.  But judge a man by his ACTIONS.  And Bolton’s words explaining his actions against the International Criminal Court and his skepticism about the UN and some interventions show he can be trusted.)  Some Ron Paul people can be spoken to through that and maybe Bolton’s surprising support for gay marriage will help with other libertarians.  I was for Paul twice and I am now for the Ambassador.  He’s my first choice  in 2016.

So, let’s see how the speeches go.  Although I like John Bolton first, there are several fine candidates I can support enthusiastically:  Of course Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  Also Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  Finally also former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  Also even Indiana Governor Mike Pence.  I even look favorably Dr. Ben Carson, too.  I need to see how Carson does in the early campaign times.

It is unusual to have so many good choices.  (I am even intrigued by the Democrat former Virginia Senator Jim Webb.  Webb worked for Reagan!  I think he’ll either be rejected or he’ll have to compromise his views.  If Jim Webb can win without compromise, that would be amazing.  Now I am well aware Webb voted for Obamacare and also other bills I did not like.  But the former Virginia senator did work for Reagan and praised him on the campaign trail!

So let’s see what happens.  As long as Lindsey Graham is not nominated President or VP, it could be a great year in 2016!

UPDATE:  The Ambassador spoke about 3 pm EST.  He is well-spoken and confined his remarks to national security.  He also marshals facts in a powerful way.  The theme is we are less safe six years into Obama.  He spoke on several winners in the November election and stated that Scott Brown almost won with an emphasis on national security.

Now I do dissent with some of the “neo-isolationist” language but Bolton raises good questions.  He even uses a bit of humor.  I am not sure about Afghanistan but Bolton is right that we have to be careful not to let Afghanistan and Pakistan to fall into enemy hands.

Bolton alludes to Benghazi and says nothing has been done.  (I thought one of the principles had been arrested.)  But Bolton is right about how the President has insulted our friends but curries favor with our enemies.  No policy but appeasement.  A laugh at Hollywood’s expense.  Watch for Ebola, too.

Now Bolton speaks to sovereignty.  The left goes outside the US to get their way through treaties and institutions.  Fabulous!  Preach it, Ambassador Bolton!  President Obama gets an F across the board.

What must Iowa do?  Use your clout to set the debate and make candidates ask YOUR questions.  Do not ignore national security or foreign policy.  Encourage patriotism and sovereignty and US be a political force in the world.  Reject neo-isolationism.  Encourage US strength.  Domestic and foreign policy are related.  Insist on it.  Now the ambassador talks about debt, taxes and energy as driven by foreign policy concerns.

While I cringe a bit at the “neo-isolationism” tag (a reference to Rand Paul probably) and some of the allusions to continued war.  Bu we are weak and ineffective.  We need to be stronger and more respected.  Ambassador Bolton is clear on that – we must be strong and decisive to use our power.  And protect our sovereignty.  We’ll see how the election goes.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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