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Facts on School Spending by Bob Shannon

Reading Mr. Wagner’s defense of the never ending appetite of public schools for more money each year one might assume Mr. Wagner was not aware of facts that paint a rather clear picture that demands spending restraint.  As such, let us examine a few facts. Categorizing the Heritage Foundation as an ultra conservative organization doesn’t change the math Sir.

From 1992 -2009 , in Virginia student population in public schools increased 21.6%. The increase in Administration and other non-teaching staff increased 100%. During that exact same time frame administrative staffing in any private sector business decreased drastically, as a result of constant strides in technology, technology I might add that is available for even public schools.

Also noted in the Heritage Report …

” if the ratio of students to non-teaching personnel had remained constant between FY 1992 & FY 2009, and if the growth in the teacher force had been only 1.5 times as large as the increase among students , there would be $37.2 Billion in annual recurring savings in the public school system. That $37.2 Billion could be used to give every public school teacher a raise of more than $11,700 per year, or taxpayer funds could be used for some other needed purpose.

Specific to King William County visit the website and look closely at student population in King William over the last 5-6 years. In 2009-10 the total was 2191,  in 2013-14  it was 2193 ? It is hardly a surge in student population driving these annual demands for more money.

  In closing Mr. Wagner notes the different funding mechanisms between the public and private sectors, which conveniently leaves out the most telling point. Private enterprise has to compete to survive, their prices , contrary to Mr. Wagner’s assertion isn’t completely within their ability to raise at their will, but the service, and the quality of their finished product that competition drives sets prices.  Something a monopoly like public schools knows nothing of.
As for the pay raises Mr. Wagner promotes,  apparently  he hasn’t followed national trends and is unaware of wage stagnation for the last decade. Ask anyone in the private sector if they get 11-12 paid days off each year in addition to their vacation, or if their employer is still paying for their health insurance at the levels public sector employees enjoy.  Perhaps coming from the public sector taints ones views. Picking more from taxpayers pockets is getting a bit old.
Bob Shannon    Central Garage

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