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I am not surprised.  Really.  I am not.  The other side tends to shamelessly spew propaganda to kids.  The global warming crowd are expert at it.  Get kids on board and you’ll eventually win the war:  Climate change is so critical that we must give up our sovereignty to world government to fight it.  NEVER!

Here is First Lady Michelle Obama with a group of teens that were winners in a cooking contest and she used this non-political event to do what?  Propagandize for her failing and unconstitutional “nutritious food” initiative.

Making the case that “certain interests” are trying to profit from destroying her school lunch program, Mrs. Obama said, “There’s a lot of money involved in feeding our kids at school. We are currently spending $10 billion a year — did you hear that, $10 billion a year — on our school lunch programs. So it’s not surprising that there are certain interests that are resisting change and trying to take us back to the old ways of doing business, because for them there’s a lot of money is on the line. But you all have a right to expect that your hard-earned tax dollars will be spent on food that meets basic nutrition standards. It’s as simple as that.”

Of course she could not resist the Evita routine:  Blame the rich.  Just like the infamous Eva Peron, who used class envy to maintain power for her husband, Juan Peron, and to seek it for herself, too (Eva Peron did even try to become Argentina’s vice president shown in a dramatic scene in the great movie Evita but the army stopped that move.).

Never mind that the kids refuse to eat the food, the schools are losing money, and the Federal Government ought not be deciding what is in school lunches.  (This kind of indoctrination is another sound reason to reject any sort of national curriculum like Common Core.)

Even the contest is basically propaganda – directed at mostly preteen age children.  (The rules say the child must be between 8 and 12 – the perfect age to be influenced by the Obama Administration)  And probably your tax dollars helped:

This Website, available at (“Website”) permits entry into “The Healthy Lunch Time Challenge & Kids’ “State Dinner'” (“Promotion”), sponsored by Epicurious and presented by The White House, and the U.S. Department of Education, with advisory support provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Another reason to abolish the Dep’t of Ed.  And only one parent and one child can attend:

Q: If our recipe is chosen, can my whole family be invited to attend the Kids’ “State Dinner”?

A: Unfortunately, no. Admission will only be granted to one child and one parent or guardian.

I wouldn’t even allow my kids to enter a contest like this – even without the propaganda – where only one of them can go to the winning event.

But I am hoping that more school systems (including Hanover) will reject the failing, unconstitutional school lunch system and still provide nutritious meals without federal intervention.   It’s interesting that the School Nutrition Association agrees that a one size fits all policy is not an appropriate means to provide more nutritious school meals:

“The perspective of school nutrition professionals is more important today than ever before, as the National School Lunch Program is facing a historic decline in student participation, which threatens the long term financial solvency of child nutrition programs. As the Committee prepares for Child Nutrition Reauthorization, we hope Members will focus on ways to help schools reverse this troubling trend, which runs contrary to the goals and intent of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act,” said Montague.

“To increase the number of children who benefit from healthy school meals, Congress must provide school nutrition professionals with flexibility to help students adjust to healthy changes in their school cafeterias,” said Montague.

Of course the ultimate solution is get the federal government out of education.  Until then, stay out of any contest in which Evita, I mean Michelle Obama, is involved.

Thanks to Breitbart for this story!


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