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Gay and Lesbian Group Kicked Out of Elementary Schools: Hey, GLSEN, Leave our kids alone!

The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, or GLSEN is a group that has one mission: to indoctrinate and recruit America’s children. They pretend to be advocating things that are not objectionable such as “No Bullying” and “No Name Calling” to get their foot in the door. And once they get a toe across the threshold, they begin their subtle nudge to push the schools to accept and push the gay agenda.

Virginia Right! discovered that the same thing was happening at Mechanicsville Elementary School (and probably others) in Hanover County, Va. Once we exposed this group, MES and the others have issued assurances that this group will not be welcomed in Hanover Elementary Schools.

If you would like to view the post from last January exposing the truth behind the GLSEN Agenda, be warned. The recording is sexually explicit and graphic. And disgusting. Please note that this was not played at MES and is intended to show the agenda of this group. Here is the link.

First they start with innocuous things like the “No Name Calling” that no one could find objectionable. Then they move on, as Erie Community Unit School District in Illinois found, to subtly changing the curriculum to include gay and lesbian families in every day examples and even math problems.

Citizen Link explained:

The controversy began when a news flyer unveiled plans to introduce GLSEN’s new elementary-level “toolkit” called “Ready, Set, Respect!” The kit encourages teachers to “invite students” as young as kindergarten to “draw pictures of favorite TV or storybook characters and dress them in clothes that are different … from what they would typically wear,” such as “Cinderella in a knight’s armor” or “Spiderman wearing a magic tiara.”

It also suggests teachers incorporate examples of homosexual relationships into classroom activities, such as writing math problems including “a variety of family structures and gender-expressions. For example, ‘Rosa and her dads were at the store and wanted to buy three boxes of pasta…’ ”

The kit encourages educators to use storybooks that familiarize young children with same-sex marriage and transgender or cross-dressing behaviors. Suggested books include Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, which features two male guinea pigs who get married.

When parents objected, the school board voted to remove the materials.

“Many parents contacted me. That’s kind of how I got involved,” explained Aaron Sweeney, a youth minister at Erie Christian Church. “The parents want the right to choose [how] to talk to their kids about sexual issues. They want to hold on to that right.”

One book specifically at issue, also recommended in the toolkit, is The Family Book, geared for kids in prekindergarten through second grade, which promotes same-sex relationships. This raised both religious-freedom and parental-rights issues for Ann Schipper, a mom with three kids in the district, including a 9-year-old daughter.

“It takes away completely the sanctity of marriage. God has designed that,” she said. So “to say that some have two moms and two dads, that completely wipes away what my kids have learned at church and at home, and it creates confusion in them.”

Clearly, the initial message of “No Name Calling” is just the starting point. They progress from there and always move to the next level: indoctrination.

These people have no respect for marriage and attack those who do not believe like they do. And yes, GLSEN has moved on to bullying the school with letters and an online program designed to bully the School Board into submission.

And the GLSEN Bullies begin:

In reaction to the ban, GLSEN began a derogatory national campaign against the school, which included false accusations. But ADF applauds school officials for not giving in to the intimidation. “The school is right under these circumstances to prohibit access to the GLSEN materials and not cave to the ACLU’s demands,” Tedesco says.

The fact is, schools don’t need fringe groups like GLSEN to teach children how to respect and allow others to make their own choices and decisions and respect those decisions. If they did, they wouldn’t be spreading lies and rumors about the schools that reject them. Their actions are in direct conflict with what the pretend to be doing.

GLSEN is a group of hypocrites. They demand that you respect them and trash anyone who has other beliefs. That alone is enough to give schools and parents reason to slam the door in this group’s faces.

What these people do in their own homes is their business – as long as they are consenting adults. But when they attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate our children with their garbage and fail to respect no for an answer, that is simply unacceptable.

To paraphrase Pink Floyd:

“Hey, GLSEN, Leave our kids alone!”


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Gay and Lesbian Group Kicked Out of Elementary Schools: Hey, GLSEN, Leave our kids alone!”

  1. Joe says:

    Please tell me how gay people being able to go to school, go into a store, have dinner, or go to a park without being attacked is horrible… That is the only result that will come from groups like this.

    And if you can tell me how 2 men or 2 women gatting married will have any effect on your marriage, please enlighten me. And if you will just throw out Bible verses, then don’t try to explain, I want examples of how it will do any harm to any of your marriages…

    • Tom White says:

      Joe – There is not one single sentence in this post advocating attacks on homosexuals or anyone else. If someone is attacked, their sexual preference is irrelevant. There are laws against assault.

      And why do you assume that something must effect my marriage in order for me to object to it? I object to bank robbery even if it was not my bank.

      What you fail to understand is that GLSEN has an agenda to promote, indoctrinate and recruit children into homosexuality. And everyone should object to that.

      Our schools have long ago purged examples of pro family and pro marriage from the lessons in the name of political correctness. And I do not object to that. I do not object because it is not the job of the schools to promote sexuality and morality. They are there to teach, not indoctrinate.

      Could you imagine if a Christian group came into the elementary schools and demanded that tolerance for Christ and Christians be taught? That math problems use subtle mentions of the bible? “Jesus had 12 Disciples. If 2/3 went to the church to pray, how many were left with Jesus?”

      Heterosexuality is the biological norm. Anything else is a deviation from normal. Schools are within their charge to teach sex from a biological and reproductive scientific standpoint. Homosexuality, masturbation, and other forms of sexual gratification acts have no place in our schools. Nor does the morality or immorality of sex.

      Our nations schools are falling further and further behind the rest of the world because we now spend more time promoting social agendas than teaching the core subjects that schools were created to teach.

      I really don’t care what you or others do to gratify yourselves sexually unless you are targeting children. We all have a responsibility to protect children. GLSEN targets children.

      And what is worse, their “no bullying” and no name calling crap apparently does not extend to their actions when they don’t get their way. They will bully, harass, threaten and attack anyone who speaks out against them which is proof positive that their “concern” for children and tolerance is simply a Trojan Horse and that their real agenda is recruitment and indoctrination.

      These people cannot be trusted around children because they are bullies and liars.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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