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Georgia AG Disputes Cuccinelli Claims on Lawsuit Costs, BUT…

Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker (D) claims there will be additional significant costs for the lawsuit Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) has filed to stop the Health Care power grab from Obama, Pelosi and Reid. And he claims this is the reason he (Baker) turned down the Republican Governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue’s request to do the same thing.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Think Progress reports Baker as saying:

BAKER: It’s impossible to have a lawsuit where there are no inherent costs. Every time you are pulling employees away from their appointed duties to file a lawsuit and to engage in this counter-activity, there’s going to be cost.

Lawyers don’t work for free, not even lawyers who work in house. So I’m not aware of any way that a lawsuit can be filed, even if we do it in house, where it doesn’t cost the taxpayer some money.

We could have our lawyers off engaged in other areas that are going to be critical to the budget of this state, to talk about teachers and education. Any of those areas where we could have our lawyers applied would be a better use of the employees and the staff. But I’m not aware of any way that you can do this without there being some inherent cost.

But… (as promised)

Why does AG Baker believe these lawsuits will cost money? Perhaps because of his work with Acorn which earned him a grade of “A” for being a Liberal Activist.

And now for the slam dunk from Mark Fitzgibbons in American Thinker:

The position of state attorney general has become a particularly big feeder, and we see many national politicians who are former state AGs. This begs the question: where ACORN has been violating laws, was it doing so with the imprimatur if not outright assistance of Democrat attorneys general, who seek to curry favor with the Democratic establishment?

That brings us to the importance of ACORN’s first scorecard of attorneys general, issued in 2008, “Attorneys General Take Action: Real Leadership in Fighting Foreclosures.” The 18-page report and scorecard describes attorneys’ general active involvement with ACORN’s policy goals on housing.

ACORN graded attorneys general on their efforts to help ACORN’s agenda. The issues ranged from supporting federal legislation introduced by such luminaries in the nation’s mortgage debacle as Connecticut’s Senator Chris Dodd, to using taxpayer money in support of ACORN’s litigation and other efforts. The report has pictures and special mention of six attorneys general who received A+ from ACORN.

ACORN’s legal efforts have been described as “essentially extort[ing] money from banks.” Some of those efforts appear to have more than just a casual link to the subprime mortgage crisis. That of course raises the question of whether Democrat attorneys general have been complicit in ACORN’s questionable, unlawful and harmful activities.

So, as it turns out, Democrats like Mr. Baker are not opposed to working for and on behalf of ACORN. So, he assumes the massive amounts of tax money he spent on ACORN related legal (extra-legal?) matters are of no consequence, but protecing the Citizens of Georgia at the Governor’s request is too expensive.

Partisans like AG Baker are the problem with this country today. He has no idea what harm this Health Care Reform bill will do, but is perfectly happy to allow the Federal Government to force Georgians to purchase a product against their will from a private corporation.

Note: Please read the rest of Mark’s article by clicking the link above. And if you would like to check out other articles by him, click this link.

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