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The liberals will, if not already have, get themselves all wrapped up around the axle on the latest remarks by GA Cong. Paul Broun.  Broun was quoted in a church (gasp!) that evolution, embryology and the Big Bang are from “…the pit of hell…” designed to keep people lost in sin and on the way to eternal damnation.

Broun, a long time hero of mine, is mostly right.  Evolution is indeed not found in the Bible.  God creating universe and each type or kind of animal is definitely Biblical.  Evolution clearly undermines the teaching of the Bible as the true Word of God.  God created the world.  He said so.  He also said He did it in six days.

Sanders, do you REALLY believe the world was created in SIX LITERAL DAYS?  I believe God did it in six days.  Now, that could be billions of years as the scientists count time.  Psalm 90:4 is good science!  (“For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past…” [KJV]  That truth is also cited in II Peter 3:8 [“…one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day…”  [KJV])  Here’s why the Bible is good science:  Einstein theorized that time is relative, not absolute.  hat has been proven by observation.  So, who can say God’s in error when He said He did it in six literal days?  He’s counting the time and time is relative – that’s proven science.  Adam and Eve is good science:  DNA shows ALL HUMANS came from a SINGLE ancestor!  (Admittedly, not all scientists agree!)  By the way, the same theory shows there was a bottleneck in the DNA where humans almost all died out. Could that be the Noah event?  Certainly enough disparate groups have a flood account.  The dating seems in error but the dating is not clear and precise for mitochondrial DNA:

The researchers said that in their study they assumed that mtDNA mutates at a consistent rate. The problem is, science isn’t exactly sure what the rate of mutation for mtDNA is, if there even is a measurable rate. If you look at the rate of mutation among a whole group of organisms, say, all people alive today — called the phylogenetic rate — you might conclude that mtDNA mutates at a consistent rate. But if you look at a single family line within that larger group — the pedigree rate — you’ll most likely find an entirely different rate of mutation.

Since the “mutational clock” used by Cann and her co-authors was called into question, they expanded the date for Eve’s existence to between 500,000 and 50,000 years ago.

So when did that single ancestor come about and the bottleneck, when was it again?  Science cannot say when but seems to say YES it occurred!  The creation, the creation of man, and the Great Flood – all have substantial evidence in favor!  HMMMM….

As for evolution, the leading “explanation” for the paucity of evidence of evolution in the fossil record is a hypothesis called punctuated equilibrium.  This hypothesis states that the species are in “stasis” for long periods of time with short dramatic changes in species, returning to another long period of statis.  Try this from the soon to be defunded Public Broadcasting Service:

This hypothesis predicts that the fossil record at any one site is unlikely to record the process of speciation. If a site records that the ancestral species lived there, the new species would probably be evolving somewhere else. The small size of the isolated population which is evolving into a new species reduces the odds that any of its members will be fossilized. The new species will only leave fossils at the same site as the old one if it becomes successful enough to move back into its ancestral range or different enough to exist alongside its relatives.

Scientists have scrutinized the fossil records of many organisms looking for evidence of punctuated evolution. One group of coral-like sea organisms in particular, called bryozoan, shows this kind of pattern. The well-preserved fossil record of bryozoans shows that one species first appeared about 140 million years ago and remained unchanged for its first 40 million years. Then there was an explosion of diversification, followed by another period of stability for vast amounts of time.

An “…explosion of diversification…” to me sounds like CREATION!  So the scientists admit to PBS that the fossil record does NOT show evolution.  Evolution is in deed a lie from the pit of Hell to keep scoffers in their sins.

But the Big Bang is not:  This is a misunderstanding of what the Big Bang says:  The Big Bang says that billions of years ago the universe was formed out of nothing!  (This science blog says tain’t  so – it’s some sort of flaw in the energy field that is now beyond the observable universe.  But that sounds like an attempt to avoid the creationist implications of the Big Bang.

So the Big Bang might be actually evidence of CREATION!

For those readers that came to laugh at Paul Broun and have now got that sick feeling that the Bible (and the Hell that the Bible teaches really exists […and in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…”  [Luke 16:22]) might be true after all:  Don’t fret!  Yes, you might have sins to give up.  BUT, you won’t miss them compared to the peace and joy you will have.  So, go here and settle it with Jesus.  Right now. (“…behold, now is the day of salvation.” [II Corinthians 6:2(KJV)])  Do it before it is eternally too late.


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