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Godzilla Stubs his Toe on Fairfax Hearings

Let’s start with this: I like John Fredericks. His show is a island of civility and I appreciate he seeks interviews with both sides. He was first to support Trump (wish I had – maybe it would have been Undersecretary Sanders or Judge Sanders) and he has interesting guests.

But Thursday just before the 9 am hour, Fredericks brought up a press release from Senator Richard Obenshain about how some Dem legislators now seeking state senate seats (Bell, Rodman and Turpin) helped block hearings for the allegations against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.

Here is one TV station’s (WHSV in Harrisonburg) take on this:

The Godzilla of the Truth’s attitude toward this issue (while by the way flanked by leading Democrat state senator Scott Surovell [unopposed by the way]) was: Nothing to see here. After all, the senator said, a committee can always conduct hearings at any time and you do not even need a special session. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Now it may be foolhardy for the blogger with an alleged attention span of a gnat to take on Godzilla. But, I do recall, many many gnat lives ago, that there was some discussion of hearings on the Fairfax accusers but it was indeed the Dems who scotched it. I hunted for say ten minutes and found this neat item: Jeanine Martin at The Bull Elephant quoted the Satanic bible on the Potomac (Washington Post) as follows:

Meanwhile, Republicans in the House of Delegates have wanted a hearing on the two sexual assault allegations against Lt Governor Justin Fairfax by two very creditable women. Both women have requested bi-partisan hearings in the General Assembly. The special session seemed to Republicans to be a good time for those hearings. However, the Democrats have refused once again. From the Washington Post:

In a letter sent to the House’s Democratic leader on Monday, Del. Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) said the hearings could take place as early as next month, when legislators gather July 9 for the special session Gov. Ralph Northam (D) called after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

“As you know, both women have stated that they will only participate in legislative hearings if the hearings are public and both Republicans and Democrats participate,” Bell,chair of the Courts of Justice Committee, wrote to House Minority Leader Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax). “I wish to renew my offer for truly bipartisan hearings.”

Democrats continue to refuse a bi-partisan hearing on the allegations against Fairfax. More from the Post:

Filler-Corn rejected the proposal in a reply Tuesday, saying that she wanted to hear from Fairfax’s accusers but feared that Republicans would run the hearing as a “political exercise.”

“We will not participate in House Republicans’ political games, nor will we turn such serious allegations into a partisan sideshow,” Filler-Corn wrote.

It is safe to cite the satanic bible in DC if they criticize Democrats. Now, Fredericks could have asked Surovell: What are House Dems afraid of?

Now I tried to find some comment from Messieurs Bell, Rodman and Turpin on this issue but I was not successful. And yes it is politics. But both sides will marshal facts and issues to try to win the election.

And I could have been more on Fredericks’ side if he had said: What is the purpose of the hearings? What penalty for the Lieutenant Governor is he is found not credible?

Where the Republicans truly flubbed up was how to force the hearing. There already is a procedure for a hearing that will really matter: Impeachment. One solon (Del. Patrick Hope) threatened impeachment and that might have been the ultimate solution.

But it is too late now. Godzilla could have placed blame where it belongs: On the Dems in the General Assembly. And he didn’t.

I’d say Godzilla stubbed his toe.

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