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GREAT NEWS out of ARIZONA: ANTI-AGENDA 21 BILL up for passage in HOUSE MONDAY! (TENNESSEE DID pass their anti-Agenda RESOLUTION!)

I was pleased to see that the anti-ICLEI/Agenda 21 bill passed a preliminary test in the House.  I blogged on this before and I have contacted Senator Burges’ office about this.

This bill would do more than just ban ICLEI – it would ban any implementation of the Rio Declaration in Arizona.  The opponents are predictably shrill about what could happen if it passes:

Opponents say the bill, if signed into law, will shut down any government-led environmental initiative, such as Energize Phoenix, a stimulus-funded, $25 million program to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses near the light-rail route in central Phoenix.

Under Burges’ bill, the state, counties and cities could not accept or spend funds from “certain non-governmental organizations,” including non-profit groups and contractors, for any of the declaration’s initiatives. They also could not give funds to such organizations.


“We wouldn’t be able to use CFL light bulbs in state buildings because that would be considered energy efficiency,” Campbell said.

Campbell also said that the state’s Economic Security Department, which handles unemployment and welfare benefits, could be outlawed because it has to do with eradicating poverty.

Also, Arizona universities have sustainability programs that could be banned if the bill becomes law, Campbell warned.

Arizona State University has a School of Sustainability, Northern Arizona University offers a master’s in sustainable communities, and the University of Arizona has an environment and sustainability portal.


Campbell told MSNBC that, “The tea party and conspiracy theorists run the state now.” And while that might sound extreme to some, SB1507 does indeed include some vague accusations of a global conspiracy.

Maybe they prove too much!  I’d like to see what will happen.  But one aspect of this bill is a state-wide ban on ICLEI:

“…the state of Arizona and all political subdivisions are prohibited from implementing programs of, expending any sum of money for, being a member of, receiving funding from, contracting services from, or giving financial or other forms of aid to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives…”

Music to my ears!  I think those supporting this bill ought to descend on the state capitol in Arizona (please follow all laws and obey those in authority) and let them know:  Pass SB 1507!

In more good news, Tennessee DID pass the anti-Agenda 21 resolution (I blogged on this here and here) and more music:

The resolution, which “recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21,” was approved 19-11 on Tuesday. The House passed the measure 72-23 last month.

I guess the good people of Arizona and Tennessee did not heed the Roanoke Times!  The Roanoke Board of Supervisors should not heed the Times either!

I think what will happen is that one of the ICLEI cities will sue to stay in and the constitutionality of ICLEI will reach a courtroom where it belongs.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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