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There is more GOOD news from Michigan:  A staunch Ron Paul libertarian has won the GOP primary in Michigan’s third district:  Justin Amash.  Here’s his website:

Amash has great stands on the issues


Our high unemployment rate—both here in Michigan and nationally—is a direct result of government central planning. Government actions to restrict trade, prop up failing companies, and discriminate against non-union workers have blocked real innovation and damaged the economy. Federal stimulus programs, combined with government efforts to manipulate the money supply, simply add to our skyrocketing debt and fuel further inflation. Government cannot “create” jobs—it can only shuffle jobs and resources from one place to another. Innovation and entrepreneurship create jobs, and both are blocked when the government tries to dictate artificial outcomes in society.

Free Markets:

Government must respect each person’s economic freedom. Government intervention in the market should be seen for what it is—a decision by government bureaucrats with limited information about how you and I should spend our time and talents. When government uses central planning to promote certain activities and ventures—whether through Federal Reserve policies or targeted economic incentives—it disrupts price signals and distorts behavior, creating dangerous economic cycles.

Health Care:

Health care is a personal issue. I have pledged to repeal the federal government’s plan to force families and individuals to purchase government-approved health insurance.  *  *  *  In 2009, I sponsored a resolution that would amend Michigan’s constitution to affirm that no one can be forced to join a health care plan against his or her will. That resolution provided the basis for a statewide ballot petition. We need reforms that will reduce the real costs of health care. I support allowing insurance companies to sell health care policies across state lines and innovative programs, like health savings accounts, that improve care and reduce costs by aligning the incentives of patients, doctors, and hospitals. 

Life, Faith & Family:

The proper function of government is to protect individual rights—life, liberty, and property. I believe that life begins at conception, and it is unconscionable that government would sanction the taking of the helpless and innocent. I will always vote against government funding of abortion and will fight to protect life at all stages. I am proud to meet Right to Life of Michigan PAC’s endorsement criteria as a candidate for Congress.

My family and I are committed Christians. My Christian faith is an important part of who I am. It informs my values and principles. Our most important unit of government is the family. When larger units of government attempt to supplant the family, we must say no. I believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage, and I oppose government efforts to redefine this private, religious institution. I strongly support the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

I do realize (and respect) that not all Ron Paul libertarians will agree but it is within the mainstream of Ron Paul libertarianism.  I am glad to see a open follower of Christ be able to say this is how I believe.  BULLY for him!

Amash supports the right of Israel to exist, opposes violent terrorism and the Iranian nuclear weapon program.  Aagain, some will disagree but Amash seems to have a balanced approach.  He does not call for nation-building and useless, feel good wars:

National defense is an essential function of the federal government as provided in the United States Constitution. The full force of our armed forces should be unleashed when presented with genuine threats to our safety, such as active foreign aggression or invasion. The exclusive power of Congress to declare war must be respected, and executive reactions to imminent dangers must not be allowed to drag on without the express authorization of Congress. I’ll fight to ensure that we abide by the Constitution and that perceived threats are truly a danger to our life, liberty, or sovereignty before sending American troops into harm’s way.

State Sovereignty and Individual Rights:

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The federal government should not use the General Welfare Clause, the Commerce Clause, or the Necessary and Proper Clause to justify regulating activities that are not within its authority.

As a state legislator, I introduced a resolution to affirm the individual rights secured under the Ninth Amendment. Individuals have certain unalienable rights, and the Ninth Amendment ensures that all of our rights are protected, even if they are not among those specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights. I oppose legislative acts that grow government and threaten our civil liberties.

Justin started this campaign prepared to go against the incumbent GOP representative:

Amash will likely be challenging 16 year Republican incumbent Vern Ehlers who has not yet announced his intention to run. Ehlers has never been challenged in a primary during his tenure in the House of Representatives and took office (I think) during a special election. Politically, Ehlers is described as a very moderate to liberal Republican on fiscal issues but staunchly pro-life.

in the spirit of Ron Paul, Amash refused the lavish lifetime healthcare plan available to Michigan state legislators.  He also placed his salary, budget and expense account online for his constituents for review.  RedStateEclectic states this endorsement:

If you are a fan of Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, or Paul Ryan you should be rooting for Justin Amash. The best thing about Amash’s run for Congress is that (unlike many who claim to be champions of small government) he has a proven track record and can vouch for being completely committed to liberty.

Amash was also endorsed by Ron Paul and the Club for Growth.  Congressional Quarterly has indicated that this is a strong GOP district and Amash is likely to win in November.  I say keep up the effort to November!  But the R3volution continues!  Let’s keep working and praying for victory!

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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