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Guest Post from Bob Shannon in Response to the Ken Reid TBE Article on Hyra

Spoiler in the race……… a response to the article by Ken Reid in TBE

I read with interest Ken Reid’s article on TBE September 20 and was not at all surprised to hear one of the establishment’s water boys categorize Cliff Hyra as a “ spoiler”. He expressed his concern that Hyra could be a potential vote by tea party conservatives and Corey Stewart voters who see Gillespie as an establishment candidate. So as to clear up any doubt Mr. Reid , yes indeed that isn’t what we see Gillespie as, but what he is.

I was forced to listen once again to the myth ( and by now Mr. Reid knows firsthand it is a lie) that Rob Sarvis had taken money from this democrat linked PAC, in spite of Sarvis telling Virginian’s that this donor routinely gave money to all sides , and yes when you are a starving candidate up against the well oiled money machines you take whatever funds come your way. I suppose Mr. Reid distinguishes a Sarvis donor as less ethical than say…..oh I don’t know, maybe a Johnnie Williams for example ?

Reid specifically mentions that no Republican has won statewide races since McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli and suggests that Cuccinelli’s loss was a result of Sarvis bleeding off votes. It had, if one accepts Mr. Reid’s interpretation nothing to do with the tainted integrity, nothing to do with the 6 billion in new taxes, and nothing to do with the failure of the McDonnell administration in addressing any of the major issues facing Virginia, in spite of republicans controlling all 3 top offices, the House and a 20-20 split in the State Senate ? This isn’t a case of amnesia on Mr. Reid’s part, but a convenient revision of recent state political history. Questions arose in the closing months of that campaign about Cuccinelli’s own integrity, but Mr. Reid would rather tag Rob Sarvis ?

Maybe Reid is concerned about the sour sentiment among conservatives resulting from the 7 year promise of repealing the A.C.A, or the republicans who now are stepping up opposing Trumps border wall, or even the promised tax reform. Reid’s musings might carry some weight if Virginians haven’t had their fill of republicans failures to get anything of substance done, or their broken promises after 7 years of voters giving them majorities in both Houses at the federal level.

Conservatives like myself who endorse Cliff Hyra are simply no longer willing to delude themselves or listen to any more of the republicans excuses as to why after they are elevated to power, only to govern like the elitist progressives they so often turn out to be.

Place the blame anywhere you like Mr. Reid, the facts tell us the failure of republican candidates has more to do with how republicans govern after they are elected, not some protest vote . Those of us who cast a ballot for Cliff Hyra will regardless of the outcome know we voted for a principle, or at least advancing one. You can keep scoring this as if it is a baseball game, it isn’t a game to those of us with clear consciences and convictions, and who have had enough.

Bob Shannon King William

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

5 Responses to “Guest Post from Bob Shannon in Response to the Ken Reid TBE Article on Hyra”

  1. Tayloe V. Morrissey says:

    New Jersey native Ed Gillespie has never been elected to or held any office in his life and is the most unqualified Republican candidate for Governor ever put up by the party in the Commonwealth. The “Conservative Fellowship’s God Squad” who operate the Bull Elephant wants ABC Any Body but Corey. Denver Riggleman then Ed Gillespie and Nick Freitas. What a joke.

    Ed Gillespie has held two jobs in his life in politics (1) Chairman of the Republican Party where he collected checks from donors and (2) LOBBYIST at Quinn- Gillespie where he passed out checks to politicians peddling influence in exchange for their votes.

    The best thing that could happen in Virginia to this current Republican Party is for the Republican ticket to lose in a landslide in November and purge the party of the leadership and influence and money who keep supporting these loser candidates.

    When the Libertarian Party meets the 10% threshold in November by voting for Hyra and gets its rightful place with ballot access and a voice on the debate stage, the Republicans will find their conservative roots and platform other than “Right to Life” which seems to be its only litmus test for candidates in the modern era.

    • Sandy Sanders

      Interesting take on this Tayloe but I wonder: What’s your fuss with Del. Frietas? He seems conservative enough. I like him. But remember, I have the attention span of a tarantula!

      Thanks for coming by!


    • Paul Thiel says:

      Please tell me what is wrong with “Right to Life”-especially with taxpayer money at stake?
      Unfortunately money talks and BS walks! Irresponsibly spending taxpayer money is my litmus
      test !
      Which is better, attending Tea party meetings but not going to Republican Party meetings and
      divorcing yourself from trying to influence the RINOS that have turned the RP into the joke that
      it currently is ? I believe strides are being made, especially in Mechanicsville. Where is the money?.
      Unfortunately it plays a major role in elections

  2. Tayloe V. Morrissey says:

    What’s wrong with Nick Freitas for US Senate? you ask?

    A one term delegate being drafted to run for the United States Senate against a former Governor Tim Kaine by the God Squad’s twenty something homeschooled Bible class leader from the 5th District Daniel Bradshaw? As a response to Corey Stewart’s announcement for US Senate in 2018? ABC- Any body but Corey. They don’t care if they lose to a Democrat as long as Corey never wins.

    This is how the God Squad run by Albertson in the 1st District and Travis Witt in the 5th District operates using the Bull Elephant- they run spoilers so the grassroots conservative candidates will lose the nomination and ultimately the seat to Democrats.

    Nick Freitas has no money and the God Squad can’t fund raise- look at their candidate Bryce Reeves for LG- had to run a smear campaign in order to run against well funded Jill Vogel. How did that work out for them? These people are hateful barn burners of the Republican Party draping themselves in the cloth of the Lord.

  3. Lawrence Wood says:

    I believe you might be confusing in this aforementioned article the internal thrashings of the old Richmond state party system and how it vetted and PACed out candidates from the machine with any coherent argument that may be coming from the “it’s the libertarians fault school of excuse generation” that is all they are really left with as the expel their final few “we control things around here” breaths. 

    Will they willing contribute to any new reconfiguration of the state party, that is going to happen with or without them – likely no. Will they be a lingering force of subversion in the party – likely yes. Will any of it matter in the longer term most definitely – no. It wasn’t the state Democrats or Republican Trump supporters that did these individuals in, it was there own hubris and inability to summon the courage to grasp the simple fact that all politics rests on delivering results in the final end game to your voting base. Something they never understood or felt was not a necessary exercise here in Virginia even after being poleaxed by former Speaker Eric Cantor absolute dismissal by this base. 

    If Gillespie loses (and it is looking more and more likely that will be the case) this group will never again have the clout to move a party majority candidate forward to any likelihood of statewide election success. If they are left largely embedded in the state party apparatus they will in all probably serve only as an impediment to necessary change. Post November is the time to start thinking in terms of a housecleaning starting with the Central Committee in it’s present form and a re-evaluation on what the role of the party apparatus should be in the state going forward.

    Otherwise expect a lingering rearguard set of actions that will place the possibility of swinging the 2018 Kane Senate seat out of range based solely on intra party political duplicity and grievance mongering. The next 6 – 9 months will set the table for reformation or final decline, diddle longer and the decisions will have been made for you as the remainder of the base simply walks away.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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