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Hanover County Voter Alert! Supervisor Candidate an Agenda 21 Advocate for UN Control of Hanover

Voter Deception Alert!

One of the top values that voters expect and demand of their representatives is honesty. If we can’t trust them to be honest, they have no business representing us!

Hanover County, Virginia has an honesty issue with at least one of the candidates running for the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. Right off the bat, James M. Ellis, Jr is intentionally deceiving voters about his true intent if he manages to get elected.

How is he deceiving voters?

By hiding about his party affiliation.

Face it. Democrats are about as out of touch with the citizens of Hanover as you can get. The Democratic Party is pushing the United Nation’s Agenda 21 through ICLEI, an organization using buzz words like “Sustainable Development” and “Smart Growth” to take away property rights from Americans. It is all about the One World Government and Global redistribution of wealth. And it is focused on local governments. A bottom up approach.

And the most common tactic these global Progressive Democrats use to achieve this theft of property rights is by deception, stealth, and outright lies. And they deny it all as they push their hidden agenda.

One way to adopt this culture of deception is by denying your true party affiliation in conservative localities. These sneaky Progressive Democrats always run as Independents.

Ellis is a far left wing Democrat running as an Independent in the Chickahominy District against a true Conservative and proud Republican Angela Kelly-Wiecek.

There is only one Democrat running in the Hanover BOS races who has the honesty to tell people he is a Democrat, as unpopular as the Democrat’s Socialist Agenda is – especially in Hanover.

If you are unfamiliar with Agenda 21 and the dangers it holds, take 10 minutes to view Agenda 21 for Dummies below and see what the Progressive Democrats have in mind for Hanover – if we allow them to sneak onto our Board of Supervisors.


An examination of the platform of this Democrat in Hiding reveals his plans to steal Hanover Citizen’s property rights through the Agenda 21 Master Plan.

James Ellis has laid out his Agenda 21 plans quite nicely on his website. He has all the platitudes to make you think he loves Hanover, but what he advocates is to fundamentally change the county. (Where have we heard that phrase?)

He has 6 bullet points on his front page. Three of the fit quite nicely into his Agenda 21 plans.

Achieve high-quality growth by incorporating citizen input in the designs of larger developments

Incorporating Citizen Input sounds nice. Normally it is. But what if that citizen input is manipulated by experts to steer the group into a predetermined outcome?

“They wouldn’t do that, would they?”

Yes, they would!

What Ellis and his fellow deceivers will do is push for “experts” and “consultants” to assist in helping Hanover to plan for future growth. And citizens will be invited to participate. And they will manipulate you into giving up your property rights.

How? Some Jedi Mind Trick?

Close. They will use a manipulation process developed in the 1960’s by Rand Corporation called the DELPHI TECHNIQUE.

There is some good information about this manipulation here.

But this is the basic information you need to know.

“The goal of the Delphi technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a predetermined outcome, while giving the illusion of taking public input and under the pretext of being accountable to the public.”

This is being used by Progressive Democrats with amazing success. And the sad thing is, local governments are being manipulated with the Delphi Technique every day. And a number of these are conservative counties and localities just like Hanover. The Democrats who pushed this weren’t even a majority! All it takes is one!

Want more proof from Ellis’ website?

Strengthen the county’s approach to green infrastructure and parks

Green infrastructure. Agenda 21 to the core. Parks and “Public spaces” are taken over to prevent development and “keep the rural nature of the County”. That sounds good but the reason Progressives like Ellis want to “preserve” these areas is that the eventual plan calls for these lands to be off limits to people. The United Nations and the rest of the world will eventually control the new “wilderness” areas while people are shoved into high density warehouse-style housing. Where you can be controlled. How much energy you use, water use, even the foods you eat.

And lastly:

Place greater emphasis in the county’s economic planning on agriculture, locally-owned businesses, tourism and better access to high-speed Internet

Planning on agriculture? Another part of Agenda 21. Ellis also would have the county pay millions of our tax dollars to for internet service, something that is best done by the private sector, not with tax dollars!

How do we know Ellis is a Democrat in hiding? Have a look at his Resume

According to his resume’ Ellis was a Democrat right up until this year when he became an Independent to run for the BOS.

2008 – 2011 Former Member and Vice-Chair/Technology, Hanover Democratic Committee (HDC)

It is also noted in the resume’ that he ran in 2007 as an Independent. Then became a Democrat, and back to Independent to run in 2011. Deceptive? You bet!

His resume’ fails to mention any affiliation with the Democratic Party before his 2007 run for BOS.

The resume’ also shows that he is a member of the board of the Coalition for Hanover’s Future. A quick look around this mostly defunct website shows a strong Agenda 21 connection:

  • sustainable population growth
  • preservation of agricultural and forestal lands
  • long-range planning for green infrastructure
  • treating Hanover as an integral part of the Richmond region
  • a greater variety of options in housing
  • transportation that is multi-modal
  • balanced economic growth

Start local and expand from there. That’s the Agenda 21 way. Many of these points are deceptive, but one world government is implemented one area at a time. I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of Hanover being a part of the Richmond Region, whatever that is. I want Hanover to be Hanover. Period.

And a quick look at the Virginia Public Access Project confirms the Democratic connections. Ellis’ top donor, Howard Ostergren, is a big time money man for the Democrats. He actually supported the admitted Progressive Democrat Rick Waugh that recently ran against Eric Cantor.

A look at Ostergren’s donations shows:

Howard F. Ostergren (Retired/Retired), (Zip code: 23116) $500 to RICK WAUGH FOR CONGRESS on 06/27/10

Howard F. Ostergren (Retired/Retired), (Zip code: 23116) $400 to RICK WAUGH FOR CONGRESS on 10/24/10

Howard F. Ostergren (Retired/Retired), (Zip code: 23116) $500 to RICK WAUGH FOR CONGRESS on 09/18/10

Howard F. Ostergren (N/A/Retired), (Zip code: 23116) $2500 to DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA on 01/09/09

Howard F. Ostergren (N/A/Retired), (Zip code: 23116) $2500 to DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA on 02/18/10

Now, Ostergren is perfectly within his rights to donate his money however he sees fit and he is to be lauded for his generosity. He is clearly not fooled by the “Independent” label Ellis is hiding behind. And his $1,000 donated to Ellis makes him the top donor.

Ellis is clearly a Democrat in hiding and a threat to Hanover Property Rights! He is clearly a staunch advocate of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and is a danger to property owners in Hanover.

And he is a Progressive Democrat!

Tell your neighbors in the Chickahominy District Don’t Be Fooled!


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

4 Responses to “Hanover County Voter Alert! Supervisor Candidate an Agenda 21 Advocate for UN Control of Hanover”

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr says:

    Nice post, Tom. The Hanover Project is an extension of the Colorado Project, in which Democrats flipped a Red State into a Blue State.

    I will cross post your post onto DisruptTheNarrative for the moment, but there is much evil afoot in this bucolic county.

    Did I mention that my Gadsden festooned mailbox got a bunch of hate rained down upon it last Saturday night? Unfortunately, so did my neighbor's box. I believe that I know who it is, but I have no proof.

    Measures are being taken.

    • a.j. shriar says:

      That is the dumbest, most simplistic posting I've ever encountered? Are people in this country really dumb enough to buy that nonsensical fear-mongering?

      • Tom White says:

        Professor Shriar. You of all people are keenly aware of the implications of Agenda 21 and "sustainable" development. Your research in Latin America is proof that you are wholly owned and funded by the proponents of Agenda 21. You decry the inequities of wealth in your work by those who own land and are obviously of a mind that land ownership is inherently evil.

        That is YOUR opinion.

        Most of us in Hanover County DO NOT SHARE that view. We understand that the basic fundamentals of this country are built on private ownership of land. People like you are a danger and a threat to our way of life.

        We understand that most jobs come from small businesses. Many of these businesses use their land as surety to obtain loans to start their business. The advantage Americans have over much of the world is their ownership of land and the wealth it brings.

        I absolutely disagree with you and as a VCU professor, you are responsible for the poison that is being fed to America's youth. You are a One World Order follower and believe you have all the answers. Your ideas will turn America into a third world counter subservient to and United Nations, deprived of our sovereignty.

        What you call fear-mongering is nothing more than shining a light on what you and people like you are trying to do. The abstract from your research "Roads to Poverty: Exploring the Impacts of Economic Integration on Socioeconomic Conditions and Land Use in Northern Guatemala" tells me all I need to know. That you are part of the problem. You are a "spread the wealth" Socialist. Worse, you are a "Progressive". And it is you and people like you that I am working to expose. Your own words confirm that my post is the absolute truth. Part of what burns me up about people like you is your willingness to hide your true intent. When you are exposed, when people see what you are up to, they turn against you in droves. So you have to be dishonest and accuse those who reveal your intent of lies and fear-mongering. People should be afraid – VERY afraid – of what you are doing.

        Your paper pretty much says it all:

        "This article examines socioeconomic and land use changes associated with the ongoing, rapid economic integration of Petén, Guatemala, which has resulted mainly through road improvements. The study is based primarily on fieldwork conducted by the author before (1998) and after (2005) access roads were paved, greatly reducing travel times to and from the region. Petén's farmers now must compete with larger, more efficient, and often subsidized producers elsewhere in the country and beyond, whereas large-scale commercial farmers and ranchers are flocking to the region because of its improved access and other factors. Household survey data from one agriculturally important area indicate that most households have become poorer and their farming systems less diverse and that the concentration of land and wealth is intensifying. Results suggest that infrastructure aimed at enhancing economic integration can marginalize the majority in a previously remote region, particularly when little is done to support residents' ability to compete economically."

  2. snoop4truth says:


    Conspiracy promoters falsely claim that Agenda 21 is a U.N plan to expand the wilderness into areas already occupied by humans so as drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into tightly-packed, over-populated “Kill Cities” in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. But, none of this is so.

    Agenda 21 was merely a suggestion that the United Nations recommended to all its member nations in 1992. Member nations were permitted, but not required to adopt Agenda 21 for themselves.

    Under the United States Constitution, both the President and the Senate must consent to a proposed international treaty or convention before it becomes law in the United States. While the President ceremonially signed Agenda 21, the Senate withheld its consent to Agenda 21. As a result, the United States government REJECTED Agenda 21 almost 30 years ago, a fact which conspiracy promoters fraudulently conceal from their followers.

    That means Agenda 21 never applied in the United States and does not apply in the United States now. So, whatever Agenda 21 “would have done” if it not been REJECTED is completely irrelevant. It was REJECTED.

    Likewise so-called “Agenda 21 Map” is entirely FAKE and had nothing to do with Agenda 21 in the first place. Instead, the fake “Agenda 21 Map” was a wild exaggeration created by Michael Coffman to generate United States Senate opposition to “The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity”, something entirely different from Agenda 21. (This is why the fake map only depicts the United States, rather than all member nations of the United Nations.), As it turned out, the United States Senate also rejected The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity. So, neither Agenda 21 nor The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity (which the fake “Agenda 21 Map” allegedly illustrated) ever applied in the United States. BOTH WERE REJECTED.

    The mere fact that some elected local governments have since passed regulations to protect the remaining environment has NOTHING to do with Agenda 21. These elected local governments merely concluded (entirely on their own) that some protection of the environmental made sense.

    FOR PROOF, CLICK ON POST #5 HERE. REMEMBER, POST #5 HERE. Google “The Hoaxes Of Deborah Tavares”, or click here.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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