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Hanover Residents: Raise Real Estate Taxes or Reinstate Proffers?

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One of the first acts of Hanover’s all Republican Board of Supervisors nearly 4 years ago was to eliminate proffers for developers. Since then, the same board has approved a number of high density / low income housing in the area despite vocal opposition to this type of growth. And with the per pupil spending around $10,000 to $11,000 (perhaps more for 2015-2016 school year), the citizens of the county have a decision to make. As developers line their pockets building more and more housing units, without proffers to offset the cost of services such as Police and Fire, something has to go unfunded, or we must raise taxes.

Our schools have fallen into disrepair and we have no choice but to spend money to protect our investment in these structures. The HVAC (heating and cooling) systems are old and not working as they should, roofs are leaking (see the video below of Lee Davis High School earlier this year.)

And our cash reserves are have fallen to an unacceptably low level because this money has been spent on other things in order to keep from raising taxes. But those days are fast coming to a close. And taxes, fees, and other ways of taking our money will be increasingly common during the next 4 year term for the new board.

And the questions we need to answer is will we continue to line the pockets of developers and builders at the expense of our schools? Or will we reinstate proffers so that these developers will have to pay for some of the impact of the multitude of new housing they are building?

Looking at the donors to the current Board of Supervisors and Candidates on VPAP if you exclude donations from political sources, all 5 of the members running for re-election received the largest amount in donations from the Real Estate and Construction industry (for all years). And with the easy time most developers have gaining approval for their projects as well as the elimination of proffers, the developers have gotten what they paid for in Hanover.

And the taxpayers are the ones coming up short.

The tax hikes are coming folks. You can’t sell the county government to developers and not expect to pay for such a mistake.

Call your supervisor and demand that they reinstate proffers immediately. And consider voting only for candidates who promise to fight to reinstate proffers and the Cronyism in Hanover County.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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  1. DETAIL DAN says:




  2. PAULA says:

    Canova Peterson and Wayne Hazzard appointed the woman who got them elected along with Kevin Smythe to the proffers committee. Kevin Smythe is Canova Peterson’s campaign manager and Emma Lee Mitchell helped both of them get elected just as she did John Cox and Trip Chalkley. Mrs. Mitchell owed almost $400,000 in proffers and Hazzard owed over $400,000 with Sonny Hill who donated significantly to Hazzard’s campaign.

    Kathy Seay, Director of Finance, owed MILLIONS in proffers on her land for development.
    Tom Evans and David Armentrout owed proffers- Armentrout owed over $2 million.

    How do you think the vote was going to go with a stacked deck?


    The appointed members of the Proffer Committee are:

    • Canova Peterson, Co-Chair Board
    • Aubrey Stanley, Co-Chair Board
    • B. W. Alexander Henry Magisterial District
    • David Armentrout Cold Harbor Magisterial District
    • Scott Byrnes Ashland Magisterial District
    • William “Bill” Carter Mechanicsville Magisterial District
    • Caroline Cooke Beaverdam Magisterial District
    • Tom Evans South Anna Magisterial District
    • Emma Lee Mitchell At-Large
    • Harold Padgett Planning Commission
    • Robert Setliff Chickahominy Magisterial District
    • Kevin Smyth At-Large
    • Claiborne Winborne Planning Commission

    Participating staff members include:
    • Rhu Harris, County Administrator
    • Joe Casey, Deputy County Administrator
    • Frank Harksen, Deputy County Administrator
    • Sterling Rives, County Attorney
    • Mike Flagg, Director of Public Works
    • Kathy Seay, Director of Finance
    • David Maloney, Director of Planning
    • Dawn Hardman, Planning Business Manager”

  3. FED UP IN HANOVER says:

    Claiborne Winborne, Emma Lee Mitchell’s friend, was on the School Finance Committee and the Chairman of the Hanover County Planning Commission AT THE SAME TIME.





  4. Juris Doctored says:

    The better question is:

    Where are the FEDS and a sweeping investigation of corruption into Hanover County?

  5. Juris Doctored says:

    How did Peterson and Hazzard come up with eliminating proffers with a county debt over $150 million dollars? With aging schools in desperate need of costly capital improvements that proffers could have funded?

    Oh yeah- Kathy Seay, Hanover County finance director who owed almost $5million in proffers taxes on her land, advised them. Now that’s creative financing.

    That’s the FOX watching the HENHOUSE.

  6. Julie says:

    Tom Evans donated to Wayne Hazzard’s 2011 campaign.

    Evans owed significant proffers and was appointed by Hazzard to the proffers committee where he VOTED TO ELIMINATE PROFFERS.

    The Hanover Way………

  7. Gene M. says:

    Watch for the exodus of the developers to their offshore accounts and condos when the FEDs sweep in after this blog goes viral on the Hanover Residents FB page.

    This is pure corruption.

  8. Skipper S. says:

    Since the revelation of Supervisor Elton Wade’s $40.25 per hour school crossing job and EJ Wade Construction’s contracts and Wade’s “do over vote” on Summer Duck Farm, scrutiny has come to the backroom deals of the Hanover Board of Supervisors like no time in previous history.

    Angela Wiecek’s campaign for the Charleston Ridge Apartments in the Chickahominy District for her developer donors is another case that needs to be investigated. If you donate to Mrs. Wiecek’s campaign, she can rezone land like a Fairy God Mother.

    Wiecek should NEVER BECOME a DELEGATE, WHICH IS THE PLAN of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF HANOVER COUNTY. She’s learned from Chris and Ashley Peace, if you do favors for the developers you can get their donations when you run for office.


  9. Skipper S. says:

    The biggest conflict of interest in Hanover County is Delegate Chris Peace’s wife Ashley serving as Elton Wade’s Cold Harbor Planning Commissioner.

    Not once has she recused herself from zoning applications when Chris Peace’s donors have come before the Hanover County Planning Commission. Wrapped up in LLCs to protect them all.

    And then she approved hundreds of housing units in Hanover County while earning her Realtor’s License.

    Cashin’ in for Long and Foster now as a realtor.

  10. Working for Millican says:

    Ashley Peace and Canova Peterson supported the Mechanicsville Theater and all the housing and traffic nightmares in Mechanicsville are owned by THEM, so vote for Glenn Millican for Mechanicsville Supervisor in November.

    Those two Amigos put that 15 unit per acre Mixed Use zoning CRAP in the Hanover County Comprehensive Plan in 2013 and ruined Hanover County.

    The only reason Canova ran for Supervisor was so he could rezone his LAND.

  11. Friend of a Hanover School says:

    Hanover Residents can thank 2015 HABCC President Emma Lee Mitchell and her Developer Friends for the Deplorable Conditions of Hanover County Schools which desperately needed proffer money for capital improvements: see her email below to the long list of people who profiitted from her GREED.

    From: Emma Lee Mitchell
    Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 10:58 AM
    Subject: Reminder of Tonight’s Important Cash Proffer Update Meeting
    To: David Armentrout , Janet Ashworth , Dennis Beard , blairfunk , AC Bruce , Davenport Builder , “R. B. Chenault” , Sharon Coleman , [email protected], Eddie Davenport , Donna Dennehy , Steve Dennehy , Allan Eddleton , Susan Eddleton , Susan Eddleton , Rusty Edwards , Tom Evans , “Terri B. Flagg” , Lou Flanagan , Trey Flanagan , Bill Flexon , Mike Gladstone , Marti Glave , Karen Godsey , Cindy Goodman , Micky Goodman , Donna Graves , Wes Graves , David Hamilton , Melanie Harman , Brad Harmon , Lisa Harmon , Mamie Hinckle , Ben Hutcheson , Angie Hynson , Grayson Johnson , Billy Jones , Tammy Jowers , JUDY KILGOUR , Ann Lauterbach , Hank Lowry , Stoney Marshall , Ron Martin , Ned Massie , [email protected], Mark Melton , Charlene Mitchell , Dara Nicely , Kenneth Nuckols , Steve Pace , Angela Pagac , Cathy Pugh , Susan Robertson , Michael Robson , Jim Sanders , Ray Santelli , Jennifer Scott , Tim Shelton , Connie Stanley , Paul Stanley , Tom Stanley , steverhyne , Linda Street , Linda Street , Sherry Tingler , Sheila Tompkins , Jim Vass , Greg Vaughan , “A.D. Whittaker” , Steve Williams , claiborne Winborne , Susan Wingo , Cameron Wood , Jeff Yorke , Larry Zacharias , Lee Roy Boschen , Jean Whittaker , [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    I wanted to remind everyone about the meeting tonight at the Henry Clay Inn, 114 N Railroad Ave, Ashland, 5:30pm. This meeting is very important for land owners and many small businesses. The purpose of the meeting is to update you on the cash proffer issue which is coming before the Board of Supervisors as early as next week, November 28th.

    Please feel free to call with any questions and hope to see you tonight.

    Emma Lee Mitchell
    Coldwell Banker Dew Realty
    804-752-3503 Ext 1

  12. Conrad says:

    The only person they forgot to mention in the article was South Anna Supervisor Wayne T. Hazzard who owed over $400,000 dollars on his land in Hanover County near Black Creek. Intentional Omission by the press.

  13. Baby Girl says:

    Here’s how the proffers committee voted with a few Conflicts of their own.

    Mr. Stanley and Mr. Peterson did not vote.

    B.W. Alexander ( Appointed by Sean Davis) , David Armentrout,

    Scott Byrnes, Bill Carter, Tom Evans, Emma Lee Mitchell and Claiborne Winborne voted in

    favor of Ms. Mitchell’s motion. Caroline Cooke, Harold Padgett, Bob Setliff and Kevin Smyth

    voted against it.

    *David Armentrout-Mountain Air Partners, Lakeridge Commons, 160 lots. $2.1 million in pre-existing proffers—against proffers, got letter from Rob Lanphear/Ryan Homes.

    Emma Lee Mitchell, is the registered agent for Dee Associates whose principals are Eddie Davenport and Dennis Beard/Elm Field, 28 lots with $377,000 in pre-existing proffers. Eddie Davenport is Ms. Mitchell’s ex husband.—against proffers

    Tom Evans/ President Southwood Builders and registered agent Mount Hermon Farms, with 34 lots/ $374,000 in pre-existing proffers—against proffers. Donated to Wayne Hazzard for Supervisor. Hazzard appointed to proffers committee. LIves in South Anna.

    *Ms. Claiborne Winborne- on Planning Commission from Ashland District, appointed by Ed Via…she asked for RCI letter, not public’s—against proffers—Mediator in Ashland/Richmond area serves on Hanover County School Finance Committee, husband is now Hanover County School Superintendent

    Scott Byrnes—against proffers, Wrote letter supporting Ed Via for supervisor. Mechanicsville address but votes in Ashland’s Chickahominy Precinct. Byrnes Land Company, LLC. Scott Byrnes registered agent for the LLC started 13 years ago. 9317 Drawbridge Rd. Google Bizapedia. Go to real estate office and look it up.

    *B.W. Alexander—against proffers. Lives at Covenant Woods apparently solicited letter from HHHunt (addressed to Alexander)

    Bill Carter—against proffers

  14. Patrick Henry Booster says:

    Mr. White:

    The story your article doesn’t tell in it’s graphic photo of buckets catching rain in Lee Davis High School and the proffers money that is so badly needed to repair our schools’ mold problems as a result of years of leaking roofs is the fact that the money when it was there was being ripped off by contractors- skimming it.

    Maintenance contracts in Hanover Schools were given to the friends of the Supervisor controlled and appointed School Board. It was all handled by former superintendent Roberson.

    When the FEDS finish with the proffers committee, they should set their sights on the Hanover County School Administration and the CONTRACTS.

    It’s MILLIONS.

  15. Lee Davis Booster Dad says:

    I support Glenn Millican and Faye Pritchard for Hanover County Supervisor in November. Join Me in Working hard to bring positive change to the Hanover Board of Supervisors.

    Citizens in Hanover County need to back elected School Boards to stop the Corruption.

  16. PTA Mom says:

    Wayne Hazzard owed over $400,000 in proffers taxes in Hanover County.
    He voted to eliminate them.
    Claiborne Winborne was a Hanover County Planning Commissioner and served on the Hanover County School Finance Committee at the same time.
    Winborne was appointed to the Proffers Committee and voted to eliminate them.
    Chairman of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors appointed Claiborne Winborne’s husband Dr. Rick Richardson interim Superintendent of the Hanover County Schools.

    Anyone have a problem with all this nepotism?

  17. PTA Mom says:

    Dr. Rick Richardson, husband of Claiborne Winborne Ashland Planning Commissioner, School Finance Committee, and Proffers Committee member appointed by her good friend Emma Lee Mitchell, developer. Hand Selected by Hanover County Board Chairman Wayne Hazzard.

    This is all the evidence you need to elect Faye Pritchard to the Hanover County Board of Supervisors for the Ashland District- to retire Hank Lowry and Claiborne Winborne and Ed Via once and for all.

  18. Patrick Henry Booster says:

    PTA Mom:

    A few developers and contractors in Hanover County control the election of the Supervisors, who appoint the Planning Commission and School Board so all the school contracts go to those select contractors who reap the benefits of their donations.

    Go to http://www.VPAP. org to follow the money trail.
    It’s all there in black and white.

    No wonder Hanover County lost Dr. Jamelle Wilson. Who could work in this unethical environment?

  19. A Friend of Hanover Schools says:

    Wayne Hazzard graduated from Henrico High School almost 42 years ago. He sent his own children to private school and he boasts his 18 grandchildren are homeschooled.

    What the hell does Wayne Hazzard know about public school today?

    He uses a flip phone and can’t use a computer.

  20. A Friend of Hanover Schools says:


    Hazzard is 68 years old which means he went to high school 50 years ago.

  21. PTA Band Booster says:

    If you want to understand who controls Ashland District Hanover County Supervisor Ed Via and his planning commission appointment Claiborne Wimborne: look no further than his single benefactor
    donor: Scroll down to Ed Via

  22. PTA Band Booster says:

    If you want to understand Claiborne Winborne\’s appointment by Ed Via to the Planning Commission and School Finance Committee

    $8,900 Via for Hanover County Board of Supervisors – George


  23. PTA Band Booster says:

    Yes, Hanover Bonds got $6500 from Ed Via’s patron. This was during the 2005 bond referendum for fire stations, parks, new Mechanicsville Library. Click on the $6500 and it takes you to Yes Hanover Bonds. Voila

  24. Accountant says:

    The Hanover County School System came up short $2.5 million in the 2015 school budget.
    The County Board of Supervisors just transferred the money to the schools.

    Over a million dollars was spent on Lee Davis High School for a new Track and Bleachers which could have been funded with Proffers taxes for capital improvements.

    What say you Mr. Hazzard, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Via, Mr. Davis?

    Raising real estate assessments in Hanover County on the taxpayers so you could give yourselves, your employers, and YOUR DEVELOPER DONORS a tax break is beyond unethical. It’s criminal.

    Every Tax Payer in Hanover County needs to demand an investigation by the Virginia Attorney General.
    He’s a Democrat.

    Former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell is going to prison for a $165,000 in gifts.

    How long could the Hanover County Board of Supervisors could go away for? They are in the tank for millions…………

  25. Robert Shannon

    I have been as engaged in local politics as anyone for 6 years. Learning a few things along the way would be an understatement. Here is some advice for my patriot pals in Hanover.

    Elected or appointed school boards ( we have elected down here and have for years ) make no difference. They rarely have any opposition and the reality is , only citizens engagement can rein in the propensity to give the schools a blank check. I have never hear a single instance when a elected school board member raised opposition to any spending, not once. They are inclined to spend more money every year because it is ” for the children” Stay tuned because we are getting ready down here to expose some concrete examples of school expenditures that will set peoples hair on fire.

    Do not elect people from the development real estate, building industry to local government. It is indeed a very bad idea and Hanover provides a textbook lesson on what ensues when you put anyone from these industries onto local governing boards. I listened to the current members Peterson, Hazzard and Davis when they came in 2010 to speak to the MTP members. Same old tired BS, they were going to cut taxes, cut spending ,shrink Hanovers bloated government, and what did they do right out of the gate. Have they kept even 1 promise ?

    Do no elect people to the B.O.S who have been on your school board, it is a certain recipe for disaster. Their affinity for the schools lend to a mentality of giving the schools a blank check. We have learned that one painful lesson down here with the last 4 years having a former school board member now serving and dishing dough out to the schools like their is no tomorrow.

    Either you learn from this experience , or repeat it.


  26. Fed Up Taxpayer from Hanover says:

    Well the HABCC had their fundraiser last night for the GOP Poltical Ruling class in Hanover County and I see that they have all been on the VA Right website to vote for raising taxes in Hanover County- that would be the developers, realtors, and contractors who feed at the county taxpayer funded trough.

    Don’t vote for any Republican on the Ballot in Hanover County in November. It is the only way to get their attention.

  27. Orange is the New Black says:

    Former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has been ordered to REPORT TO PRISON- for taking gifts worth $165,000?

    Hanover County has supervisors and County employees and their families milking the county for Millions and nothing is being done by the FBI or Attorney General?


  28. Virginia Land Man says:

    Hanover County Director of Planning- Mr. David Maloney- has a mother in law who seems to be cashing in on her “Friends and Family Plan. ”

    Drive down Route 1 to the intersection of Lewistown Road and Route 1 across the street from Supervisor Wayne Hazzard’s lot. Look at Texas Trailers. Then go to the county and look up the new road plan which will benefit David Maloney’s Mother in Law’s property- Joan Wampler Yuhase.

    This new road plan may also benefit Pat Powell- former Delegate John Cox and Buddy Fowler’s legislative aid when she develops her large parcel of land.

    The poor folks living on Old Telegraph Road and Old Keeton Road in Ashland can just forget about their road rights as the county closes their access road to Route 1 for the DEVELOPERS.

    The Ruling Class in Hanover County Government are cashin’ in on the Lewistown CDA Bonds.

    Owner Parcel Id Property Address Property Street Name Mailing Address Mailing City/State Mailing Zipcode
    YUHASE, JOAN W & WILLIAM B, JR R/S 7779-15-4800 0 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005

    7779-15-4983 0 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005

    7779-15-2806 12307 ELMONT ROAD ELMONT ROAD 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005
    WAMPLER, JOAN W 7769-49-6689 0 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005
    BARNES PLACE, THE 7788-14-7804 0 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005
    WAMPLER, JOAN W 7850-23-2130 0 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005
    WAMPLER, JOAN W 7860-50-3164 0 12307 ELMONT ROAD ASHLAND VA 23005

  29. Dillon R. says:

    The Hanover County Board Chairman has his land for sale at Route 1 and Lewistown Road after rezoning it recently to Light Industrial. The defaulted Lewistown CDA Bond that Hazzard and Supervisor Canova Peterson renegotiated behind closed doors with the developers may increase the property value. Hazzard has his 10 acre real estate parcel listed with Hanover County School Board member Hank Lowry. Friends and Family Plan.

    Now a road project is proposed for Old Telegraph Road that may benefit his property as well as the property belonging to the mother in law- Joan Wampler Yuhase- of the Hanover County Director of Planning David Maloney.

    Director of Finance in Hanover County Kathy Seay saved millions in Proffers taxes when Proffers were eliminated. She served on the proffer committee as an advisor. No one else in the county oversees the bond debt or understands it.

    Next am I going to read there is a large parcel of land set aside on Route 33 Mountain Road for a new School in Hanover County and the owner isn’t paying assessed value taxes on it.

  30. Vivian says:

    Mr. White,

    Reading the article you wrote about the needs of the public schools, I have to ask why our Deputies all drive what appear to be “Brand New Patrol cars” all the time and Dave Hines is getting body cameras for the deputies and a new computer data system for storage of collected film? I understand the cost is in the millions of dollars.

    If our county is so safe what incident precipated the need for this untimely expense?

    Why does Hanover County spend a million dollars on Animal Control?

    Please look into this issue for us.

    Thank you for your service to our county.

    This is indeed incredible research and an “eye opener” for all of us who live here.

  31. Lee Davis Booster Dad says:

    Dear Mr. Shannon:

    While I respect your opinion I respectfully disagree with your statement that Hanover should not elect a former School Board member to the Hanover BOS.

    In Mechanicsville we have the choice of Republican incumbent supervisor Canova Peterson, which your Tea Party helped elect 4 years ago who has set this county back 25 years by leading the vote to eliminate proffers for the developers while advocating for Mixed Use Zoning on the 20 year Comprehensive Plan. As a result, the irresponsible housing development in Hanover is out of control. Taxes in Hanover County will go up dramatically to pay for the services, new schools, Law Enforcement and Fire and EMS services needed from the explosive housing growth already approved in Hanover County during the last four years.

    Glenn Millican is a former Hanover County school board member who is running for Supervisor.
    Mr. Millican is a CPA and a former planning commissioner and is immensely qualified to serve as the Supervisor representing Mechanicsville.

    I ask my many VA Right friends and neighbors to join our cause to help our schools and preserve Hanover’s Way of Life and DEFEAT CANOVA PETERSON and help us elect Glenn Millican.

  32. Hanover is For Sale says:

    Honestly Mr. Shannon

    The citizens of Hanover County would elect sock monkeys to get rid of the Board of Supervisors your Tea Party supported and elected in 2011:

    Sean Davis, Wayne Hazzard, and Canova Peterson. Mr. Davis was a realtor and now works as a Lobbyist for the Virginia Car Dealers Association and has more conflicts of interest than I can count on my hand. Read about Hazzard’s shenanigans in the comments section of this post and Peterson just wants to rezone his land and make a fortune developing it.

    They all deserve a cell in the Pamumkey Regional Jail for what they’ve served up to the citizens of Hanover County since 2012.

  33. Robert Shannon

    Dear Anonymous Writers,

    I am simply pointing out that you are delusional if you think elected school boards make any difference. That is the reality, and we are living it down here. Stay tuned for coming exposure , real evidence that will soon be exposed as to the position I take that elected or appointed, it makes no difference. The education lobby is now the 3rd most powerful political lobby at every level of government , including local. The emotional blackmail that “it’s for the children ” seems to prevail, elected or appointed. The waste , which we clearly documented in the Heritage Foundations reports that were distributed in 2013 to the school superintendent, every member of the Hanover School Board, every member of the BOS, and every school principal details the hiring binge and the extravagant expense of staffing in K-12 that simply defies logic. Not 1 , not even 1 of the parties mentioned above who received the Heritage Report entitled ” The Staffing Surge in Public Schools” refuted it’s findings or publically commented on it. Why…..because they can’t. Why does it continue, because citizen opposition has yet to rise to the level that something will be done about it.

    As for the MTP electing the current Board, yes indeed many of the members regret supporting the folks on that Board. In the group and members defense allow me to point out a fact . Before the MTP came along…can you name for me one group that was organized in Hanover, another group that was actually doing anything that could be defined as organized opposition ? No , you can not. I formed the MTP in March 2010 because their was no effective opposition. What were the two of you doing ? Name for me the group you belonged to that was actively trying to turn the tide ? It is easy to “arm chair ” quarterback , especially when you were sitting on the sidelines. Hell, you won’t even identify yourselves………..what does that say ?

    The TEA Party groups , unfortunately have weak leaders who have been compromised by some folks in Hanover who under the banner of carrying out a conservative revolution are merely using these groups to man their phone banks, and do the neighborhood canvassing at election time. This board you complain about are the stooges that carry out their marching orders so as to continue the crony capitalist plans of said leaders. If you are familiar with the high profile attacks I launched in late 2010, questioning the expenditures of the local schools ( Robersons $247,000 salary ) and Lee-Davis 4 Ass’t Principals , or my assertions , very public assertions of the bloat going on in the Sheriffs Budget, then one can not claim that the MTP under my leadership shied away from attacking these two entities that get the Lion’s share of the county budget. Sadly a group with considerable influence stepped in and defended these very agencies and their expenditures. Why….because it fostered the climate and culture in Hanover that allows them to get away with what they are doing.

    I stepped down as Chair in January of 2011 and unfortunately the efforts to expose this in the forceful manner that I did subsided, aided by a local PAC that began exerting their influence after my departure

    I might add that over 6 years I have become much better at vetting candidates for political office, much better, to the point that some candidates who had proclaimed they we re going to run here in KW decided against it because they knew the gauntlet they would run and the scrutiny every aspect of their background and candidacy would be subjected to. Unfortunately the MTP has yet to either sharpen that skill set , are reluctant to attack candidates , or both. I listened to the current members of the Hanover BOS when they came in and spoke to the MTP in 2011, but never endorsed any of them. We are better at this in 2015 than we were in 2010-11

    The lessons I alluded to earlier in another post about electing certain types of people to local government posts are clear examples of the improvement we have made as a result of these painful lessons. The bar down here is much higher and the ” stories” Hazzard, Davis & Peterson told as to how they were going to shrink Hanover government and cut spending would not fly in this cycle, because of said improvements in vetting these guys.

    In another week you can go to the KWTP website and read the questionnaires we mailed out to all 10 candidates running down here this fall and the answers of the 7 who responded. Visit us in September and October when we have our candidate debates….quite a contrast to anything being done up there.

    Elect your school boards if you like, I am just pointing out it hasn’t made a bit of difference down here or other localities. They spend spend spend, and will continue to until citizens in large enough numbers raise hell and insist something be done about it.

    Bob Shannon King William

  34. Schooled in Hanover County says:

    Mr. Shannon: I agree with you.

    Appointed School Boards can be effective in Hanover County.

    Just last month Marla Coleman, newly appointed Henry District Supervisor, bucked orders from her own Supervisor Sean Davis to vote for Hank Lowry for Chairman of the School Board. Instead Coleman nominated Sue Dibble as Vice Chair of the School Board so that Hank Lowry, Hometown Realtor/Developer and Golf Buddy of Hanover County Board of Supervisors Chairman Wayne Hazzard could not become the next School Board Chairman as orchestrated by the FAB 5 Developers on the Board of Supervisors- Via, Hazzard, Davis, and Peterson, and Wade. It was a stunning defeat. They all lost to Girl Power.

    It was Mrs. Dibble who cleaned up the corruption in the school maintenance contracts in Hanover County- and the developers did not want her to become Vice Chair- ask yourself “Why?”

    So they could still control who received those lucrative contracts? Dibble, herself a contractor, knew what to look for and cleaned house freeing up revenue for the much needed school maintenance.

    Violation of the Procurement Act is still a crime- even if Hanover County sweeps it all under the rug and lets the people responsible for it go onto other school systems like viruses downloaded to the next computer.

    The plan is for Faye Pritchard, Democratic Candidate for Ashland Supervisor, to defeat Pro Development Republican candidate Webb Stokes and then Hank Lowry can be permanently retired from the school board.

    Let us all work hard in Hanover County to elect Faye Pritchard Ashland’s next Supervisor and BREAK UP THE CORRUPTION in the Hanover County School System run by the developers, contractors, and builders.

    School Redistricting? That was Developers plan through their school board agents Hank Lowry and Norm Sulser to move Apartment kids from Lee Davis High School to Atlee High School. Why would they do that?

  35. Gizmo says:

    The man behind the curtain, the politicians, and control of Hanover County contracts through the appointed School Board and Planning Commission:

  36. Wingman says:

    The Hanover Airport which lies just 25 minutes from Richmond International Airport isn’t just for smuggling marijuana, cocaine, and heroin …. it appears to be the rapid exit strategy- Bahamas and the offshore accounts.

  37. Underground says:

    Dear Schooled in Hanover County:

    Now we know why developer referenced above would tell a Republican Commonwealth’s Attorney Candidate for a recent primary in Hanover County he would spend $30,000 of his own money to defeat him…..Absolute Control of the office and all things in Hanover County.

  38. Eye in the Sky says:

    Dear Underground:

    Stay in your bunker. The Hanover Mafia is now putting out death threats.

  39. Dukes of Hazzard County says:

  40. Dukes of Hazzard County says:

    Daisy Mae, President of the HABCC, held a fundraiser Thursday night to raise money for the Developers’ Supervisors’ elections in Hanover County… The Dukes of Hazzard County were there with their hands out.

  41. Grassroots in Old Church says:

    Dear Lee Davis Booster Dad:

    I applaud your enthusiasm and thank you for your hard work as a school volunteer but I must correct the record and your understanding of the 2011 Supervisor elections.

    The Tea Party leadership had no choice except to bust up the incumbent board of supervisors at the time- Corruption in Hanover County had been going on for years and the only way to get control of the school contracts was to defeat some folks who were either enabling it or were just incompetent.

    There was a quick exit from the county and school administration buildings after the elections and the good voters of Hanover County will never know any of the facts due to the COVER UP.

    But I assure you, The TEA PARTY PATRIOTS in Hanover County gave the citizens and the schools a HUGE gift in the 2011 elections. Finding good citizens to run for elected office isn’t easy in a county when the developers can raise $25,000- $44,000 which was the case in the 2011 elections for a job that pays roughly $26,000 a year.

    What needs to be done now is to DEFEAT all of them- TERM LIMIT all of them out of office and replace them with NON DEVELOPERS and men and women who don’t have conflicts of interest and who aren’t sitting there to serve themselves and their families.

    EJWADE Construction Company and Elton Wade come to mind?

    My advice to the voters who have supervisors who are running unopposed:

    Don’t vote for them. Send them a message by leaving the ballot blank by their name or just stay home.
    By participating in this ballot boycott, you send a message to the good people of Hanover County to encourage them to run for office.

    There is a Revolution brewing in Hanover County- to rival 1776 to take our county back.

  42. Church Lady in Old Church says:

    God Bless Mr. Shannon, too, for all he has done for KW and Hanover County Patriots and Virginia’s Patriot movement.

    Mr. Shannon, the reason people have to post “Anonymously” in Hanover County is due to threats made against good citizens who speak out openly and publicly at Board of Supervisor meetings, Planning Commission meetings, School Board meetings.

    Apparently the First Amendment is not alive and well in Hanover County government.

    This is further exemplified by the refusal of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, School Board, and Planning Commission to live stream its meetings despite funding it in February at their monthly board meeting.

  43. Preservationist says:

    Mr. Shannon-

    An Elmont Resident recently attempted to attend a community meeting at Country Inn and Suites hosted by Cornerstone Homes (The Hargrove Family developer) for their property on Holly Hill Road and Cedar Lane in Elmont.

    Some goon representing the developers’ interests followed the resident to his car filming him the entire time capturing his car and license plate as he drove away in the parking lot.

    Now do you understand the lengths the developer thugs will go to in order to intimidate citizens who oppose them.

    Thus the anonymous postings.

  44. Grassroots in Old Church says:

    Mr. Shannon and Mr. White:

    When the 2011 Hanover Supervisors Elections took place, no one could have predicted that the voters were voting to open up Hanover County for extensive development.

    Supervisors Via, Hazzard, Peterson, and Davis all voted to eliminate proffers but Wade and Kelly-Wiecek contributed to the comprehensive plan which ruined Hanover County for the next 20 years.

  45. Law Enforcer says:

    Mr. White:

    Ask for copies of the disclosure statements for the supervisors, planning commission, and school board and the top 25 compensated employees in the county- especially the updated one on Ed Via after he voted to eliminate proffers.

    These folks are being enabled by the attorneys protecting them.

  46. Land Man says:

    look up the county employees real estate and personal property tax assessments-
    now that is an eye opener

  47. Land Man says:

    Martha Stewart went to prison for less insider trading

  48. Father of Four Boys says:

    Mr. Shannon:

    99% of school boards are elected in the United States. Most, if not all, school boards are elected in Virginia.

    Hanover’s Chamber of Commerce is operated by the developers and contractor interests in the county and the Chamber opposes elected school boards. Why? Control of the contracts. Dan Johnson, their western Hanover County representative and publicist, wrote a letter to the editor stating their favorable position on appointed school boards.

    Hanover County Schools were operated for decades under Superintendent Roberson’s tyrannnical control. He was appointed by the School Board appointed by the Supervisors to control the contracts. He was hated and despised by teachers throughout the county. He is now employed by Moseley Architects which builds schools and courthouses, among other things. During his tenure, the schools declined both physically and mentally.

    Until Hanover County voters unite to separate the power of the appointed school board and the school superintendent from the Board of Supervisors, corruption will not be curbed.

    The former Vice Chairman of the Hanover County School Board ( a realtor for Hometown) stated last year that Hanover doesn’t need the school board to be politicized by electing them.

    That is not a joke. He stated this publicly.

    If citizens and teachers knew that the former Vice Chair of the School Board Lowry was defeated for Chairman in a coup in July to keep BOS Chairman Hazzard from controlling the School Board they would run to the polls to elect school board members. ( Although Lowry was Ed Via’s Ashland School Board rep, Hazzard was responsible for Lowry’s appointment). Hazzard and Lowry are long time golf buddies and Lowry currently has Hazzard’s property listing on Route 1 and Lewistown Road. It was at Hazzard’s urging that Via appointed Lowry. Lowry told the school administrators for months that he was going to be their “BOSS.” No wonder Jamelle Wilson left for greener pastures at University of Richmond.

    If the citizens knew Board of Supervisors Chairman Wayne Hazzard’s other appointment was his business partner and campaign manager and he now serves as the POWERFUL Chairman of the Hanover County Planning Commission approving every single residential developement in Hanover County that comes before him regardless of school capacity, voters would run to the ballot box to elect school boards to EXERT PRESSURE on School Administration to SLOW DOWN RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT which will lead to school overcrowding and the need for tax increases to build new schools.

    But the Chamber of Commerce and Contractors and Developers who elected the Supervisors don’t want the VOTERS TO KNOW THESE FACTS.

    It is for these reasons, Mr. Shannon, many of us in Hanover County support elected School Boards. At least we would have a choice and good people would be vetted publicly. As it stands now, you have Wayne Hazzard running the entire county and his conflicts of interest are staggering.

  49. Mrs. D, a Retired Teacher and Principal says:

    Larry Leadbetter educated his stepson at Fork Union Militiary Academy and so did Wayne Hazzard. Hazzard says his grandchildren are “homeschooled.” Clearly Hazzard doesn’t appreciate teachers or public education.

    What do these two men know about Public Education? NOTHING. Neither attended college by the way. They are Vocational graduates. They probably called it “Shop Class” when they attended school 50 years ago.

    Hazzard needs to be recalled and the voters of South Anna need to demand a recall election after November. He is running unopposed on the ballot.

    The Citizens and Children of South Anna deserve better representation on the Board of Supervisors and Hanover County as a whole deserves a more qualified Board Chairman.

    The Hargroves, who no longer live in South Anna, elected Hazzard to the Board of Supervisors defeating John Gordon to rezone their land for development. After Hazzard and Leadbetter give the Hargroves what they paid for- Hazzard needs to go.

    Hanover County and the Schools can’t survive 4 more years of Hazzard and Leadbetter. Lowry will be gone in November. Make plans now to remove the other two. From what I’ve learned on this website, there is substantial evidence to justify their removal.

  50. PTA Band Booster says:

    Dear Mrs. D-

    The MIddle Resolution Pac founders- developers in Hanover County- don’t want YOU to have the choice to elect School Boards in Hanover County but they collect huge donations from Hanover Developers and Contractors to promote an agenda of School Choice in the Virginia General Assembly.
    Look up Peace, McDougle, and Fowler’s campaign money.

    Ironic, huh?

  51. Calvin Streeter says:

    Two mega wealthy developers in Hanover County form a state pac and a federal pac and name it Middle Resolution.

    They earn their wealth developing and use their wealth donating to elect politicians which they control as well as 44 boards and commissions in the county.

    The contractors who donate to their PACs then reap the benefits of the lucrative county contracts.
    Who are the victims of this scheme?
    Hanover County taxpayers

    Governor Bob McDonnell will indeed go to prison for $165000 in gifts for peddling influence

  52. Old Geezer says:

    Mr. Streeter:

    You left off the honorable mention award- Former Hanover County Sheriff Stuart Cook- member of Middle Resolution Pac from the ground up organization. Most remembered for “getting rid of”Former Republican Hanover County Commonwealth Attorney Kirby Porter for present day Commonwealth Attorney Trip Chalkley.

    2015 HABCC president Emma Lee Mitchell, Developer and Realtor, was Chalkley’s ex girlfriend and served as his campaign manager. Chalkley represented Mitchell’s mother in a criminal case.

    Incest doesn’t begin to describe these people.

  53. J. Richardson says:

    Just for the record, over 40 HA County Government employees make GREATER than $100,000/yr.

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