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Hanover Supervisor Kelly-Wicek Photoshops Herself Into Event


So how can a politician pretend that they are the center of attention and part of the big picture?

Well, if you are Chickahominy Supervisor Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Schultz” Wiecek, you simply have yourself Photoshopped into a picture in a group photo that never happened. An event held by the Hanover Republican Women’s Club (HRWC) called “Pearls and Politics” was held at the historic Hanover Tavern. Apparently, the most liberal member of the Hanover Board of Supervisors Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Schultz” Wiecek was unable to get the photo op she wanted so she had herself Photoshopped (badly) into a completely faked photo. And she managed to get it into the paper.

So what’s a little dishonesty among her “Pearls and Politics” buddies? And what does it matter of you are not even honest in the pictures you have published?

Well, to most of the people in her district and the rest of us that have to suffer from her votes, this lack of honesty, and outright deception means a great deal.

It is graphic evidence that truth does not matter to Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Schultz” Wiecek.

The faked picture shows Wiecek on the left (obviously Photoshopped) next to Liza Bradford, the tall Kristi Helmic Proctor – chairman of the HRWC, Cathie Gillespie – wife of failed Senate Candidate Ed Gillespie and on the right, Laura Brat wife of Virginia’s 7th District Congressman Dave Brat. (It should be noted that, as I recall, all of these ladies supported Eric Cantor over Laura Brat’s husband Dave Brat.)

When contacted to authenticate (or not) the photo being taken at the HRWC event, Laura Brat replied by email “I posed for pictures that evening with Liza, Cathy and Kristy. I have never met nor posed with Angela Kelly Wiecek. I’m certain I would have remembered had she approached me“.


It should also be noted that the photograph was credited in the paper to Kristi Helmic Proctor. And rumor central is buzzing that Proctor has her eye on the Cold Harbor District Supervisor’s seat. But after giving us a hint of her flirtatious relationship with truth and honesty that may be an up hill climb.

Might I suggest a new name for the HRWC event next year if they want to carry on the deceptive photo ops? How about Pearls, Politics and Photoshop? Has a nice ring, don’t you think.

And why stop with just Photoshopping Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Schultz” Wicek in a local minor league fund raiser? If you’re going to embellish your Photo Album Resume, why not go for the gold? Angela may be small in stature but her political ambition is anything but.

So I took the liberty of Photoshopping a few historic photos that Angela can use to pad her photo album:


Angela Kelly-Bader-Ginsburg

 Angela Kelly Bader Ginsburg

President Barack Obama and VP Angela Kelly Biden

Barack Obama and Angela Kelly-Biden

Barack Obama and Angela Kelly-Biden

Angela Kelly Wasserman-Schultz

Angela Kelly Wasserman Schultz

Angela Kelly Wasserman Schultz

Larry Moe and Kelly


Larry Moe and Kelly


Mount Kellymore


Mount Kellymore

Dr. Martin Luther Kelly


Dr. Martin Luther Kelly

German Chancellor Angela Kelly-Merkel


Angela Kelly-Merkel

What a piece of work.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

33 Responses to “Hanover Supervisor Kelly-Wicek Photoshops Herself Into Event”

  1. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    The voters in Chickahominy should vote her out of office in the November 2015 elections!!!!!!!!
    Forging a photo so she can use it in her campaign depicting herself as a Conservative Republican Woman??????? She supports a MEALS TAX in Hanover County and is lobbying the General Assembly for taxing authority. She’s a tax and spend LIBERAL.

    Hanover County deserves BETTER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anita Hile

    Hahahaha…..that chick gets around. I didn’t know she was one of the original Three Stooges.

  3. Ron Hedlund

    How about, “Peanuts, Pearls, Politics and Photoshop”?

  4. SouthPaw

    You all were so bamboozled during her campaign, u never saw her shenanigans coming.

    And I bet u have no clue of all the other tricks she is working behind your back.

    She has more smoke and mirrors than all of you combined,

    How hilarious!

  5. W. S. Wright

    I’m surprised she didn’t photo shop the classy Laura Brat out so as to make more room for her & her ultra big ego.

    Hopefully this won’t give her anymore ideas.

  6. Kristie Helmick Proctor says:

    I need to set the record straight regarding the photo from the Hanover Republican Womens Club (HRWC) “Pearls & Politics” event. My name is Kristie Helmick Proctor and I am the 1st Vice President for the HRWC. I submitted this photo to the Local three months ago without any of the ladies featured having knowledge of its placement. In fact I never spoke to Supervisor Weicek about this photo until today.
    Unfortunately many of our event photos did not turn out well due to poor lighting at the Hanover Tavern. While Laura Brat did pose for pictures with me and ladies from HRWC, I had to photoshop her into this photo where the lighting was better. Angela Kelly-Wiecek was not part of the original pose, but was standing nearby taking other photos. In an effort to highlight as many of our HRWC members as possible I tried to bring her into the group shot as well using photoshop. Again, I did so without Angela Kelly- Wiecek’s knowledge.
    My only objective in submitting this photo to the Local was to promote the HRWC and highlight the activism and engagement of Republican women in Hanover. These are the facts and I hope this will end the silly accusations being made.

    • Jeanettelouis says:

      If u are trying to promote the “engagement” of the HRWC and “highlight as MANY members as possible”, why not take or Photoshop a few photos together of the WHOLE group to have published instead of one photo where you poorly photoshopped Wicek in?

      Seems sinister to me…….

    • Ann Ross says:

      Thank you for setting the record straight. When the picture first came out it was obvious that several of the ladies had been photoshopped in.
      Mr. White obviously has too much time on his hands.

  7. Daryl Carr says:


    Do you really expect the average Hanovarian to believe the story you put forth in an obvious attempt to protect Angela? You want people to believe Angela does not read the local papers? You want people to believe that you just wanted to highlight as many members of the HRWC as possible? Your answer brings forth more questions than answers. Once again a story is put out expecting the people of Hanover will believe it. Why can’t anyone accept responsibility and be honest for the fraud that was attempted to be put upon the people of Hanover. Putting out a story that people can see through does nothing except insult the intelligence of Hanovarians. Frankly this is the type of stuff the public is sick of hearing from the politicians.

  8. Paula says:

    I Think the paper in which it was published should correct the record about the photoshopped photo in it’s “errors and corrections” section unless they always allow Photoshop photos for publication.

    Personally, I hate being scammed!

  9. Smith III says:

    Blatant dishonesty by some or ALL involved no doubt.

    My momma always said, “if u can’t trust ’em with the small things u better not let’em handle the big things.”


  10. Nancy Russell says:

    The truth matters and the Mechanicsville Local has spent the better part of today getting to the truth. Here is the link to their research and subsequent statement on this post:

    I am very disappointed at the amount of people that are happy to accept undocumented, unsupported information as the truth. I expect this from Democrats. Besides this post being an outright lie, I find the post to be juvenile and mean spirited. The Virginia Republican creed states in part that all individuals are entitled to justice. This post and the comments are anything but justice.

    • Tom White says:

      So Nancy. Are you the official damage control person for Hanover Republican’s bad behavior?
      As the article stated, Laura Brat – via email – said the picture was Photoshopped.
      Liza Bradford advised us that she had a fine art’s degree and called it a “collage”.
      Kristie Proctor admitted it was Photoshopped.

      Laura Brat wrote that she had not even met Kelly-Wiecek. And this event happened a week before Kelly-Wiecek was called out by this publication for failing to show her support for Dave Brat by advertising the Republican nominee with a yard sign to go with her Gillespie sign.

      To most people, a picture that adds people who were not in the picture is akin to forgery. You present something that was not the truth. And there is no one in Hanover County that believes Kelly-Wicek did not know about the picture.

      Kelly-Wiecek never even bothered to meet Laura Brat and the evidence shows she did not support the Republican Candidate.

      But what I find most interesting is your words in this comment.

      You wrote:

      “I am very disappointed at the amount of people that are happy to accept undocumented, unsupported information as the truth. I expect this from Democrats.”

      Are you referring to the the undocumented, unsupported Photoshopped picture? Because I documented the facts via Laura Brat.

      “Besides this post being an outright lie, I find the post to be juvenile and mean spirited.”

      We have already documented that the post was accurate. The picture was Photoshopped. I am not the liar here.

      “The Virginia Republican creed states in part that all individuals are entitled to justice. This post and the comments are anything but justice.”

      I was justified in calling out a falsely doctored picture. You and Kelly-Wiecek should be ashamed and should issue an apology to the voters and the citizens of Hanover County for a deceptive picture, an asinine attempt at damage control and cover up and for being so dishonest as to allow this to happen in the first place. Much of the blame lies at your feet, Ms. Russell. You have no ethical compass when it comes to the small circle of people you work to protect while excluding the majority of the county. You have ruined the Republican Committee and every day you remain chairman you do further damage. To the committee and the Party. Your outrage is misdirected as always. The decievers in this story are your friends. And look in the mirror.

      The Republican committee in Hanover has become a joke and the laughing stock of the state.

      Here’s a thought. Be honest. Be inclusive and be willing to admit your mistakes. But you and I both know that will never happen.

      You can fool some of the people some of the time, Nancy. But you can’t fool me.
      Tom White recently posted…Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees!!My Profile

    • Stephen Brown says:

      Ms. Russell, I’m confused here. You call this blog post “an outright lie” for basically exposing the photoshopped photo which is actually the real outright lie. If the fraudulent photo was never produced and published this blog that you call a lie would have never been written to expose the real outright lie.

      Btw, I’m also very confused as to why Ms. Wicek was not removed from the HA GOP for not supporting “the” best republican candidate we’ve ever had in Dave Brat? You are always talking so much about Reagan’s 11th commandment and that the HA GOP members, by rule, must support “the” republican candidate.

      • Nancy Russell says:


        The original post reports that Angela photo shopped the picture and sent it to the newspaper. The truth is that Kristie Proctor did it and she has admitted to it.

        Secondly, I don’t know why you think that Angela did not support Dave Brat. She did in fact support him.

        • Tom White says:

          No, Nancy. I wrote she “had herself Photoshopped”. Angela is pretty clueless on a computer and I am aware that she does not have the skills to do that herself.

          And do you want to compare Angela’s Cantor support where she drooled all over him every chance she got to the “drive-by” support she gave Brat? At the Pearls and Politics event, Laura Brat said she had never met Angela. And that was less then 3 weeks before the general.

          Does that smell like school spirit to you?

          And since you are now the lead apologist, how about you reach out to Kristi Proctor and find out where the original unedited photo is? The one she claimed to the Local that Angela was in the background and that she just used Photoshop to “bring her to the front”. Let’s verify that part of the story, can we? It might give you some credibility in your damage control if she is actually in the background. I am betting no such photo exists.
          Tom White recently posted…BREAKING NEWS! Conservative Vince Haley to Announce Bid to Replace Va. Senator Stosch.My Profile

  11. Emily

    I attended the function and was part of many dimly lit photos myself as well as my husband. I saw the final photo selections first hand and they are as Kristie Helmick Proctor states. When I first saw the photo published I thought nothing of malignant intentions and am shocked the author of this article would deduct something deeper. I guess it helps that I saw the originals of all the photos the clips of these women were taken from and so know they are indeed real genuine photos from the event and merged together to make a collage on the nights attendees.

  12. Anonymous

    If possible, would everyone involved please remove/un-photoshop LAURA BRAT from this photo.

    She has way to much class to be associated with this type of political trickery!

    Thank You.

  13. Jessica

    Wow Tom- you seem to have a lot of time on your hands!!

    • Victoria Brown says:

      It is my understanding that Pearls, Politics, and Photoshopping is quite time consuming requiring the participants to have a lot of time on their hands as well.

  14. LIBERTY! says:

    I betcha that Ms. Proctor’s original photo is probably hiding in the same place that Oblamo’s birth certificate is hiding.


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