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Hey Trump! Forget Loyalty Oaths in Va. The Republican Party is for Sale! Just Negotiate!

Hey Mr. Trump. Don’t worry about that loyalty oath thing that was brought up a couple of days ago.

You know where that is coming from, right?

Your old buddy Jebitch Bush just hired disgraced former Congressman Eric Cantor to run his Virgina Campaign. And amazingly, the Republican Party of Virginia decides to go along with one of their divisive Loyalty Oath schemes again that sends Libertarians and Conservatives running from the fictitious Republican “Big Tent”.

And Party Chairman John Whitbeck is all in, it appears. But that is not a shock to me. I have asked Whitbeck to step in and do something about Hanover Party Chairman Nancy Russell and her witch hunt to purge Conservatives and he has promised to help, but has done nothing. Now Russell is changing the committee bylaws. And silence from the RPV.

We in Virginia all know these loyalty oaths are a joke. The RINO’s whined and cried that the mean old State Central Committee will vote to hold a Convention and Virginia would become the laughing stock of the Country – by nominating someone not name Jebitch Bush.

But we all know the real reason. Just look at the scare tactics the RINO’s used with Cantor. It backfired, but it the standard M.O. here in Virginia.

First they whine and cry about Conventions electing only the most “extreme” Candidates (by which they mean Conservative). And then, when they get their desired primary, they set out scaring Democrats that the right wing extremist Republican will gut women, eat children and ban Oprah. So Democrats turn out in droves to stop the Conservative nut job in favor of the Corporate Owned RINO Politician. We have seen it over and over again. And they often demand loyalty oaths if they feel a candidate may be strong enough to split the vote as an Independent in the General Election. So the Democrats have no problem voting in a Republican Primary and signing a non binding oath promising to support the RINO, I mean Republican they expect to win.

But the powers that be routinely ignore party defectors who support (or happen to be) Corporate Owned Politicians. Like Congressman Eric Cantor.

Cantor and most of the RINO Class Politicians supported an Independent in a local race who was running against the Republican Nominee. Of course the rules that apply to us were never meant for them, so there were no repercussions, no real loss of Committee Status and their transgression was immediately swept under the rug. A group like the Friends of Hanover Schools, a left wing Democrat support group can endorse a Democrat and the Vice Chairman – Republican John Hardy Wilson – is allowed to remain on the committee. Yet when this publication dared endorse a non Republican they wanted to boot me from the party. (I did not personally endorse in the race.)

Yes Virginia, we Republicans have double standards. One for the RINO’s and one for the non RINO’s.

But at the end of the day, if the RPV wants to force you to sign a loyalty oath Mr. Trump, you have several options.

First, you can consider the oath a starting point in the negotiation. Virginia Republicans can be bought and the RPV will do anything for a large donation. They really have no shame when it comes to money. All you need to do is outbid Cantor and Bush. And let’s be honest here. They can be had for what to you is pocket lint. A low 6 figure sum will impress them. You clean the clocks of this type of negotiator every day. They are probably not as dumb as John Kerry, but in the same league.

Second, you can sign the Virginia pledge and break it if you want to. Because these people will be doing their level best to bring in as many Democrats as possible to elect a RINO (Jebitch) using fear commercials about Trump. And they fully expect the Democrats to sign and break the pledge. So it is essentially morally worthless.

Third, you can promise not to run as a third party candidate in Virginia should you lose the Party nomination. The Virginia GOP has no right or authority to tell you that you cannot run as an Independent in another state. This way, you keep the leverage – which is what the third party threat is all about. Like me, you have seen the way the Republican Party will stab you in the back if you are not one of their Corporate Owned Politicians. And you need this leverage to keep them honest.

Fourth, you can sign the pledge and stick to it knowing that the Republicans in Virginia will get as many Democrats as possible to oppose you in the Primary, but it won’t be enough. And if you end up breaking the pledge, morally it won’t matter. Because the party demanding you sign a pledge is your opponent Jebitch Bush.

And should you not win the nomination, Mr. Trump, and Bush is the nominee, Virginia will go to Hillary or Biden or even Sanders.

The Republican Party has been the greatest factor in turning Virginia blue with these oaths, party banishment, slating, pulling in Democrats to vote in Primaries and purging Conservatives at every level. In Virginia, the Republican Party truly deserves the nickname Stupid Party. They earn it.

In 2012 the Republican Party managed to keep everyone off the ballot except their chosen Corporate Owned Politician Romney and Ron Paul who has an army ready to work for him at the drop of a hat. Mostly Libertarians who were left with a bad taste in their mouths at the unfairness they saw in Virginia. Ron Paul managed to get a pretty large protest vote because Virginia managed to keep most of the candidates off the ballot. Most of us understand why you feel the need for leverage in the Old Dominion.

But here’s another thought. You are from New York. People up there love you. Just win The Big Apple and Virginia becomes as irrelevant as it’s Republican Party.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Hey Trump! Forget Loyalty Oaths in Va. The Republican Party is for Sale! Just Negotiate!”

  1. David Jackson

    Right on Tom. I think we will have a lot of support for Trump in Virginia. If Bush wins I will vote for Trump as an independentl even a Democrat if Bush wins the nomination. Keep the momentum going.

  2. cathy says:

    Our local Republican Firehouse Primary was open to “all registered voters” and this was even spelled out on the front of the campaign brochure of one of the Republican candidates. Because the current RPV Party Plan allows Democrats to vote in Republican Firehouse Primaries provided they did not vote in more than one such primary in the last five years, the “restriction” is meaningless because there had been only one Democrat primary held In the last five years! Democrats simply had to sign a piece of paper which they don’t mind signing! End the loyalty oaths that turn away people who have strong convictions about supporting candidates.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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