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How Ronald Reagan Dealt with the Berkeley Protests

riot photo

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This is America. We have the right to peacefully protest anything we want to protest. It is a Constitutionally guaranteed right. The government has no right to curtail free speech.

The TEA Party protests were peaceful and respective of property. They cleaned up after themselves so taxpayers would not have to pick up the tab. No windows were smashed, no cars were burned, no one was beaten, except a few TEA Party participants who were attacked at the rallies by individuals trying to shut them up.

But we have reached a point with the anti Trump protests where they do not hold peaceful protests and they burn, break, trash and loot at every protest.

They do not have a right to destroy property and harm others.

That is not protected by the Constitution.

These are people who crossed the line and should be considered terrorists. And they must be stopped by any force necessary including lethal force. We cannot allow anarchy to take over this nation.

The last president planted these seeds by supporting the anti police sentiments and terror groups like black lives matter. We are seeing the results of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and the barbarians are among us.

Nancy Pelosi lied about the TEA Party spitting on her as they intentionally taunted the peaceful protesters by walking through the rally. She spoke often about her fears that the TEA Party would turn violent. Where is her concern now? She and her fellow Democrats are silent. Or worse, Virginia’s idiotic Senator Tim Kaine tells them to “fight in the streets”. The they burned Berkeley. Again.

President Reagan faced a similar situation at Berkeley back in 1969 as governor. He realized that at some point that force would be necessary to stop these animals. Allowing them to take over was simply not an option. So he sent in the national guard and they were instructed to use all means necessary to put down the riot. That included lethal force.

When a peaceful protest turns into a riot it moves from Constitutionally protected free speech to criminal activity. When that line is crossed, we must use any and all means necessary to protect lives and property. That is a core function of government. An example must be made. And if the liberal mayors of large cities and left wing governors like Moonbeam Brown prefer anarchy and choose to allow the riots, then the Federal government has a constitutional duty and obligation to act with decisive and deadly force to stop this.

Like Ronald Reagan realized almost a half century ago, at some point blood was going to be shed.

It might as well be now.

(Hat Tip to Bob Shannon for reminding me of this video below.)


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

3 Responses to “How Ronald Reagan Dealt with the Berkeley Protests”

  1. robert shannon

    Reagan spoke clearly, purposefully and without any ambiguity.

    ” The first time many of you in this room allowed young people to believe they could chose which law they would obey and which laws they wouldn’t, shame on you”.

    No authority or force is being used at any level to stop anyone from expressing their point of view. No one can cite an example of where this has happened.

    It is however quite different when chaos and carnage ensue, innocent bystanders are injured, private property and business being destroyed., traffic being stopped.

    2 generations of Americans have now grown up in a nation that has been in cultural, intellectual and spiritual decline. Group think and a absence of critical thinking skills in these 2 generations are not going to be easy to contend with. You have million of citizens below the age of 40 who have been so coddled, and the ones going through most American colleges have been brain washed.

    We may not be able to change their point of view, or their thought process if they want to continue to engage in ” group think”

    What we can do, what we must do is to draw that line in the sand as Reagan did in 1969 and make clear we won’t stand for nor tolerate wanton destruction and mayhem. Our elected officials owe that to the taxpayers who have to clean up and pay for this mess.
    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Rick Ryan says:

    I see the quotes, but where does Ronaldus Maximus stop and Bob Shannon begin ??

    Well done, Rick Ryan

  3. robert shannon

    A good step at the local level is to concentrate our efforts on the local school boards, seating individuals who insist curriculum include basic instruction on two fronts, U.S history, particularly as it pertains to the Constitution and emphasis on the Bill of Rights. Last year King William County Schools announced they were dropping U.S History from the SOL exam tests.

    Members of the local school board were quite cavalier about allowing this to occur, even though by their own admission they could have stopped it. This is clear failure of the school board to recognize the vital importance of young citizens learning about our founding principles. The stand of the school board in allowing this isn’t lost on the students. If the school system itself doesn’t think American history is important…..what message does that send to young students ?

    The other is critical thinking. One only needs attend a county budget hearing in Feb–May to witness how one sided the train of thought is today in the leaders of public schools. It is about money, and more of it. Concerns for students well being is a fa├žade utilized to advance the goal, which is larger budgets and more money

    Students need to learn on any issue their are always more than 1 point of view. Watching 15-16 year olds last year walk up to the lectern during the public comment period doing nothing more than parroting words some self serving adult put into their mouths was pathetic and shameful. Does anyone believe for a second that their isn’t a student in King William county schools who doesn’t hear his/her parents discuss the bloated compensation packages , or the bloated administrative element that has for all practical purposes allowed public schools to morph into a giant local jobs program ? Of course their are ,…but that point of view is muzzled. Any parent, let alone a student knows they would be ostracized if they publically stepped out of the ” party line”

    A culture of go along to get along exists throughout the entire system. I am awaiting a certain school board member who may step forward in the future to run for the BOS. This member privately and quietly complained about the amount of money that was spend to irrigate a football field—–yet didn’t have the courage to come out and publically condemn it for the very reason that I mention above………….tow the party line. If this ( and in King William our school board members are elected) school board member didn’t have the courage to say in public what they complained about in private, then why would we want that person elevated to another office with even more public responsibility ?

    Young impressionable minds are easily swayed by the adults around them 5 days a week, 7-8 hours a day. It is damaging that all they hear is a self serving biased version that often has nothing at all to do with their education, but reinforcing a carefully guarded system that refuses to accept the accountability that should be rightfully asked of them, only to fall victim to the real goal, keeping the walls around the status quo carefully guarded.

    Public schools in every locality have a lot of work to do. So do we the citizens, and it starts with finding candidates for local school boards that have some conviction and strong wills.

    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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