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Timo Soini, the leader of the anti-EU True Finn Party that nearly came in first in the recent elections in his country last month, wrote a guest column in the Wall Street Journal.  He is the kind of politician Europe needs (How ’bout that summer camp for EU politicos?  Sounds like a winner…)

He calls the EU a corporatist state:

At the risk of being accused of populism, we’ll begin with the obvious: It is not the little guy who benefits. He is being milked and lied to in order to keep the insolvent system running. He is paid less and taxed more to provide the money needed to keep this Ponzi scheme going. Meanwhile, a symbiosis has developed between politicians and banks: Our political leaders borrow ever more money to pay off the banks, which return the favor by lending ever more money back to our governments.

“Populism” is a grave and mortal sin for a modern EU politician to have.  It’s to be rooted out at the first opportunity!  But he also says the nations like Ireland were forced to agree to the bailout:

Further contrary to the official wisdom, the recipient states did not want such “help,” not this way. The natural option for them was to admit insolvency and let failed private lenders, wherever they were based, eat their losses.

That was not to be. Ireland was forced to take the money. The same happened to Portugal.

Why did the Brussels-Frankfurt extortion racket force these countries to accept the money along with “recovery” plans that would inevitably fail? Because they needed to please the tax-guzzling banks, which might otherwise refuse to turn up at the next Spanish, Belgian, Italian or even French bond auction.

Soini argues that no bank is too big to fail and the market must decide (Sounds like Ron Paul!) who wins.

Fortunately, it is not too late to stop the rot. For the banks, we need honest, serious stress tests. Stop the current politically inspired farce. Instead, have parallel assessments done by regulators and independent groups including stakeholders and academics. Trust, but verify.

Insolvent banks and financial institutions must be shut down, purging insolvency from the system. We must restore the market principle of freedom to fail.

Soini condemns the frequent Tweedledee-Tweedledum elections such what occurred in Ireland, where the opposition, elected to renegotiate the bailout was forced to go along with it.  He called it “betrayal”.  I agree, the Irish election was a faux election where all the parties were pro-EU.  They needed a UKIP-style party to provide true opposition.  Soini concludes that the EU was founded on good intentions that must continue:

This Europe, this vision, was one that offered the people of Finland and all of Europe the gift of peace founded on democracy, freedom and justice. This is a Europe worth having, so it is with great distress that I see this project being put in jeopardy by a political elite who would sacrifice the interests of Europe’s ordinary people in order to protect certain corporate interests.

I slightly disagree with Timo Soini here.  I do not believe the EU can, as it is presently constituted, provide true liberty to the peoples of Europe.  The elite cannot be controlled.  What Europe needs is a free trade zone and a private group of academics and scholars to recommend, similar to what American Legal Institute has done, to encourage uniform laws such as the Uniform Commercial Code without sacrificing national/state sovereignty.  They do not need an imperial state.  The nations should get out and reform the EU in a way as to preserve liberty!


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