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I May Be Adding ‘The Bull Elephant’ to my ‘No Read List’ of Political Blogs

I have a short list of political blogs on my “No Longer Read” list. Presently, there is only one occupant. But my list is pretty close to doubling in size. The latest entry is one of the few blogs that I have actually signed up to receive email notification when they publish a new post. And lately, when I receive an email from “The Bull Elephant” in my Inbox, I hit the delete key as soon as I read the title.

I have always found the blog both informative and interesting until the last few weeks. I know a lot of people that are not fond of the blog and have a derogatory name for it. And I have always begged to differ with their opinion. But every time I see an email and read the title of the post, the derogatory term some of my friends use creeps unwantedly into my brain. And as I pound the “delete” key with growing frustration with every anti-Trump email post notification I get, I find the phrase, “The B.S. Elephant” works it’s way from my subconscious to a very loud thought in my head.

Now I know Jeanine Martin is / was a Ted Cruz supporter. It seems to me she is still stuck on electing Cruz by any means possible – hook or crook. And while she makes claim to only “reporting” news, to me and a number of others if you read the comments in the latest anti-Trump post, and add in the others she and a few others have posted lately, it is pretty clear Martin is more cheerleader than reporter on the subject of dumping Trump. And I know she is not alone. But the Primary is over and Donald Trump won by historic numbers both in delegates and raw votes.

There are people who do not like Donald Trump, that is no secret. But they seem to fall into about 4 categories.

  • Democrats, Libertarians and other groups with valid candidates on the ballot.

I do my best to respect opinions of those with whom I disagree. Some people have another horse in this race and while I do not agree with their choice, I respect it. Everyone has a right to support the candidate that they would like to see as President. The country has many people spread across a political spectrum. If you are aligned with the Democrats, Libertarians or other groups, more power to you.

  • Republicans in Name Only (RINO’s)

This includes the “establishment” types who are, in my opinion, gaming the system and in politics for personal gain and power. They bow to those with money and will sell the the voters who put them in office out in a heartbeat. People like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Graham, McCain, and others are on the same team as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They are really not Republicans or Democrats. They are scoundrels who have done perhaps irreparable damage to this nation.

These people are violently anti-Trump because he is not a part of their charade against the American people. And they fear their gravy train may come to an end with an outsider like Donald Trump. They are afraid of anyone who will not play their game.

I have absolutely no respect for these people or their opinions. Because they will tell you one thing to your face and do quite the opposite when they get safely inside the Beltway. Nothing they say is to be believed. And they are not worthy of respect.

  • Republicans

These are the people who supported one candidate or the other and, in the end, will support and work for the candidate that has been chosen by the majority in the Presidential Primary. And for those that, for one reason or another, cannot support the nominee, they have the decency to keep their opposition to a candidate mostly to themselves. And most importantly, even if they express an unwillingness to actively support and champion the nominee, they have the honor to accept the will of the Party and will not actively campaign against the nominee. And how they vote is between themselves and God.

I think most of my friends and fellow Republicans fall into this category. I deplored both McCain and Romney but worked for both of these nominees. And I voted for them. These are people who do what they promised to to – support the nominee. Obviously this group is worthy of respect.

  • #NeverTrump Saboteurs

I have absolutely no respect for this group of people. There are 2 types of people who fall into this category. Some of them have one foot in the RINO camp and the other foot in the saboteur camp. The other type are the former Cruz supporters who cannot accept the fact that their candidate lost. They are not for anyone, officially. They are simply against Donald Trump. The sad fact is most of the Cruz supporters are eating a steady diet of misinformation about Donald Trump.

For example: Trump released a list of potential Supreme Court picks to satisfy those saying he will appoint liberals to the court. The nominees were Conservative and few found any glaring reasons to oppose any on the list. And later Trump was asked if he might have more nominees in mind for SCOTUS. And he said maybe so. The #NeverTrump Saboteurs saw this as proof positive he was going to appoint liberals.

The #NeverTrump Saboteurs have a knack for taking anything Trump says to the most ridiculous and far reaching extremes and the #NeverTrump Saboteurs collective passes this around as absolute truth.

Much of the #NeverTrump Saboteurs opposition is based on misinformation and ignorance. Mostly willful ignorance.

Thinning Out my Facebook “Friends”

I have reached the end of my tolerance for the #NeverTrump Saboteurs on Facebook. There is nothing that will come out of their negative campaigning except President Hillary Clinton and perhaps as many as 5 Supreme Court appointees.

And for those fearing Donald Trump SCOTUS nominees, you need to look at the Republican’s record of Supreme Court Appointments.

  • Richard Nixon appointed “Harry Blackmun who became one of the most liberal justices ever—a strong defender of choice on abortion, a passionate foe of the death penalty. Warren Burger, also a Nixon pick, came out in support of the Roe v. Wade decision.”
  • Ronald Reagan chose Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy; she became a self-acknowledged “swing justice,” while Kennedy became the Court’s apostle of privacy.
  • George H.W. Bush’s pick of David Souter was proclaimed by Chief of Staff John Sununu as “a strict constructionist, consistent with basic conservative attitudes.” Justice Souter turned out to be a consistently liberal vote.
  • George W. Bush appointed Obamacare savior John Roberts.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have placed reliably liberal justices on the Supreme Court going back to John Kennedy.

So there is a pretty good chance that Hillary will place far left wing liberals on the court. Her husband placed Ginsburg and Breyer.

So for those #NeverTrump Saboteurs who fear Trump SCOTUS nominees, remember the horrible record the Republicans have here. Even Reagan was 2 for 2.

So I have been thinning out the #NeverTrump lingerers on Facebook. Funny thing, most whine that “I better be nice to them if I expect to bring them into the Trump camp”.

Sorry. the time to either support the nominee or shut the heck up has passed. We have a campaign to win. After all the complaining and gnashing of teeth – mostly by the Cruz camp, but others as well – about Trump not initially signing the “pledge” I recall a number of Cruz supporters who trashed Trump for his refusal to sign. They said they couldn’t support him if he will not sign the pledge. Yet Cruz refuses to honor his pledge, and they are still hoping for a coup at the Convention.

And when Trump supporters complained that Cruz was grabbing delegates in states that Trump won, they said Trump should learn the rules.

Hmmm. So let’s see. Trump won fair and square by the rules. And now the #NeverTrump Saboteurs want to throw out the rules and put in new ones. Sorry, but anyone advocating that has no shame and absolutely no honor.

What Happens if Trump is NOT the Nominee?

If Trump is not the nominee, Hillary will be president. the Supreme Court will be far left for generations and America will follow the Roman Empire down the tubes of history. The Republican Party is finished. The House and Senate will become overwhelmingly Democrat and life as we know it will be forever altered for the worse. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

Trump will probably run as an Independent. He already has the signatures to be on the ballot in all 50 states. And rules of the Republican Party are irrelevant, if Trump is not the nominee. But millions of Trump supporters will NEVER support a nominee who stole the election.

#NeverTrump Saboteurs cannot be trusted. They are willing to thwart the decision of the people in order to place someone else on the ballot. We simply can’t trust them to govern. Pledges and votes mean absolutely nothing.

Despite Jeanine Martin’s post title “The Movement to Unbind Convention Delegates Grows” the truth is that there are only about 3 dozen – 36 delegates – who are trying to start this coup headed by Kendal Unruh, a Colorado Cruz supporter and school teacher.

Martin references ABC, CNN, Washington Post and the Trump bashers at National Review in the article. Biased much?

This is not a “growing” movement. It is a small group of about 1% of the delegates who are nothing more than disgruntled sore losers.

And if you look at the recent posts on Bull Elephant, it is a Trump Bashing Cheerleader blog with every negative spin that can be found against Trump. And not a single post that I could find that has anything remotely positive to say about the Republican nominee. They toss in a gratuitous McAuliffe gripe now and then, but this has become a Sour Grapes blog that is not worth taking the time to read.

What they are pushing these days is every bit as offensive to most of us who support the nominee as anything they hold against Donald Trump. Where are the stories exposing the false sexual smears against a Conservative District Chair?

Martin focuses on polls showing Hillary leading and is critical of Trump’s numbers. Where is the analysis of these polls? Does she realize that the polls are using the 2012 turnout model for Obama? Does she think that Hillary will draw as many as Obama did to the polls? Does she realize that spreading the anti-Trump hysteria of a handful of #NeverTrump Saboteurs obtained from Liberal Media sources is essentially campaigning for Hillary? And her far left court?

Does she realize that Cruz will not be the benefactor of a Convention Coup? Does she also realize that the Republican Party will cease to exist should this “takeover” happen?

Honestly, I have no idea what she is thinking. I just know that, for me, the value of reading TBE has dropped to the point they are now almost even with the other RINO blog on my “do not read” list. And that is a shame. There are so few blogs left in Virginia I hate to see another one crawl down the rabbit hole.

My advice to Jeanine. Stop with the Trump bashing. You need not advocate for Donald Trump, but there is plenty of other politics to cover without helping put Hillary in office. I would even go so far as to wonder why to would be critical of McAuliffe’s actions to restore voting rights for criminals. You and Terry are both on the same side in helping Hillary defeat Trump.

If you intend to become an All Trump Bashing – All the Time blog, please remove my name from your email list. I am subscribed as tom at

Or just keep up the bashing and I will remove myself.

And for the record, my preference is that you restore your blog to the one I found both enjoyable and valuable.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

23 Responses to “I May Be Adding ‘The Bull Elephant’ to my ‘No Read List’ of Political Blogs”

  1. Steven Brodie Tucker

    While I’ve never bought into tehis never Trump nonsense, I will caction folks to avoid echo chambers and encourage folks to read articles they disagree with.

  2. I am reporting the news, I am not still hoping Cruz will be our nominee. I know that’s not possible. Tom says if Trump is not the nominee we lose. That may be, but the same is true if Trump IS our nominee. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    This election is a huge wasted opportunity. Virtually ANY other Republican candidate would have beaten Hillary. She’s a terrible candidate with more baggage than Samsonite. Such a waste that we are nominating a candidate who cannot beat her.
    Jeanine Martin recently posted…Lewandowski OUT as Trump Campaign ManagerMy Profile

    • Tom White says:

      Then you need a new filter for your “news”. Go back and look at your anti Trump “news” vs pro Republican nominee news. Not a single Republican would poll better with the 2012 model the polls are using. I no longer enjoy reading your blog with the anti Trump slant. During the primary I don’t care. But now that the primary is over, this has to stop. I have unfriended the remaining “friends” I had on Facebook because this stuff is not helping defeat Hillary.
      Tom White recently posted…I May Be Adding ‘The Bull Elephant’ to my ‘No Read List’ of Political BlogsMy Profile

  3. Virginia Tech Dad x 3 says:

    Mr. White:

    You are a Patriot, my man- in the league with Alex Jones and Matt Drudge for writing this story.

    The Bull Elephant is a propaganda tool for the Middle Resolution Pac and their candidates and agendas notably The Con Con ( Article V Convention of States), ALEC, and other globalist agendas.

    Once the readers of VA Right understand this, they will connect the dots to the candidates supported by these operatives.

    Another dangerous alliance of the BS Elephant is that of the Conservative Fellowship of Steve Albertson, Chris Shores and Steve Waters- in the same category of Ray Allen’s Creative Direct
    “political prostitution FOR SALE.” They operate under the fantasy that they represent the Christian Right vote of the Virginia grassroots voters in the Republican Party. Again, often operatives for the Middle Resolution Pac such as the recent statewide SCC wars to prevent Cantor’s VCN from sweeping seats on SCC.

    Virginia traded one set of bad apples for another.

    • Washington Red Skins season ticket holder says:


      Jamie Radtke, an early contributor of the BS Elephant moves to Hanover County from Mosely after her defeat in 2012 to George Allen for the US Senate seat to be near the Mothership of Middle Resolution Pac located in Mechanicsville VA. ( everyone knows Middle Resolution Pac founders launched Jamie’s bomb thrower campaign against George Allen)

      Now Jamie tells people she is out of politics because of her Ministry “WE.”

      She is making calls for Jill Vogel for Lt. Governor in the am and soliciting $1000 donations for her God Squad billboards in the pm.

      The Lines are getting blurry here.

      That “We” Ministry Jamie launched is looking like a data mining operation for conservative Christian voters for Middle Resolution Pac candidates for 2017.

  4. Jay Felts says:

    Ken Cuccinelli and that Cruzer “Crowd” is keeping the “Never Trump” campaign going in Virginia.

    There is a long list of enemies to ponder.

  5. Siri says:

    … and we thought the Democrats were the enemies.

  6. Trumpster says:

    Hey Cruzers:

    SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas wants to retire along with Kennedy. Ginsburg has been circling the drain for years with Pancreatic Cancer. If Hillary wins and appoints 3 Justices in 2017- THE COUNTRY AS YOU KNOW IT IS OVER and TEXIT won’t save it.

    Your GUN Rights, your water rights and your COAL will be banned.

    Trump released his SCOTUS nominations and they are Sterling Conservative.

    Get on the Trump Train or you own the destruction of our great nation.

  7. Sponge Bob Square Pants says:

    … and Bob and Maureen McDonnell will check into prison.

  8. Mel Saunders says:


    That’s the only reason the RPV will vote for Trump
    To save Bob McDonnell from going to the Big House if Hillary wins and appoints Scalia’s replacement.

  9. Jason Rivetti says:

    In an Interview yesterday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stated in the future he would be “litigating against presidential overreach.”

    ARE YOU KIDDING? He finally found his Balls. Where were the speakers Balls for the last 8 years when Obama and the IRS and the Justice Dept were trampling the Constitution?

    Ryan was referring to a Trump presidency if Trump tried to temporarily Ban Muslims until Isis could be defeated ( LIke president Jimmy Carter did during the Iranian Crisis of the late 70’s when he banned Iranians from entering the US).

    I hope Niehlen mops the floor with Ryan in his primary.

  10. TRUMP OR BUST says:

    Hey Tom:

    Add Black Velvet Bruce Li to that list.

    They are trashing TRUMP if you haven’t read it lately. Noticed BLBL is still on your reading list.

    Prince William County Trump Supporter

  11. Bob Shannon

    Having had some time ( and coffee ) to digest all of this allow me to make a few relevant points.

    The folks trashing Trump and his inability to defeat Hillary all fall into one of two camps.

    They suffer from some sort of intellectual capacity to discern the wheat and the chaff. This is all about the shifting of massive amounts of tax dollars should Trump be elected. Advocates that range from defenders of all things republicrat are indeed doing the bidding of local PAC’s who , like all others enjoy having a seat at the table and know they run the risk of losing a certain amount of influence should Trump succeed. Their is a form of intellectual snobbery going on in these camps, showing a disdain for what the average voter thinks.

    Trumps grass roots support have not cared a whit about what the establishment and or the PAC’s think about any of this. Hyperbole meant and intended to hear themselves talk and maintain some level of relevance. It falls deaf however on the ears of those who ask this question of Trumps critics………..where are these vaunted ” conservatives” ? Ryan, McConnell Romney Bush All of these folks govern or governed in a progressive big expand government, regardless of anything they said about their philosophy. Why haven’t you heard anything lately about Ryans promise come fall to restore order to the appropriations process, a vow immediately dismissed by those of us not suffering from some level of cognitive impairment and remember 2010–2012, and the empty pledges taken by many of Trumps opponents in the primary.

    Many have already observed the disconnect on the level of rancor aimed at Trump that has been conspicuously absent for the 7 1/2 years Obama has trampled every conservative principle, and wiped his feet on the U.S Constitution. These critics efforts would be better served aiming their vitriol at Hillary, her record, and the Clinton Foundation where a coordinated and intelligent attack would surely sink this woman’s chances. Wasting ammunition on the candidate voters chose is folly. Kudo’s to Tom White for seeking to add the badly needed perspective he did with his writing this morning !
    Bob Shannon

  12. Lawrence Wood says:

    “I’m just reporting the news” claims Ms Martin and the Bull Elephant is, in much the same manner as any progressive blog is “just reporting the news” to the hard core Obama faithful, only in this case the centerpiece blog publication has become the Virginia masthead for the #NeverTrump, lets help elect Hillary Republicans. Article after article of hand picked Trump bashing with associated comments by a small handful of #NeverTrump supporters has turned this once intellectually interesting blog into a boring, barren wasteland of deranged argument and soapbox ranting of self justification for the unjustifiable.

    As the comment above states, an echo chamber of mindless Trump ranting, in the end undercutting the Republican Party and it’s millions of base primary voters that made their choice over multiple primaries and 16 candidates. As a fairly long time follower of the blog I frankly have just given up efforts to address the increasing insanity this behavior produces in restricting the WH from the grasp of Hillary Clinton. What really stuns me is Virginia SCC member and future Republican Cleveland delegate Steve Albertson is on the mast head of this blog as well. It may be time for the adults to reassert some editorial control or we all can say goodbye to a once proud Virginia blog publication.

    • Tom White says:

      Well said. There are fewer and fewer blogs in Virginia which once had a thriving number. One by one they have folded or caved in to the establishment. Independent thinking and reporting is gone. We are faced with a guy that wants to make America great again or a woman who wants to sell off the rest of the nation to the highest bidder for her own personal benefit.

      These never Trump idiots remind me of the Scorpion and the Frog story. Never Trump, obviously, the Scorpion.
      Tom White recently posted…Forum: What’s Your Opinion Of Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program?My Profile

    • FED UP with the GOP in Virginia says:

      Julie Coggsdale, Legislative Assistant to RINO Delegate Chris Peace from Hanover County Virginia
      ( a Middle Resolution Benefactor I might add), TOLD a Hanover GOP and VFRW member she wouldn’t be caught dead at the Trump Rally two weeks ago in Richmond when invited to go.

      The Grassroots voters and donors need to remember THIS when Democratic Donor RINO Delegate Chris Peace runs for Governor or Congressman Rob Wittman’s congressional seat in the 1st District that Peace and Ryan McDougle gerrymandered to take Dave Brat out of Hanover County.


    • Silent Majority says:

      Mr. Wood:

      The BS Elephant is a propaganda Tool for the Middle Resolution. Just like Jamie Radtke’s 2012 campaign against George Allen was nothing more than a parallel campaign to mine for voter data for them- R Votes- to win elections in Virginia.

      Voila- now it all makes sense right? Control the State Senate seats and legislation in Virginia through the candidates and campaigns using their own voter data base.

      They have paid campaign operatives on the payroll all over the state who they hire and activate to work on campaigns to mine data for R-Votes. With each successive campaign they are building that voter base at the county level.

      scary huh?

  13. Silent Majority says:

    Dear Fed Up:


    Legislative Aid to Delegate Hyland Fowler from Hanover County Mrs. Dale Hargrove and Delegate Chris Peace are walking Congressman Rob Wittman around the first District like a show poodle on a leash trying to elect him over RPV candidate Ed Gillespie.

    Voters in the First District where Congressman Rob Wittman is on the ballot With TRUMP in November should ask themselves:

    How can Congressman Rob Wittman Run for Governor of Virginia in 2017 which is a full time state wide campaign and represent YOU in Washington at the same time?

    Answer: HE CAN”T.

    HE won’t be there in Washington casting key votes next year but he wants that $200,000 salary and benefits coming in while he campaigns full time for his next job GOVERNOR.

    Does Chris Peace want his job? Is that why he’s so supportive of Wittman?

    Inquiring minds are WONDERING.

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Julie Coggsdale was paid by the George Allen for US Senate Campaign in 2012 while employed as Delegate Chris Peace’s LA. This is how Allen won the nomination without working a lick. HE hired all the RPV operatives working as Legislative Assistants around the state in the senate and delegate’s offices. And of course he had the VFRW on his team.

      Is Coggsdale being paid by the Wittman Campaign for Governor ( to use Peace’s Constant Contact list from his Delegate position in Hanover, King William and New Kent in the 1st District to help elect Wittman?

      And is Fowler’s Legislative Aid Dale Hargrove being paid by the Wittman Campaign?

      Someone on the Hanover Republican Committee needs to ask her that question.

  14. Preacher says:

    “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:28-31

    Many people say ugly things against Trump but folks I speak with, myself included, say the same thing. We believe Trump was chosen by God for such a time as this. When God’s hand is in something nothing can destroy it.

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  16. Hi Tom,
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